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“Fight to Fame”, founder of former world champion Tyson, dreams cross the border

Fight to Fame BMS Tech. Ltd. Former world champion Tyson is the founder of “Fight to Fame”, dreams cross the border …………………………………………………………………………………………… Mike Tyson was born in New York in 1966 and defeated his rival Trevor Barbick at the age of 20, becoming the youngest boxing heavyweight champion in history and gaining a name. Since then, he has been seen as one of the strongest boxers in the world after many brilliant battles. In 2005, Tyson announced his retirement and in 2016 appeared in the movie “Yep Man 3” with Donnie Yen and Shion Yu Lin. Countless attention and doubt gathered in the transition from the former champion sports world to the movie world. It is undeniable that Tyson made excellent results in any field.
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In 2015, Tyson announced his entry into the blockchain industry with his Twitter account and received great attention. Today, 2019, Tyson has finally answered the question that has been devoted to four years. That is “Fight to Fame”. Simply put, Fight to Fame is a global action star contest. Recruit players from around the world and broadcast the contest to the world as a reality show program. The champion selected in the contest invites you to the stage of Hollywood dream. “Fight to Fame” original B + M + S business model surprised the sports, movie and business world. B (Blockchain) is a blockchain and can guarantee fairness because it cannot be changed. At the same time, FF tokens, a cryptocurrency created by this technology, are also used in match tickets, VIP services, player voting through online platforms, and lottery events. FF tokens form a complete recycling commercial system with blockchain technology to achieve unprecedented sustainable development and explosive evaluation in digital currency. This not only promotes the distribution price on the FF token exchange, but also has great room for price growth. It has never been possible in the business world. M (Movie) is a movie. The action contest is broadcast through a reality show and has gained widespread attention from all over the world. Excellent players win fans all over the world. Then, a true action star is nurtured by a central voting system, and the player who becomes a world champion goes to Hollywood. Regardless of national borders, skin color or race, cultivate a new generation of Hollywood action stars comparable to Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Lee, with belief in fairness. S (Sport) is a sport and competing in sport begins in ancient Greece. Power was revered as sublime. The power is the combination of muscle and strength gained through sports and speed. There is a long history of boxing, or boxing, which dates back to the birth of mankind. Originally started for survival and competition, it is a sport that combines strength, speed, flexibility, ferociousness, coordination, decisiveness, and courage, all of which decline from ancient times to the present. It never happened. Of course, “Fight to Fame” is not the result of Tyson alone. Blockchain father and Bitshares founder Stern Larrymoe, chairman of the blockchain technical committee, will lead a dedicated team to fully support the technical part. The leading bank restructuring the global capital market–Huazan is chairman of the BMS Board. Jianguo World Champion Rigan Machado, who set a record of 365 wins and 0 losses, is the “Fight to Fame” Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ambassador. World heavyweight boxing champion Chris Van Halden becomes the world boxing champion ambassador for Fight to Fame. In addition, prominent lawyer Lawrence D. Hilton, top-notch reality show program production staff and film production team will participate. This gorgeous line has a sense of expertise and scale. “Fight to Fame” is the culmination of Tyson ’s career. When he was young, he always defeated his opponent with a single blow. At the center of the world stage, he was the praise and respect of the people. Tyson says: I’m no longer a legend that I can retire and defeat the enemy easily, but through Hollywood movies and TV productions, I still affect over 100 countries and territories around the world, billions Brings joy to people. “Fight to Fame” is my dream, and I really want to control the world with martial arts. A dream. Regardless of your origin or race, Fight to Fame is a great opportunity to show your will to martial arts enthusiasts around the world and prove yourself, and is an international stage. If you have a will, you will succeed. I want to tell all of me. I’m Mike Tyson already ready!
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