[DFS Group] The DFS Group provides new beauty experiences to travelers around the world, and the 6th “First Class Beauty” is being held mainly in T Galleria Hawaii, Guam, and Okinawa.

DFS group The DFS Group offers new beauty experiences to travelers around the world, and the 6th “First Class Beauty” is being held mainly in T Galleria Hawaii, Guam and Okinawa [Image 1

The world’s leading luxury travel retailer, the DFS Group, will hold its 6th annual “First Class Beauty” campaign on Thursday, August 1 this year, giving travelers the best beauty experience. I will deliver it. T Galleria Hawaii, T Galleria Guam, T Galleria Okinawa, including a total of 25 DFS airport stores globally, including a total of 25 stores, offering exclusive products and exciting experiences from over 40 leading brands You can enjoy it. This year’s “First Class Beauty” theme is “Your One-Stop Beauty Destination”. Carefully selected top-notch brands offer makeup, skin care, and fragrance products to suit the three beauty moods of “City Night”, “Relax on the Beach” and “Healing of Nature”. Suppressing trends around the world, introducing new beauty items and must-have favorites to travelers around the world. Like previous “First Class Beauty” campaigns, DFS target stores around the world are waiting for you with these first-class items. A variety of playful events will be held to make every visitor’s journey more exciting and memorable and more memorable. DFS Group Beauty Senior Vice President Christoph Mark said: “At the heart of all our activities are travelers. We have put every effort into providing experiences and products that meet their needs with creativity and elegance. Thanks to your cooperation, we are very proud to host this special campaign. ” This event “First Class Beauty” has lots of fun events such as shopping, limited offers, free touch-up makeup, and photography. Please drop in. [Three first class beauty themes] This first-class beauty is based on the three themes of “urban night”, “leaving on the beach” and “healing nature”. Introducing Beauty Favorites ’s DFS favorite products that are exclusive to the “2019 Beauty Guide”. Wherever your journey takes you, DFS is committed to providing you with the best makeup, skin care and fragrance to accompany your stylish journey. 1. Urban night A must-have item that creates an urban impression, we propose makeup that is perfect for any location, from Hong Kong skyscrapers to New York streets. With a hot look and lustrous lips with a refined impression, the night is perfect for where you want to take you. The urban night style offers lipsticks, eye treatments and iconic fragrances for a glamorous and bold impression. [Image 2

2. Relaxing on the beach From Hawaii to Okinawa, you can enjoy a relaxing effortless look with the sun. The skin’s breathing, non-sticky makeup and skin care will maximize the charm of the sparkling summer skin. Relaxing on the beach is easy and hassle free. A sparkling look with fragrance, sunscreen and bronzer. [Image 3

3. Natural healing With skin care inspired by nature, it gives a look reminiscent of Bali’s lush forests and magnificent Hawaiian mountains. It is an essential item that nourishes the skin and gives it a natural and open skin. The natural healing style is organic, fresh and clean. Nude pallets and skin care essentials play an active role. [Image 4

[Pop-up shop] In addition, first-class brand pop-up stores have appeared all over the world and held “First Class Beauty”. Seven brands will participate in “First Class Beauty” and will open pop-up stores at DFS airport stores around the world and T Galleria by DFS in all 22 stores. [Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

■ Lip Bar with Meitu The mobile app Meitu, famous for its virtual makeup app that was popular last year, will also appear this year. The DFS x Meitu lip bar will showcase the latest AR makeup app that combines technology and fun. This year, Meitu co-sponsored a lip-focused beauty bar at 26 DFS stores. Give SELPHY queens around the world an opportunity to try out over 100 lip and 10 sunglasses that can be purchased from DFS on-the-fly using Magic Meitu Beauty Mirror. You can download the publicity image (high image) from the following dfs.box.com/s/dbrt77p7c2jhn0d4xch3ssz5639l1zjj About DFS Group [Image 8

The DFS Group is the world’s leading luxury travel retailer. Since its founding in Hong Kong in 1960, the company has pioneered the global luxury travel retail industry and has carefully selected and offered over 700 leading brands from 885 Maisons on four continents. Currently, the DFS network has duty-free stores at 11 major international airports and 20 Galleria stores around the world, as well as stores at partners and resorts. The DFS Group is owned by Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), the world’s largest luxury conglomerate, and DFS co-founder Robert Miller, with more than 9,000 staff inspiring customers. Creating a shopping experience. In 2018, more than 164 million customers visited. DFS Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, We have offices in Straria, Cambodia, China, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United States and Vietnam. For more information, please visit www.dfs.com About T Galleria by DFS [Image 9

T Galleria by DFS (formerly DFS Galleria) is a retail business concept for travelers that the DFS Group is developing ahead of others. In 1968, DFS opened its first street store in Hong Kong, followed by stores in Honolulu, and eventually expanded to 20 locations around the world. Currently, T Galleria by DFS has expanded into the United States, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the South Pacific. The concept of “traveler’s T” is deeply linked to travel, and T Galleria by DFS brings together the world’s top luxury brands, selected by professionals, for exceptional retail environments, personalized services, and unique needs for travelers. I will respond. T Galleria by DFS delivers a unique and unique journey for travelers. For more information, visit www.tgalleria.com

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