Signed business alliance with UDN SPORTS Inc.

Piara Co., Ltd. Signed business alliance with UDN SPORTS Inc. Started support for the production of goods and things for the UDN Foundation, a social activity group with professional athletes …………………………………………………………………………………………… Piara Co., Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative: Takao Asuka) has signed a business alliance with UDN SPORTS Co., Ltd., which manages professional athletes, etc. We will start to support the production of Koto. [Image 1

1. Reason for business alliance UDN SPORTS Co., Ltd. established “UDN Foundation” in May to conduct social contribution activities by athletes in support of fans and supporters who support their players, and the desire to give back to society. Did. At the founding press conference held at the end of May, professional athletes who support the activities participate and express their determination. In this business alliance, the Company will support the production of goods and things as a result of the new efforts of the “UDN Foundation”. 2. Details of the business alliance UDN SPORTS Co., Ltd., in addition to the management work it has done so far, plans for soccer classrooms and competitions, charity activities, and opinions of athletes as a place for education through the exchange of children and athletes who will lead the next generation We are planning a commerce business that develops and sells original products that reflect this. ・ In addition to selling “things”, we provide sports “things” as a service, while developing the next generation, contributing to society, supporting athletes, and proposing lifestyles. ・ We support everything from producing “things” and “things” to building and operating e-commerce. ・ Specifically, based on “BEATMAKER”, which we launched in July, we will produce original products for beauty & health and food products. -The “UDN Foundation” producer will utilize this know-how and network to develop new products that are highly compatible with sports, athletes, and children. 3. About UDN Foundation The “UDN Foundation” respects the existence of athletes, and conducts activities to pass on their assets to the future through social contribution activities and product development. Official site: Activity content : Supporting athletes from three aspects: team, competition / life and sponsor, and supporting the competition / life environment and second career, we will create a rich future for athletes. With the mission of nurturing the next generation and contributing to society, we are conducting charity activities such as education for children through athletes, community support for exchanges between fans and athletes, and training for the next generation and regional revitalization. It will be a bridge between players, fans and the next generation. Develop products that create new lifestyles that reflect the knowledge and sense of top athletes. With ideas that have a big impact on society, we will make every day healthy and mental. Established: May 30, 2019 Supporter registration: Looking for supporters who support the activities of the UDN Foundation on the official website. If you register as a supporter, you can purchase athlete-produced products, participate in events where you can communicate directly with them, and enjoy exclusive content for supporters. Registration is free. ・ Deliver exclusive content for supporters ・ Pre-sale of secret sales and new products ・ Advance guidance to the event [About Piara Co., Ltd.] Our company is a marketing commit company specializing in the beauty and health areas such as cosmetics and health food, and the food area. Mainly on the “RESULT platform” developed and operated in-house, we have a marketing automation (MA) system / action history, purchase history, data management platform (DMP) such as customer attributes, and a performance-reward affiliate system. As a strength of the direct marketing support know-how of more than 600 companies, our company’s unique technology and operation consultants offer consistent service proposals from [customer acquisition to sales promotion to customer development]. Recently, we have been asked to develop products by analyzing trends from the marketing data we have been working on, and we have been producing products that can be sold on a trial basis and producing systems for about a year. And in July, the original merchant of beauty & health and food Started the service “BEATMAKER” to produce products. 【Company Profile】 Trade name: UDN SPORTS Inc. Established: April 2017 Business description: Athlete management ——————— Trade name: Piara Co., Ltd. Representative: Takao Asuka, Representative Director Address: 13th floor, Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6013 Established: March 2004 Business Description: 1. EC Marketing Tech Business 2. Advertising marketing business Capital: 845 million yen (as of the end of June 2019) Securities code: Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market 7044 Affiliated companies: Hichi (Hangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd., PIATEC (Thailand) Co., Ltd., PIALab. Taiwan Hichi Business Trade Co., Ltd. URL: reference [About BEATMAKER] Service start: July 29, 2019 Developable products: Beauty & health products such as cosmetics and health food, and food products Cost: Basically, our product manager will conduct product marketing. Planning costs related to product development are basically free of charge, but product loyalty may occur in some cases. * Please contact us for details. [Image 2

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