[Starring: Hidekazu Kajima] Drama “Saunaman-I don’t know sweat or tears” for the first time! Some advance delivery will be decided on TSUTAYA Premium and TSUTAYA Official Youtube! !

TSUTAYA [Starring: Hidekazu Kajima] Drama “Saunaman-I don’t know sweat or tears” for the first time! Some advance delivery will be decided on TSUTAYA Premium and TSUTAYA Official Youtube! ! “One full towel” Collection of short stories about humanity drama that occurs in the sauna …………………………………………………………………………………………… Broadcast on ABC TV from Sunday, August 25, and scheduled to be distributed exclusively from TSUTAYA Premium (tsutaya.tsite.jp/premium/) from Monday, August 26 (excluding delivery missed by other companies) This work is set in a sauna where men sweated in orange dripping, and Yoshitomo Kuroyanagi (Hidekazu Kajishima) who has not shed tears for 10 years regains his heart through the hot human patterns of various customers coming to the sauna. This is a short story about humanity drama. (10 episodes and 30 episodes)
■ Drama “Saunaman-I don’t know sweat or tears” TSUTAYA official page tsutaya.jp/p_saunerman/ In addition to Hidekazu Hagishima, who plays the main character Yoshitomo Kuroyanagi, this visual was unveiled for the first time! [Image

In conjunction with the release of this visual, the Saunaman trailer will also be lifted! Please take a look at some of the dramas that can be played with a towel in the full sauna room! Trailer URL: http://tsutaya.jp/p_y_saunerman/
■ Pre-delivery on TSUTAYA Premium and TSUTAYA Official Youtube! Prior to the TV broadcast on Sunday, August 25, at TSUTAYA Premium and TSUTAYA Official Youtube and TSUTAYA Premium Advance delivery has been decided from August 18 (Sun). The first episode will be released on TSUTAYA’s official Youtube! The story begins when Yoshitomo, the main character who plays Hidekazu Kajima, meets men with emotions in a sauna he suddenly visited. In addition, TSUTAYA Premium will deliver the second episode in addition to the first episode. In the second episode, the words that Yoshitomo gave to the regular customers Nanno Shuichi (Takashi Yamanaka) and Sato (Takashi Nishina) brought tension in the sauna …! For deployment. Please register at this opportunity and enjoy the chaotic space where men unfold naked in advance delivery. [Details of preceding delivery] Distribution date: August 18 (Sun)-August 25 (Sun) Distribution contents: Of the first episode (3 episodes) scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday, August 25, 1 episode: Pre-delivery with Youtube / TSUTAYA Premium! 2 episodes: Exclusive delivery with TSUTAYA Premium! TSUTAYA Premium Official Website: tsutaya.jp/p3_saunerman/ TSUTAYA Official Youtube URL: tsutaya.jp/p_ty_saunerman/
■ “Saunaman Exhibition @ Daikanyama” will also be held! Furthermore, the event will be held at “DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY” in Tokyo, Daikanyama from 12:00 to 16:00 on Thursday, September 5. Admission is free, and in addition to the life-size panel of the performers (Hidekazu Kajishima et al.), The props used in the drama will be released! [Saunaman exhibition @ Daikanyama details] The life-size panels of the performers (Hidekazu Hideshima etc.) and the props used in the drama are released! Venue: DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY (16-15 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033) Schedule: Thursday, September 5, 2019, 12: 00-16: 00 Free access, anyone can participate. Furthermore, novelty goods will be presented on a first-come-first-served basis for new TSUTAYA Premium subscribers at the venue on the day!
■ Drama “Saunaman-I don’t know sweat or tears” distribution information Exclusive distribution at TSUTAYA Premium! * Excluding delivery missed by other companies ABC TV Broadcast after broadcast * The delivery date may change depending on the situation. * Only the first time will be distributed from around 10:00 in the morning of August 26 (Monday)
▼ Broadcast information ABC TV broadcast from Sunday, August 25, 2019 every Sunday midnight 1:57 (Kansai local) * Broadcast suspension and broadcast time may change due to circumstances. * Scheduled to be broadcast 10 times (3 episodes, 30 episodes each)
▼ Work details [Outline] A sauna, a place where men come silently. However, Yoshitomo Kuroyanagi (42, Hidekazu Kajishima) suddenly stopped by “Sayuyu”, a quirky sauna that sings “Let’s shed tears with sweat”. Sometimes it ’s a romance consultation, sometimes a family bitches, and sometimes a bittersweet story. Even on a common topic, all the men release their hearts and cry without shyness. Although it was impossible to reach Yoshitomo for 10 years after losing his feelings, regular customers welcomed Yoshitomo enthusiastically. In this way, Yoshitomo, who has found a place in “Sayuyu”, goes not only to regular customers, but also to this chaotic space with a high amount of heat, in which various men who are changing are carrying out human patterns. A mysterious sauna interaction between Yoshitomo who can’t cry, laugh, touch other people, and can’t shake hands, and the naked men who expose their hearts and bodies. Eventually, a man who cannot cry, Yoshitomo will regain his forgotten feelings … cast Starring: Hidekazu Samejima Takashi Yamanaka, Kimi Nanase, Takashi Nishina, Naoya Kitagawa / Noriyuki Morishita Guest appearance: Kenta Sasuka, Ryota Ozawa, Koji Konan, Daichi Saeki, Masamasa Shibasaki, Keisuke Suzuki, Toshiyuki Teranaka, Denden, 糠 Shin Taizhou, Nonomura Makoto, Pakkun McKun (Patrick Harlan, Satoshi Yoshida), Satoshi Honma, Rokuhei Naomasa, Figaro Tseng, Brother Tom, Rin Mizuma, Akihito Yamada (Rugby player) (in alphabetical order) staff Director / Screenplay: Masahide Ichii Production: ABC Libra Production: ABC Rights Business Official SNS Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/saunerman Official Instagrram: www.instagram.com/saunerman/

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