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  • 【Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd.】 Welcome to the world of diversified mayonnaise! Fuwa Toro “Raw Mayonnaise” Manufacturing Machine “Ultimate MYO”

【Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd.】
Welcome to the world of diversified mayonnaise! Fuwa Toro “Raw Mayonnaise” Manufacturing Machine “Ultimate MYO”

TAKARA TOMY ARTS Welcome to the world of diversified mayonnaise! Fuwa Toro “Raw mayonnaise” Manufacturing machine “Ultimate MYO” New release on March 28 (Thu)! ………………………………………………………………………………… Takara Tomy Co., Ltd. Takara Tomy Arts (President: Hiroyuki Usami / Location: Katsushika-ku, Tokyo) can make fluffy “raw mayonnaise” using their own commitment materials ” MYO “<suggested retail price 4,500 yen / excluding tax
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"Ultimate MYO" It was launched in 2017 and became a big topic, a machine dedicated to egg-picked rice "Ultimate TKG". And in 2018, "Ultimate NTO" pursuing the ultimate natto based on the teachings of the Rosan people, the latest work of "Ultimate series" that will become the third series, that is the "ultimate MYO".
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'Ultimate MYO' released on Thursday, March 28 "Mayonnaise" often compatible with various materials and dishes, often stocked in the family's refrigerator. "The ultimate MYO" is a "mayonnaise manufacturing machine" that can make its "mayonnaise" yourself. Moreover, it is possible to make "raw mayonnaise" which fluffy texture stands out which can not be easily obtained with normal "mayonnaise". The point of "Ultimate" that "Ultimate MYO" produces is in the mixer part which turns in two layers. In the lower layer, make a "texture" with meringue making by mixing white matter, in the upper layer yolk and seasoning, oils and other mayonnaise "taste part" separately, finally when it is combined and fluffed melts in the mouth "Mayonnaise raw" is born. Compared to normal "mayonnaise", because it "grows fluffy" with meringue, there is also a gorgeous volume sense to the appearance, and it will make the dining table fun. ★ Make my mayonnaise with familiar materials! Materials needed to make mayonnaise are eggs, edible oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and other familiar ingredients. The journey time is about 5 minutes. You can also prepare meals at the same time while turning the electric mixer, so you can easily make it.
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(1) Break eggs and separate yolk and white. Drop the white on the lower meringue cup.
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(2) Set a mayonnaise cup on the meringue cup, put yolk, vinegar, salt and pepper in it and stir for 2 minutes.
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(3) Set the oil funnel, put 3 cups of spoon attached with edible oil and stir for 3 minutes.
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(4) Remove the cup and complete the upper layer mayonnaise and the lower layer meringue. ★ To the diversity "raw mayonnaise" with the commitment material In addition to the edible oil that is used for eating regularly, you can use your favorite things such as olive oil, sesame oil, linseed oil, MCT oil, etc., to make mayonnaise. Also vinegar can be substituted with wine vinegar, black vinegar etc. Also, you can cook the kind of pepper, rock salt and herb salt, arrange with sticky material, plus seasoning and powder cheese seasoning to match the very diverse contemporary food scene " Diversity "taste can be enjoyed. On our website, original recipes using Arrange Mayonnaise, including Mentaiko Hakata "Tamayashi noodles Temashita Temashita" (Yamaya Communication Co., Ltd.) and other raw mayonnaise, are scheduled to be released sequentially.
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Maya udon in clouds ★ Your ultimate! Original mayonnaise is infinite "Mayonnaise" made by adding mayonnaise to meringue is also a calorie-off aspect as well as volume. You can enjoy various flavors by choosing the ingredients you use, you can make various patterns depending on your attention. Furthermore, if you adjust lathering time etc, finish your favorite texture, exactly "complete original mayonnaise" is completed. As the name of the "ultimate series", it is a product that can pursue "the ultimate" in the mayonnaise world.
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"Ultimate MYO" package «Product Overview» Product name: "Ultimate MYO" Suggested retail price: 4,500 yen (excluding tax) Body size: W 138 mm x H 207 mm x D 160 mm Package size: W 165 mm × H 260 mm × D 143 mm Weight: 520 g Battery: 3 AA alkaline batteries used Contents: Body, instruction manual 1 part Target age: 15 years old and over Handling place: Toy shops such as grocery stores, mass retailers, toy specialty stores all over the country and others Ultimate MYO product website: www.takaratomy-arts.co.jp/specials/myo/ The Ultimate Series Product Website: www.takaratomy-arts.co.jp/specials/kyukyoku/ Rights notation: (C) T-ARTS

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