Supership’s “Ad Generation” supports delivery to native ads in ad delivery by header bidding

Supership Supership’s “Ad Generation” supports delivery to native ads in ad delivery by header bidding ………………………………………………………………………………………… Supership Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Supership) has added support for delivery to native advertisements in the ad delivery by header bidding of the ad delivery optimization platform for publishers “Ad Generation”.
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Header bidding is a mechanism that makes bids among multiple businesses fairly and distributes the highest priced ad preferentially. It has been implemented in many media in Japan as a solution for achieving highly transparent advertising transactions and maximizing publisher revenue. Until now, the only ad format that can be used to deliver ad via header bidding has been display ads, but we have responded to requests from publishers that want to support in-feed ads and other native ads. , Newly corresponds to the delivery of native advertising in header bidding using “Prebid.js”. “Prebid.js” is a JavaScript library for websites developed with open source. By adding “Ad Generation” as a demand partner (bidder) for header bidding, publishers can deliver native advertisements with opt-out implementation using “Prebid.js” official privacy link Can be expected to further increase profitability through highly transparent advertising transactions. At the same time, we will provide a fair and highly transparent auction environment for DSP connected with “Ad Generation”.
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Image of header bidding In addition, “Ad Generation” includes “Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)” provided by Amazon Publisher Services, which is the first collaboration in Japan, “Exchange Bidding” provided by Google Ad Manager, and “Open source” Prebid.js “, Etc., has already completed collaboration with major header bidding solutions. Supership will continue to make efforts to improve advertising revenue from publishers and to deliver sound advertisements with high transparency by providing function development and services tailored to the needs of publishers in Ad Generation. I will.
■ About Ad Generation “Ad Generation” is a fun, free ad platform for publishers. Through partnerships with major ad distributors in Japan and overseas, we will help maximize advertising revenue and reduce advertising operating costs by providing automated optimization delivery of advertisements and centralized management of revenue reports. Based on the design concept of “Ad server that can be used without restriction”, it is possible to design ad delivery with high degree of freedom to meet the needs of publishers, and also respond to header bidding, etc. It boasts the largest introduction share in smartphone apps / webs, focusing on publishers.
【About Supership Co., Ltd.】 Supership Co., Ltd. is a data technology company that develops businesses that utilize data and technology, such as digital advertising, data consulting, and Internet media. As a core company of Supership Holdings Co., Ltd., a co-creation organization of various startups, we will use the power of data and technology to raise the resolution of the world and co-create new values ​​with our partners. Location: 5-4-35 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tatsumura Aoyama Building Business description: Data marketing business, marketing technology business, VR business, media service business, others Representative: President and CEO Atsushi Oasa Supership Inc. Ad Generation Support E-mail: ※ Please contact ad generation support person in charge for introduction method and details.

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