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  • Yakiniku red meat noodles Did you make a “non-meat yakiniku bento” even though you are a yakiniku restaurant? ? ! What is the back project that Yagiku restaurant makes

Yakiniku red meat noodles Did you make a “non-meat yakiniku bento” even though you are a yakiniku restaurant? ? ! What is the back project that Yagiku restaurant makes

MisoSoup Inc. Did you make a “non-meat yakiniku bento” even though you were a yakiniku restaurant? ? ! What is the back project that Kikuto creates at a yakiniku restaurant? Yakiniku red meat …………………………………………………………………………………………… The popular yakiniku restaurant “Nikugatou”, a restaurant that offers delicious red meat, has launched a “Urigakutou” project that creates vegan meat! What is it? ! Now on sale at the cloud founding site “CAMPFIRE”! Available until 8/31! “CAMPFIRE” page (camp-fire.jp/projects/view/162749) “Yakiniku Red Nigakuto” ​​Official Website nikugatou.com/ [Introduction of Yakiniku red meat noodles] [Image 1

“Red meat nigakuto” ​​is a yakiniku restaurant centered on red meat that started in Ningyocho five years ago. Currently, we are operating in Tokyo (Ningyocho, Tamachi, Roppongi Hills), Chiba (Chiba Station), Nagoya (Sakae) and Aomori (Hirosaki). The name of the store was coined by combining “Niku + Thank you” with the idea of ​​“thanks to all the people who are involved in it and all the customers involved”. Not only beef, but also all the ingredients in the store, we worked hard to find out how customers can enjoy it. As a result, we were able to grow into a popular store that was difficult to reserve. Many magazines and famous gourmets have also been evaluated. http://nikugatou.com/#media [Thoughts on the new project “Back to Back”] [Image 2

This time, we will produce “Vegetable non-meat vegan yakiniku lunch box, non-meat vegan non-meat baked meat granola, non-meat meat ice”. There are customers from all over the world at the store, but sometimes they are asked if they support vegan. Sure, I want to eat with everyone, but I feel lonely that I can’t eat. If you have vegan support in the shop, the customer will have an unprecedented experience, so I think that people who can not eat meat when you come to our shop can make it a fun space. It was. That led to the “Back to Back” project. When everyone eats delicious meat, I think it is necessary to make vegan-friendly meat that makes people want to eat real meat. Because we are serious about meat, we believe that this vegan meat is a valuable initiative. I’m grateful to Mr. Oshi and I want to make it because of the respect. First of all, I would like to evolve more so that it can be offered at lunch boxes and also in stores in the future. I am thinking! [Back line product LINEUP] Introducing vegan-compatible Foods currently being developed and sold on the cloud founding site “CAMPFIRE”. Non-meat yakiniku bento [Image 3

Whether you can eat meat or a vegan person, please enjoy the taste of meat without putting up with it. Producing “Yakiniku non-meat” lunch because it is a butcher. Yakiniku lunch box contains soy meat and okara konjac, and no meat is used. The mayonnaise is also made with soy milk, making it a vegan-style yakiniku bento that does not contain any animal ingredients in the yakiniku bento. Non-meat Yakiniku Granola “Ni Granola” [Image 4

What is yakiniku granola, not meat! ? is what I think. Actually, the grilled meat taste of a commercial yakiniku-flavored snack is a basic flavor, so it uses a lot of sugar, so it’s not vegan! So this time, we have already developed a completely original version with the cooperation of Organic Planet, which produces gluten (wheat flour-free snack granola). . “Organic Planet” https://www.organic-planet.jp/ Non-meat meat ice [Image 5

Vegan-friendly sweets “Non-meat meat ice”. Such a playful sweet that looks like meat but not meat. It’s the perfect surprise gift for your friends, family and loved ones. “CAMPFIRE” page (https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/162749) “Yakiniku Red Nigakuto” ​​Official Website http://nikugatou.com/

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