[Ready Co., Ltd.] Held in collaboration with “GAKUCON 2019”, Mixchanel, TikTok, etc., to determine the best student in Japan.

Ready Corporation Held in collaboration with GAKUCON 2019, a contest to determine the best student in Japan, Mixchanel, TikTok, etc. …………………………………………………………………………………………… “ GAKUSEI COLLECTION ”, which has been hosted by thousands of fashion shows, has held a miss contest “ GAKUCON 2019 ” that recruits participants from all over Japan and decides the best in Japan with audience participation type The [Image 1

“GAKUCON” is hosted by GAKUSEI COLLECTION (known as Gakukore), which has been running a large-scale fashion show since 2011.・ It is a contest. With the cooperation of major social services companies such as Mixchanel and TikTok, we have adopted a screening standard that emphasizes SNS and live distribution, like the digital native generation. In addition, in collaboration with entertainment productions, we will discover next-generation talents, provide various backups, including after the event, and aim to develop them into role models for next-generation talents. [Image 2

* The above is subject to change.
■ Provides collaboration opportunities with luxurious ambassadors In line with this event aiming to discover next-generation talent, TikTok, AbemaTV and other talents that have become popular with young people who have created a trend from digital these days will boost “GAKUCON2019”. Ambassadors will be finalists as judges. Grand Prix winners will be offered luxury products, including prize money, and opportunities for collaborative photography at Ambassador and TikTok. [Image 3

Natsue Tokumoto Born in Osaka Prefecture. Nickname is “Nachos”. Although it is a fashion icon for teenage girls as a Popteen exclusive model, she appeared on the AbemaTV romance reality show “Wolf is not deceived (Heart)” and gained popularity. Graduated from the same magazine in July 2019. Member of KimonoGirls and Just Pro. “This time, I am going to be appointed as a Gakkon Ambassador! Come and see me in the finals! [Image 4

Kazuma Morinaga Born in Shizuoka Prefecture. Mr. Consemi finalist for high school boys. Appeared on the AbemaTV romance reality show “I love you today” alongside “Wolf-kun is not deceived (Heart)” and gathered support mainly by teens. Member of Lovers Inc. “To those who are troubled by participating in the contest. I think the world will expand like never before! ! I think it will lead to my own growth and I’m waiting for a lot of fun! I think it will be a valuable experience in your life, so please do your best not to leave regrets! I support you! ” [Image 5

Hinako Kaneda Winner of the 2018 Miss of Miss Grand Prix and 2017 Miss Yokohama City University Grand Prix. “By participating in Miscon, a world that I have never seen before will expand. I think it is a valuable experience that I have never seen in my life, so I will do my best. I will support you!” [Image 6

Abe Ocean 2018 Mr. Keio University SFC Grand Prix. “Miscon is an opportunity to experience something you’ve never experienced before! Do n’t waste that opportunity and learn a lot through the contest! We ’re looking forward to staying in the finalists and seeing you at the venue. Please do your best! ”
■ Voice from partner companies We have received support comments from partner companies. Mixchannel / Onishi “We expect that more people will be able to support and make mistakes that will be noticed by setting up a live broadcast for the screening. We also hope that you can enjoy the broadcast as a place to improve your talk.” TikTok / Contact person “Congratulations on the decision. We look forward to the creation of an active video creator regardless of genre.” Avex Corporation and TWH Corporation / Takada In order to gain the support of many people in this era, it is indispensable to disseminate talent and charm using social services. We hope that through this GAKUCON, popular people who will lead the next era will be born. ” TV Tokyo / Msaka “I hope it will be a meaningful opportunity to meet new talented and attractive students who are born one after another, and as a place to experience the growth of those talents.
■ The deadline for entry is until September 10, 2019 (Tuesday) Various judging steps are prepared before the Grand Prix decision, and it is required to send your personality to many people. Sometimes it can be painful. However, the title of Miscon’s participation will not only lead to confidence in the future, but it will also be a strong foothold for the entertainment world and influencers. Why don’t you start by taking a step? Contestants can apply by adding friends on the official website or the following LINE.
▼ Official HP https://gakucon.site/
▼ LINE for applicants https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40749ztbcb [Image 7

■ Recruitment of corporation, group partners Create an appealing opportunity within the event for interested companies such as reach branding, your services and company information against a young target called the digital native generation. Would you like to work as an operating partner together with other student organizations that want to make a big movement from local to national? Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or questions about sponsors / promotions / partners. Name: GAKUCON 2019 Executive Committee Maternal: GAKUSEICOLLECTION URL: https://gakucon.site/ Company name: Ready Corporation Representative: Takuma Inoue, Representative Director Established: June 2018 URL: https://re-ady.co.jp/

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