[New Balance Japan Co., Ltd.] New Balance Standard Model “996” Kids Appearable for Parents and Children. With Sizing that allows you to choose two different widths for kids shoes starts only at the official store

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. New Balance Standard Model “996” Kids Appearable for Parents and Children. With Sizing that allows you to choose between two different widths with Kids Shoes starts only at the official store …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

Focusing on the fall and winter season in 2019, featuring the “99X” series that symbolizes the brand with “Year of 9 ’s”, the ultimate standard of New Balance “996”. “996”, renewed this season, has been updated and released in Kids Size. Why don’t you enjoy the autumn / winter fashion with your family by adopting matching coordinates and link coordinates that can be played with the standard? In addition, with the official store only, kids 996 has a width sizing that allows you to choose the size by width. In addition to the slightly thinner to standard “M” width, the standard to slightly wider “W” width will be available. Even children who could not easily find shoes that match the width of the foot and the height of the instep, measure the feet at the official store, check the size and choose the shoe with the best fit. https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/goods/search.aspx?keyword=YV996 Kids 996 update The durability of hook-and-loop fasteners is higher than the previous work. It has been improved so that it will not peel off even when worn for a long time. The pattern was changed to an adult “996” and the matching outsole pattern, and the details were reproduced with the same design as adults. The last installation has expanded the installation area and improved stability. [Image 2

Kids’ first sizing with two widths to choose from In order to realize “Fit”, which is one of the features of New Balance, we adopted sizing that can be selected in the width size for adult performance shoes and lifestyle shoes. The shape of the child’s feet is also very different. In addition to the size from the heel to the toe, the size of the instep is slightly thin-in addition to the standard “M” with the standard-slightly wider “W” with only the official store. At the official store, we will measure and fit the size of your child’s feet and propose shoes that fit just right. Official store for kids shoes The following official stores handle kids shoes. We present original novelties when we collect stamps by purchasing kids’ products at stores. (Except online store) [Image 3

New Balance Sapporo New Balance Harajuku New Balance Odaiba New Balance Nagoya New Balance Osaka New Balance Grand Front Osaka New Balance Kyoto Fujii Daimaru https://company.newbalance.jp/store/store_type/official-store Official online store https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/goods/search.aspx?keyword=YV996 * Stamp card service is not available at the online store. Product Details YV996 Kids Standard model “996” representing New Balance has been updated. Matching coordination with parents and children is also possible. Gray, navy and pink are available in two widths (with) only in the official store. Color: CGY (GRAY), CNV (NAVY), CPK (PINK), CLK (BLACK), CGD (MARIGOLD), CBL (BLUE) With / size: M (slightly thin to standard), W (standard to slightly wide) /17.0-24.0cm * W with only official store, only CGY, CNV, CPK Price: ¥ 5,200 + tax

[Image 4

YV996CGY [Image 5

YV996CNV [Image 6

YV996CPK [Image 7

YV996CLK [Image 8

YV996CGD [Image 9


IZ996 Infant Infant model of the standard model “996” representing New Balance. It is a model that can be worn with a baby and an adult at the beginning of walking. Available in a slightly wider width. Color: CGY (GRAY), CNV (NAVY), CPK (PINK), CLK (BLACK), CBL (BLUE), CGD (MARIGOLD) Size: W / 12.0-16.5cm * Infant shoes are available with one type of width. Price: ¥ 4,700 + tax Click here for other kids shoes lineup. https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/e/eEKIDS Let’s enjoy link coordination with parent and child New Balance Standard “996” allows parent and child to coordinate matching. Let’s enjoy link coordination with family. [Image 10

[Image 11

[Image 12

[Image 13

[Image 14

Click here for adult “996” series. https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/e/eEnb-cm996 What is 996 “996” debuted in Made in U.S.A. in 1988 as the third installment of the “99X” series following “990” that appeared in 1982. Born as a running shoe on a paved road, its comfort and design make it a long-selling model that continues to be worn as a running shoe as well as everyday, and continues as a new balance standard.
▼ About New Balance Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance said, “We can clearly demonstrate responsible leadership, athletes can take pride, employees can take pride in the world, and the community can take pride. The company’s mission is to establish a global brand. New Balance was born in 1906 as a manufacturer of orthopedic shoes that cure arch support insoles and flat feet. As a leading manufacturer of athletic brands, New Balance is now running and developing footwear and apparel for lifestyle, tennis, baseball and football. Doing. For more information on New Balance, please visit https://shop.newbalance.jp.
▼ New Balance Japan official Facebook page URL: https://www.facebook.com/NewBalanceJapan/
▼ New Balance Japan Official Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/newbalance_jp
▼ New Balance Japan Official Instagram URL: http://instagram.com/new_balance_japan Contact information [General Customers] New Balance Japan Customer Service Office 0120-85-0997

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