[BitStar Co., Ltd.] Bitstar Akihabara Lab’s collaborative production directed by GAZEBO “Vtuber 渚” will be screened at the 3rd Shibuya TANPEN Film Festival!

BitStar Inc. GAZEBO’s “Vtuber 渚” directed by BitStar Akihabara Lab will be screened at the 3rd Shibuya TANPEN Film Festival! …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image

BitStar Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Taku Watanabe), which provides a total solution for influencer marketing, is a work directed by GAZEBO, produced by BitStar Akihabara Lab, our VTuber / VR laboratory. We are pleased to announce that Vtuber 渚 has been screened at the 3rd Shibuya TANPEN Film Festival. “VTuber 渚” is a branding movie of NETGEAR Japan (same) that sells “Orbi” to eliminate the dead space of Wi-fi. BitStar Akihabara Lab is mainly engaged in the following activities. 1. Research and development related to virtual YouTuber 2. Provision of virtual YouTuber dedicated studio and system 3. Planning and operation of virtual YouTuber In this work, BitStar Akihabara Lab provided technical cooperation in providing location and recording. In our laboratory, we will continue to do our best to help you disseminate VTuber culture both domestically and internationally.
■ About the 3rd Shibuya TANPEN Film Festival CLIMAXat Sasebo This film festival is held once a year in a competition in which an excellent short film carefully selected in Shibuya decides the best golden burger award in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, as well as “monthly screening (free)” in both Shibuya and Sasebo. It is an event that supports city planning with short movies. http://eizousya.co.jp/tanpen
■ About “Vtuber 渚” It is a modest and shy personality, but the story that Akiko, a girl who wants to be loved by everyone, is active on a new stage called Virtual YouTuber.
■ Provide virtual YouTuber dedicated studio and system This studio has four studios for recording and distributing full-fledged virtual YouTuber. “Α Studio”, the main studio, has a system that allows up to 7 virtual YouTubers to appear in real time at the same time, and VTuber studios are available for rent. Please feel free to contact us. (Consultation fee separately)
■ BitStar Akihabara Lab A research institute that plans and operates Virtual YouTuber, which was newly established in 2019. Planning and operation of virtual YouTuber, including Yuri Asamiya, Ozunaz, Taku Nanase, Lionel Eleonor de Siania, and development of OSS (Open Source Software) to support the operation of virtual YouTuber I came. Our laboratory can respond to requests for program production. Highly technical requirements such as collaboration content between virtual YouTubers can be realized in one stop from model conversion to planning, recording (motion recording to audio recording), and editing (live broadcasting). In addition, we have a professional-use recording studio specializing in virtual YouTuber and a distribution studio equipped with the latest motion capture equipment in Tokyo. Rental of this studio alone is also accepted.
■ About BitStar Inc. Based on the vision of “creating an infrastructure where influencers can play an active role”, we provide a total solution for influencer marketing in 3 fields x technology of advertising, production and media production. We plan to develop various businesses in the future to create a new content industry centered on influencers. BitStar Co., Ltd. URL: https://corp.bitstar.tokyo Head Office: Shionogi Shibuya Building 6F, 2-17-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Taku Watanabe Established: July 2014 Business description: Influencer marketing business, influencer production business ・ Influencer and corporate matching platform “BitStar”: https://bitstar.tokyo/ ・ Influencer database “Influencer Power Ranking”: https://ipr.tokyo/ ・ Influencer production “E-DGE”: https://e-dge.co.jp ・ Liver production “Mezo One”: http://mezzo.one/ ・ YouTube program production “BitStar Studio”: https://bitstar.tokyo/studio ・ VR ・ VTuber Laboratory “ BitStar Akihabara Lab ” ・ Fan community service “costar”: https://co-star.me/ ・ Girls entertainment event “Sapporo Collection”: https://sapporo-collection.jp/
■ Inquiries about this release BitStar Co., Ltd. PR: Honda info@bitstar.tokyo Phone number 03-4520-5777

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