[Orbit Vyuyu Japan Co., Ltd.] World No.1 technology “EC × TECHNOLGY” sold well in the domestic market

Orbit Vyu Japan Co., Ltd. World No.1 technology “EC × TECHNOLGY” sold well in the domestic market The world’s top brand “ALPHA series” of automatic product photography system for EC sites has exceeded 400 million yen in sales in the first year! Achieved 100 companies! Orbit Vyuyu Japan Co., Ltd. signed a sales agency contract in Japan with ORBITVU, the top brand of automatic imaging systems (location: CEO, Tomasz Bochenek, Poland) in October 2017. At the same time, as a domestic sales company, Orbitvu Japan Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takashi Nakasaka / at that time) was acquired in March 2018, and the product automatic shooting system for the brand and EC site “ALPHA” “Series” has been on sale since May last year. We report that 100 companies were newly introduced against the target of 60 companies in the first year until April 2019, and that sales for the first year exceeded 400 million yen. As the EC market continues to grow year by year, performance evaluations have been highly appreciated by major companies, especially middle-sized apparel companies, and many introductions have been achieved in the jewelry, watch, and parts industries. Monthly orders were all at record highs. 《Reason for good sales》
■ With the expansion of the EC market, speed is becoming important in every situation. Under such circumstances, as a means of speeding up the production of content centered on product images, the work flow of product photography / editing is being reviewed. I think that the most important factor is that it has been evaluated that it will be the greatest merit to establish a system that can create “Photo Automation”.
■ In the fashion field, where purchases from smartphones are nearly 80%, “One to One Communication” in EC has been in the spotlight. With the expansion of the EC field as a marketing tool, it is necessary to post appropriate product image content on various media such as official websites, EC sites, malls, SNS, and banner advertisements, rather than just creating product images for EC. The nature has increased. Among them, being able to create the minimum necessary images in-house allows you to spend time, money, and people on the direction and production of other content. As a result, despite the same cost, the number of contents can be doubled and tripled, and the sales opportunities for the company can be created and directly linked to exposure. Naturally, it will be a system to advance to the vector of sales improvement. -Introduction examples-
■ The ability to post purchased products on the same day and pre-ordered products has increased the speed of marketing measures.
■ Increased sales effect due to an increase in content types such as “model cut”, “studio house shoot”, “staff coordination” that could not be done without time and manpower.
■ Cost has been reduced by 40%.
■ The full-time staff could shift to other departments, and the labor shortage was resolved. [Image 1

* Honorifics omitted, no particular order [Image 2

Introduced companies: 100 companies, including listed companies: 15 companies
《About photo oration ALPHA series》 The ability to perform the divided work of shooting, editing, and processing with one system allows not only amateurs with no camera knowledge to shoot products like a professional, but also shortens the lead time to upload by up to 1/30. feasible.
■ The template function allows professional photographers to reproduce the settings of amateur photographers with a single click.
■ By adopting LED lighting with high color rendering properties, color editing work is reduced or time is shortened, and personal work is abolished.
■ Automate the work of transparent background, regardless of the product characteristics. Work is completed in 3 seconds per sheet.
■ Simultaneously output processed images tailored to each department or mall. [Image 3

The most popular “ALPHASHOT XL PRO” Versatile model from accessories to bags. [Image 4

Small commercial product model “ALPHASHOT MICRO” Optimized for shooting jewelry, necklaces and watches. 《Main initiatives in the future》
■ For the second year of sales, (1) Strengthen support for accompaniment beyond support by full-scale operation of Customer Success Mind There are many different needs of the companies that introduce them, such as the type of industry, business category, and company size. In January this year, the organization was reorganized and a “Coordinate Team” was established. Three full-time staff support the initial companion with a focus on “How to make an effect on the start line”. In addition, the dedicated success team will conduct consultations that address detailed needs such as “I want to increase the range of content and increase sales” and “I want to replace education”. (2) Sales target is planned to be 300 companies. Orbit Vyuyu Japan is committed to the big goal of improving customer sales. 《Orbit Vyuyu Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile》 Established: November 2017 / Acquisition: March 2018 * Capital: 10 million yen Representative Director: Yuki Narumi Location: 8th floor, TOC Building 7-22-17 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Business description: ORBITVU / Automatic shooting system sales and maintenance business Number of employees 22 Official site: https://photoautomation.jp * 100% subsidiary of Apollo Create Holdings Co., Ltd. * In October 2017, we signed a domestic sales agency contract with ORBITVU (location: Tomasz Bochenek, CEO, Poland), the top brand of automatic imaging systems. Official site: https://orbitvu.com/ At the same time, as a domestic sales company, Orbitvu Japan Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takashi Nakasaka / at that time) was acquired in March 2018, and the brand “ALPHA series” was launched in May of the same year in Japan. Sales are starting at. 《ORBITVU Company Profile》 [Image 5

Established: 1993 Location: Tarnowskie Goryul. Sienkiewicza 48, Poland 42-600 Business description: Manufacture and sales of automatic imaging systems Maintenance business employees: 100 Homepage: https://orbitvu.com/ 《Comment from ORBITVU CEO / Thomas Bohenic》 The ORBITVU brand is now in its ninth year. At the time of its founding, there were only 9 members, but now it is about 130 people, and over the past five years, many new products have been developed to achieve simple goals. We have developed new products that can make content production easier, faster, and more stable, and many users are mid-sized companies to large companies that shoot thousands to tens of millions a year. . Our belief is in “automation” and “innovation”. I am a passionate engineer, and my dream is to have customers who are happy with the product. Creating an excellent product is not the only goal of ORBITVU. We believe that it is important that you make full use of our products. I am honored to be able to work with you at Orbitvu Japan. We have a common vision. It ’s not just the end of selling products to you. We are committed to getting the most out of our products. Let’s work together to create a new culture and improve corporate value.

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