[AEON] [Frozen food specialty store Picard] September 6th “Croissant Day”-Held 3,000 “croissant” events a day-

AEON Co., Ltd. [Frozen food specialty store Picard] September 6th “Croissant Day”-“Croissant” event selling 3,000 pieces a day- …………………………………………………………………………………………… The frozen food specialty store Picard, which is focused on deliciousness and quality, developed by AEON Savour Co., Ltd., said September 6 (Friday) as “Ku (9) Lo (6) Wassana Day” and from September to September. “Croissant Week 2019” will be held until Monday (holiday). [Image 1

Croissant image During the period, events related to Picard’s most popular product “Croissant”, which sells 3,000 units a day, will be held. On September 6th (Friday), the first day of the event will be presented with a baked “mini croissant” with the secret of “9603” on the “croissant”. In addition, “Croissant Week lottery” will be held, where you can win original plates, ballpoint pens, and limited quantity gift cards. In addition, we will prepare content that you can fully enjoy Picard’s “croissant”, such as the appearance of photo spots. Picard also sells “Croissants” and “Mini Croissants” for 100 yen, with the day of 6 (6/16/16) as the activity day of “Picard Croissant Club”. If you purchase one of the products on the day of activity, you will get a “croissant seal” and if you collect 6 of them, you can exchange them for the original magnet. During the Croissant Week 2019, the croissant club will be active every day and the same conditions apply. [Outline of “Croissant Week 2019”]
■ “Croissant week lottery” Implementation period: September 6 (Friday)-September 16 (Monday / holiday), 2019 Target stores: All Picard stores and mail order sites (excluding Petit Picard) Contents: “Croissant” or “Mini Croissant” during the period For the first 4,000 customers who purchase, Execute “Croissant Week lottery”. Scenery: [1st class] Picard original plate (10 people at each store) [2nd grade] Limited quantity design Picard gift card for 500 yen (10 at each store) [3 etc.] Picard original ballpoint pens (50 at each store) * Customers using the mail order site will receive a prize at the time of delivery of the ordered product and will be replaced with a winning announcement. * Gift cards worth 500 yen can only be used at Picard stores (excluding Petit Picard). Customers using the mail order site will receive a 500 yen coupon that can be used on the mail order site.
■ Present of mini croissant [Image 2

Croissant delivery image Date: Friday, September 6, 2019 Applicable stores: All Picard stores (excluding Petit Picard) Contents: It is called “9603” hung on “croissant” to store staff For customers who have requested a secret word, store baked A mini croissant will be presented as a gift (96 customers at each store).
■ Photo spot [Image 3

Photo spot Installation period: September 6 (Friday) to September 16 (Monday / holiday) Target store: Picard Daikanyama store, Picard Shinagawa Seaside store * Installation location is subject to change Contents: Limited to Picard Daikanyama and Picard Shinagawa Seaside during the period A photo spot will appear in the store. [Outline of “Picard Croissant”]
■ Picard croissant [Image 4

Picart Croissant Logo Target stores: All Picard stores and mail order sites (excluding Petit Picard) How to enter: “Croissant” on the 6th day (6th / 16th / 26th) or Purchase of “mini croissant” and “croissant club” You will receive a “Members Card”. Croissant week During the period, you can join at any time. Special offer: Comes with purchase of croissant-related products If you collect 6 “croissant seals” (1 per transaction), Exchangeable with Picard original magnet.
■ “Croissant” “Mini Croissant” 100 yen discount Target stores: All Picard stores and mail order sites (excluding Petit Picard) Contents: On the day of 6 (6/16/16), “Croissant” and “Mini Croissant” are discounted by 100 yen. The above products will be discounted by 100 yen every day during the Croissant Week 2019. [Picard Croissant Related Items]
■ Pical’s very popular products [Image 5

Croissant Croissant [55g x 10 pieces] Body price: 780 yen (843 yen including tax)
■ Mini size perfect for children! [Image 6

Mini croissant Mini croissant [25g x 10 pieces] Body price: 580 yen (627 yen including tax) [Picard croissant points]
■ Genuine France Made in France using fermented butter and wheat with a unique richness and aroma. You can easily enjoy authentic French croissants while in Japan.
■ You can eat freshly baked anytime Because it is baked at home, you can enjoy freshly baked anytime without missing the most delicious time.
■ Easy to cook Simply take it out of the freezer and put it in a warm oven to make a golden croissant.
■ Arrangement is fun The unique charm of Picard’s croissants is that you can enjoy “a little extra arrangement”. You can enjoy a different taste every day with your favorite arrangement.
■ Reasonable With 10 pieces, 843 yen and 84.3 yen per piece, you can enjoy the authentic taste at a reasonable price.
◆ Picard Channel www.picard-frozen.jp/Page/channel.aspx “Croissant au Jeanbon Fromage” and other recipes are now available
◆ Picard store
■ Picard Aoyama Antique Street Store
■ Picard Azabu Juban
■ Picard Kagurazaka
■ Picard Kirarina Keio Kichijoji
■ Picard Daikanyama store
■ Picard Shinagawa Seaside
■ Picard Jiyugaoka store
■ Picard Nakameguro
■ Picard Hiroo
■ Picard Musashi Kosugi
■ Picard Yokohama Bay Quarter
◆ Mail order site www.picard-frozen.jp/ that’s all

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