【Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.】 Ryukakusan Co., Ltd., familiar with “Gonhon! Speaking of Ryukakusan”, announces a partnership with Chinese top OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer Kajun Sankyu.

Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. Announcing a partnership with Ryukakusan Co., Ltd., known for “Gonhon! Ryukakusan,” and a leading Chinese OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer, Kajun Sankyu. -Started full-scale sales of Ryukakusan products in the Chinese market and expanded further global business- …………………………………………………………………………………………… Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryuta Fujii) was recently held on August 14, 2019 in Boao, Hainan Province, China. (Seifkai) Abbreviation: CPEO ”will announce the signing of a partnership with China’s leading OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer, Huajun Sankyu (Location: Shenzhen, China, Representative: Kyu Kai). With this alliance, we will build a new sales channel in mainland China and deliver Yongkakusan products to more Chinese households. [Image 1

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締結 With this signing, products such as “Ryukakusan Nodokuri-an” and “Ryukakusan Direct” will be expanded to the Chinese market. Huajun 39 has announced that it will aim for sales of respiratory organ-related products category of 8 billion yuan (approximately 120 billion yen) by five years, and this conclusion will be a major factor in achieving that goal. Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. has been modernizing and automating production facilities in anticipation of its expansion into China. About 60 million “Ryukakusan Direct Stick” (approximately 40 billion yen in domestic sales) has already been produced annually. We have the ability to produce [Product list] [Image 3

Overview of the partnership [Image 4

As a specialized manufacturer of throats, Ryukakusan Co., Ltd., which has been protecting the throat of Japan while continuing tradition and innovation for more than 200 years, and CR SANJIU, a leading Chinese OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer, We will inform you of the conclusion. Aiming for “realization of long-term strategic cooperation”, we will establish a new sales scene and sales route by concluding a partnership between Hanjun Sankyu and Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. In addition, we will establish innovative digital marketing such as product promotion using Internet advertising, revitalize the traditional offline route, and deliver Yongkakusan products to more general households in China. Background and purpose of the partnership Ryukakusan’s main products, Ryukakusan Direct and Ryukakusan’s Throat Refreshing Bowl, boast the top share in Japan, and the promotion of anticipating inbound demand from around 2010 was successful. Introduced as a “drug” in Chinese Internet media as “a product that must be bought when you go to Japan”, it has gained explosive popularity among the rapidly increasing number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan. As the demand for products in China increases year by year and permeates into daily life, Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. is a top manufacturer of OTC pharmaceuticals in China to develop new options for customers to purchase products with peace of mind. We have been preparing for the conclusion of a partnership with Huajun Sanku. With the signing of this partnership, Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. will expand its global business through full-scale market development in the Chinese market through Huajun 39’s powerful pharmacy sales channel. Aiming to expand overseas and advance into China “Ryukakusan” has a long history of overseas expansion, and exports to Taiwan and South Korea began in the 1950s. Currently, it is deployed in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United States, and Thailand, and the export volume of fine powdered herbal medicine “Ryukakusan” exceeds the shipment volume to Japan, and it protects not only in Japan but also in the world. On the other hand, personal resale and the appearance of counterfeit products are beginning to be regarded as a problem, and Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. has set the cross-border EC ahead of the industry in 2017 so that consumers can purchase the correct product through the correct purchase route as a manufacturer We started and have established a route for Chinese customers to buy Ryukakusan products with peace of mind. Already, the leading Chinese EC site “Jingdong” boasts the top sales in the “Japanese brand category”. In China, demand for high-quality Japanese throat-related products is increasing mainly in the city center due to the effects of air pollution such as yellow sand and fine particulate matter “PM2.5” and heightened health awareness. We will continue to refine the technologies that only Ryukakusan, a specialized manufacturer of throats, can respond to changes.
■ Outline of “Seifukai” Nishifukai (English: “China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Co-operation and Development Organization”, CPEO) is also called “China Health Industry Cooperation and Development Forum” and is held every August. In collaboration with the government, domestic and overseas research institutes and top media of the health industry, we will intensively present, explain and analyze professional information in all directions such as annual industrial policy, economy and market. Thousands of experts, including industry chain managers, experts, and bureaucrats, are gathered to discuss various themes such as innovation models and markets. This is the twelfth year of the event, and Nishi-kai has become a platform that drives not only the pharmaceutical industry in China but also the entire health industry.
■ Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. Company Profile Company name: Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. Location: Ryukakusan Building 2-5-12 Higashi Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: July 9, 1928 Sales high: ¥ 20.4 billion (fiscal year ending March 2019) Number of full-time employees: 81 (as of the end of July 2019) Capital: 60 million yen Business description: Manufacturing and sales of OTC pharmaceuticals and foods URL: https://www.ryukakusan.co.jp/
■ Company Profile of China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Huajun 39 is a major pharmaceutical listed company in China, mainly engaged in research and development, production, sales and health related services for pharmaceutical products. After more than 30 years of history, it was ranked first in the Chinese non-prescription drug (OTC) company overall ranking. As the third largest pharmaceutical company in China in 2018, we are active as a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in China. In 2015, WPP was ranked 57th in the “100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands” and was also included in the BrandZ 2017/2018 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands. Due to the brand power of its products and strong sales channels, Huajun 39’s OTC pharmaceuticals occupy a high market share in the cold, gastrointestinal, dermatological, pediatric, cough and orthopedic medicine markets and have a strong influence in China Boasting. The sales of 15 brands each exceeded 100 million yuan (about 1.5 billion yen), and the company sales in 2018 reached 13.4 billion yuan (about 200 billion yen).

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