Store information analysis service “Aroba View Koro” rental service started

Cross-marketing Co., Ltd. Began rental service of store information analysis service “Aroba View Coro” ~ Easier to visualize store tasks ~ ………………………………………………………………………………… Shoppers’ eye Co., Ltd. (URL: https: // Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Koji Onosuka “below”) makes it easier to use our store information analysis service In order to do so, with the cooperation of Aloha Co., Ltd. (URL: https: // head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President Hidejiro Naito “Aloha Company”), We started rental service of “Aroba View Koro” network camera. In order to support the improvement of the service level at the store more extensively, in addition to the masking survey at the store which is the main service from November last year, in addition to the masking survey at the store which is the main service, we are using store information analysis service We are offering. With the introduction of “Aroba View Coro”, it is possible to acquire quantitative information (attributes, emotions, number count (duplication check), etc.) and track lines in the store in real time, and count investigation by dispatching conventional investigators , It took immediate time to visualize and quantify the trends of customers visiting customers, customer satisfaction levels, effects of promotional materials, etc., which required about one week to compile data. As a result, customers are also receiving favorable reviews as they can respond quickly to store problems. In response to such customer feedback, we have started rental service of “Aroba View Coro” to improve the convenience of store information analysis service. Outline of rental service Name: Aloha View Coro Rental Pack Price: 300,000 yen ~ (In case of purchase: 600,000 yen ~) Rental contents: High-performance network camera (2 units), PC for video analysis, communication environment for image transmission Rental excluded: Power supply for PC URL: * Construction expenses may occur separately. * Depending on the number of cameras / the number of installation sites, the number of people to be analyzed, fee may be added. For rental packs, we can use our store information analysis service utilizing “Aroba View Coro” for two weeks at 300,000 yen, so it is convenient for introduction with short event periods.
■ Main usage of Aroba View Koro (in cases where it is introduced to commercial facilities, restaurants and retail stores) · Attribute analysis of visitors · Design of in-store conductors · Measure customer satisfaction · Measuring repeater rate · Appropriate inventory management by analyzing product sales and attributes · Understand the length of stay per area · Numericalization of customer service attitude (It is also possible to set it outside the store to collect traffic volume and attribute information, or investigate facial expression of people who saw advertisement by installing in digital signage) For details on the service, please click here. * We strive to handle appropriate personal information about customer’s personal information acquired through the camera. We will make further efforts to “visualize” store issues through the provision of this service so that we will continue to support service improvement in stores so as to lead to more comfortable service to diverse customers visiting stores I will. About Shoppers eye Co., Ltd. Company name: Shoppers eye Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Koji Onosuka Location: Nishi-Shinjuku 3-chome 20-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Establishment: January 2003 Main business: planning and operation of Internet research and various marketing · research, Mystery shopping business Holding company: Cross-marketing group, Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 3675) URL:

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