[Mouser Electronics] Distributes 2019 Empowering Innovation Together new series video “Engineering Big Ideas” starring Grant Imahara

Mouser electronics Mauser announces 2019 Empowering Innovation Together new series video “Engineering Big Ideas” starring Grant Imahara …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image

Mouser Electronics Inc. (Mouser Electronics Inc., headquartered in Mansfield, Texas, USA), focusing on bringing a broad selection of the latest semiconductors and electronic components and bringing new products to market quickly, Announcing the latest series “Engineering Big Ideas” of Empowering Innovation Together, an award-winning Mauser video program, celebrated with a renowned engineer, Grant Imahara, for the fifth year. To watch the first video of the new series, please visit https://youtu.be/VRrqHSJFqlM. This four-part new series covers the process of turning an idea into a product, and delves into the stages of product development-discovery, design, and development. Mr. Imahara and Mauser approach the various obstacles, surprises, pitfalls and joys encountered in the process of shaping an idea. Focus on how ideas can become final products by individuals and small groups without the resources and technical infrastructure of a large company. The new “Engineering Big Ideas” series is sponsored by Mouser’s key partner manufacturers: Analog Devices, Intel (R), Microchip Technology, and Molex. To start the series, Mr. Imahara will visit the Arizona test track of Nicola Motor, USA. Mr. Imahara meets with CEO Trevor Milton to hear about how the company invented and commercialized hybrid truck design, and also revolutionized the economic and environmental aspects of the business process. Glenn Smith, President and CEO of Mouser, said: “Innovation drives technologists, from individual manufacturers to professional designers and developers. The development of products, services and solutions that will reinvent our lives for our customers.・ I’m impressed by the constant drive to improve. ” Mr. Imahara, a long-time Mauser customer, said: “People trying to transform our world start with an idea and use their intelligence, training, tools, and available products to ultimately complete the product. Would like to introduce an amazing case of technology innovation. ” The Empowering Innovation Together series has been one of the most recognized marketing programs in the electronic parts industry since its launch in 2015, and has been used in a wide range of fields from the future IoT and smart cities to robotics. Has covered a wide range of innovative development cases. For more information on this series and the entire series of Mauser’s Empowering Innovation Together program, visit www.mouser.com/empowering-innovation or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. About Mouser Mouser Electronics is a Berkshire Hathaway group company and an award-winning, authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components. We are focused on delivering new products from partner manufacturers to electronic design engineers and buyers as soon as possible. Mouser’s website, Mouser.com, is multilingual and multi-currency and has over 5 million products from over 750 manufacturers. Mouser offers best-in-class customer service from 26 support locations around the world, and more than 600,000 customers in 220 countries from a 70,000 square meter facility in South Texas (1.5 times the Tokyo Dome) Products. For details, please visit http://www.mouser.jp. About Grant Imahara In addition to his engineering career, Grant Imahara, renowned in the engineering community, is active in television and film. In addition to appearing on TV programs “ MythBusters ” and “ BattleBots ”, R2-D2 appearing in “ Star Wars ” episodes 1 and 2, Geoff Peterson, a chatting robot appearing in “ The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson ”, He is known as the creator of a number of famous robot characters, such as the rhythmically moving arm of the rabbit doll (Energizer Bunny), famous for dry cell commercials. Trademark Mouser and Mouser Electronics are registered trademarks of Mouser Electronics, Inc. All other product names, logos and company names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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