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Coloring painting that wants to make one story in the world! From “Painta holic (painter holic)”, always together! Outgoing GIFT set newly appeared!

Kameyama Corporation A coloring picture that makes you want to make one story in the world! From “Painta holic (painter holic)”, always together! Outgoing GIFT set newly appeared! Fuji TV supervised by KIDS, recommended by brain scientist Mogi sensei …………………………………………………………………………………
Kameyama Candlehouse (Chairman and CEO: Hanako Tanikawa) is a gift set of a new type of coloring drawing “Painta holic (painter holic)” that grows children ‘s free thought that Taiga Associates Co., Ltd. conducts brand management We released it.
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What you want to write stories and intellectual coloring picture “Painta holic”
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Fuji TV supervised by KIDS, Professor Mogi recommended by brain scientist, born with the theme of nurturing children’s free ideas, is a new type of rolling coloring painting that has never been seen before. It is a communication goods brand nestled close to such a child’s feeling, not only painting, filling the pleasure to draw, drawing together together, and finding new fun.
● Coloring books made by picture book writers Founded in 2008, Fuji Television KIDS, BS Fuji, Pony Canyon, Fusosha was established at the “be picture book award”. The first Painta holic series this time is Mr. Tokitashi who received the “8th be picture book prize picture book store special prize” is in charge of illustration. As you continue painting, the story develops, it is a vertical size roll type coloring painting.
● Also enjoy drawing There is a part where illustration is not drawn on the roll of coloring picture. Based on the hints in the role, children draw their illustrations while working their imagination and creativity themselves, and develop free ideas.
● Your own original story You can stick a sticker to a roll, add illustrations, letters, words, and create your own original story. You can bring in new colleagues you made and jump into the coloring world.
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Product introduction Outing gift set
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Painter Holic Gift Set Type: Uchu / Umi / Mori Price: 2,000 yen (excluding tax)
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We prepared three kinds of gift sets according to the pattern of roll painting. Package with colorful possession. It is also recommended when you go out. Set contents (Uchu / Umi / Mori) · Roll 2 m 1 kind (each pattern) Roll 1 m 1 kind (each pattern) · 2 seals (each handle + balloon) · Photostand 1 type (random)
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Painter holic roll 2 m / 1 m Type: Uchu / Umi / Mori Price: 630 yen (excluding tax) / 330 yen (tax excluded) Photostand coloring
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Painter holic photo stand Type: Cow / Kangaroo / Bear / Train cat Price: 290 yen (excluding tax) Seal coloring
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Painter holic seal Type: Uchu / Umi / Mori / Balloons Price: 220 yen (excluding tax) Kameyama Candle House HP k-design.kameyama.co.jp/index.html Kameyama candlehouse net shop www.kameyama-candle.jp/ec/shop/

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