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Hot topic “unemployed reincarnation” “Yao” new issue complete alignment of animated! Featured latest series is also the latest volume appeared! MF Books March new issue is March 25 release!

KADOKAWA CORPORATION Animating and talking about the topic “Unemployed reincarnation” and “Hachio” new edition complete set! Featured latest series is also the latest volume appeared! MF Books March new issue is March 25 release! ………………………………………………………………………………………… March 25th, MF Books March new release date has arrived! First of all, the latest Volume 21 of “The Unemployed Rebirth-If You Go to Another World-Seriously-” just announced that the animation planning was in progress on March 15 the other day appeared! Rudeus is struggling to find her kidnapped mother Zenith. Is rescue really successful? Don’t miss the latest volume with the newly written episodes! In addition, TV animation conversion is decided, “the eight sons, it will not be! ]
Also appeared the latest volume! This is a complete writing down content throughout, so please expect by all means. The first volume of the series attracted the attention, “The summoned sage goes to the different world-the strongest is the item of unnecessary stock-“, “I can not be human.” “Ken-chan Shishi-chan helped me to create a different world Musou” appeared in Volume 2! New series “Free Skills and Strongest Adventurers-Pets are Incompetent and Different World Life is Too Fun-” Vol.1 shows surprising new developments “Country Home Center Man Free Different World Life” 5 Do not miss each volume! MF Books March new issue, released on Monday, March 25! Thank you!
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[Animation project is in progress! ]
Unemployed Intern-Seriously if you go to a different world-21 Author / Unreasonable grandchild hand Illustration / Shirotaka
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<Where is the whereabouts of the kidnapped Zenith …? 〉 Someone was abducted and Zenith was lost. Rudeus wrestles with Milicion to find her. "I am the son of Zenith. I was told by my father," Keep my mother even if I die. "I have a duty. I will take responsibility until I die, so please return my mother …… " Rudeus has come to the fore after every incident. Is it really possible to recover Zenith safely? Add a newly written episode, life reincarnation type rebirth fantasy 21st edition, opening! List price Body 1,200 yen + tax
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Eight men, it will not be! 16 Author / Y. A Illustration / Fuji Choko
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Nina and the guru come to visit to see the situation under Elise who has become hungry soon, and at the level of a well where a student has been haunted. And while blossoming in the story of the child who will be born, the topic is the old story of the guru before long. If it is only waiting for the life that is dedicated to the Armstrong family, it will only enjoy the outside world with all its grace! “I made a vow on my mother’s grave, and I was a young day guru, Tachi Zhi, who beat the gates of the Adventurer Reserve. The growth of a large-scale late-life clumsy armstrong boy, the encounter with such a beautiful boy Bruno as his partner, and a rivalry to Alfred already active! Set in the royal capital, the complete act of the 16th act with many great people who colored the dawn of the kingdom! List price Body 1,200 yen + tax
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■ The KADOKAWA official site bibliography page is here www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321812000187/ Summoned sage goes to another world-the strongest is the item of unnecessary stock-2 Author / night state Illustration / Hull dog
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Yuya Kisaragi suddenly summoned to a different world similar to a game. He must be sent back to the original world, noting that he is not a brave, but he is accidentally blown away to a neighboring country. Touya knows that there is a dimensional storage and level system as well as the game he was playing, and he started living in a different world. However, by helping the imperial princess who is being pursued, Touya gets embroiled in a battle between the kingdom that summoned him and the empire. “I can’t forgive you … The guys in the generate kingdom …” Touya, who knows the outrage of the kingdom, sneaks into the imperial capital to cooperate with the princess and recapture the deprived city. Challenge the Summoned Strongest Sage, Reclaiming the Empire! The long-awaited act 2 opens! List price Body 1,200 yen + tax
■ The KADOKAWA official site bibliography page is here www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321812000018/ I can not be human. It is saved by the sword chan shield different world incomparableness 2 Author / Shinki Shin Illustration / Manani
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<The party that became Level 2 challenges the fourth and fifth tier capture of the dungeon! 〉 Lemru who had been sent "a weird world" and was sent a boisterous day-to-day life with the "force to talk to items". I became an adventurer for the happiness of Sword-chan and Shield-chan that I got in an antique store! The party that became level 2 with Fist, Roga, Sage Artemis, Animal Nono and friends, will finally challenge the fourth and fifth layers of the dungeon. Not listed in the cheats, there is a deep line of refusal to newcomers who also see minotaurs and rock golems. Ken-chan, Shield-chan's rank up, Aoi-chan (?) 'S members are also included, One day I was carefully pursuing, "dungeon stampede" occurs! In front of the monsters that overflowed in the city, Bock Warrior Lemru struggles! List price Body 1,300 yen + tax
■ The KADOKAWA official site bibliography page is here www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321811000117/ Free Skill and Strongest Adventurer-Pets Are Unmatched and Different World Life is Too Fun- Author / Seto Meguru Illustration / kgr
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<The different world life too enjoyable of the strongest adventurer, start! 〉 "Please give me the ability of the game character!" The office worker who died in the accident, Hayato Daimon shouted to God when he was reborn. Such "Free Skills" he has received is a non-standard cheat that can gain new skills freely! Along with the gluttony eater I picked up on the way, I did some work for eating in the city as Yuto Dimon. Then, a few months later, I heard a strange rumor. "Yout is the best recoverer!" "Ah? Youto is a great adventurer?" "He is a famous alchemist!" "Ah yes, even an obedient man who follows the legendary demon Managarum!" The reaction of the aliens to Yuuto was different, but in fact all were true. With the power of the cheat, Yuto has made several jobs. Youto's too happy different world life starts as the strongest adventurer! List price Body 1,200 yen + tax
■ The KADOKAWA official site bibliography page is here www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321810000353/ Rural Home Center Man Free Different World Life 5 Author / Usapyon Illustration / City Round Kisuke
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One day Masaru who worked at a rural home center was taken to another world. Though it was a different world incarnation for unreasonable reasons of Gods, Masaru solves a difficult problem one after another by utilizing the ability of too much cheat given by the beautiful goddess ・ Victimias and the DIY technology nurtured by many years of home center work To go. At first, it was a simple thing like helping people, but it made the city, made the country-and its contents were escalated. Eventually he became a god to defeat the god of evil. One day when such a series of problems were solved, Masaru tells Victimius. “Well, Bictinias … can you marry me?” Suddenly this word that has snarled, the mind of two people to a new stage ……! The most popular new-generation manufacturing fantasy, which also makes you feel at ease with the goddess. List price Body 1,200 yen + tax
■ The comic version serialized in “Monthly Shonen Ace” !!
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