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  • [Kose Co., Ltd.] Wrinkle improvement with daily skin care! -Launched Japan’s first * 1 wrinkle-relieving lotion and emulsion from “Rucheli”

[Kose Co., Ltd.] Wrinkle improvement with daily skin care! -Launched Japan’s first * 1 wrinkle-relieving lotion and emulsion from “Rucheli”

Kose Corporation -Wrinkle improvement with daily skin care! -Launched Japan’s first * 1 wrinkle-relieving lotion and emulsion from “Rucheli” …………………………………………………………………………………………… Kose Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazutoshi Kobayashi) is an advanced high moisturizing aging care * 2 brand that changes the impression with a glossy shine. Medicinal emulsions (2 items, 4 varieties, no print price) [Non-medicinal products] and limited products (2 items, 2 varieties, no print prices) [Non-medicinal products] from October 16, 2019 Released mainly in drugstores. Prior to that, on August 17, 2019, a limited number of ECs * 3 have been released. * 1 For quasi-drugs with a wrinkle-improving effect on the market, lotions and emulsions are lined up under the same brand (Mintel Japan database, May 2019, according to our research) * 2 Care according to age * 3 Only this product, excluding refills, replacements, and limited items [Image 1

“Wrinkle Repair Lotion” and “Wrinkle Repair Emulsion” to be released are quasi-drug daily care items that contain the active ingredient “Wrinkle Niacin * 4” effective in improving wrinkles. Taking advantage of the high blending stability that is one of the features of wrinkle niacin, it is the first in Japan to formulate wrinkle-improving active ingredients in lotions and emulsions, and to approach wrinkle improvement that could only be achieved with special care until now. Can be done continuously and easily in daily care. * 4 Niacinamide Wrinkle Niacin is an active ingredient that works on both the dermis and the epidermis and quickly cares about wrinkles such as the eyes, mouth, cheeks, and hiatus. Facial muscles move frequently in everyday life. In particular, we focused on the fact that daily facial movements and wrinkles, such as eyebrows and deep wrinkles caused by squinting or steep facial expressions, are likely to be one of the causes of wrinkles on the entire face. Both “Wrinkle Repair Lotion” and “Wrinkle Repair Emulsion” lead to firmness and glossy skin with a rich touch. “Rusheri” original “ionization capsule * 5” penetration * 6 technology is used, and the capsule with excellent affinity to the skin penetrates as if it is pulled in and delivers moisture and ingredients effectively. It also features a fresh floral scent. * 5 Skin-friendly capsule * 6 Up to the stratum corneum About our wrinkle improvement items Our “KOSE” brand is a high-efficiency specialized brand “ONE BY KOSE” that combines our unique technological capabilities. The rinkless cream “The Linkless” [quasi-drug] that improves wrinkles has been on sale since October 2018. Wrinkle niacin is a kind of vitamin B group and is an active ingredient that improves wrinkles. In addition to taking advantage of the properties of the same ingredient, which is water-soluble and can be developed into various dosage forms, in addition to the effects of active ingredients, we value the original value of cosmetics, such as comfort, and satisfy customers We aim to develop formulations that can be used continuously. ◇ Wrinkle improvement special site www.kose.co.jp/siwa-kaizen About “Rucheli” “Rucheli” is a skin care brand that focuses on changing the appearance of a woman with the concept of “Heart Lift * 7”. We gave the same name as our long-established brand “Rucheli”, which debuted in 1992, and debuted on August 21, 2018. Providing new value through skin care that brings together all of our manufacturing, and has been used regularly for a wide range of people as our representative aging care brand in the mass market. * 7 Give your cheeks a blush and make them feel like a heart. ◇ Rucheli brand site www.kose.co.jp/lecheri [Image 2

Released on October 16, 2019 “Ruscheri” New product (2 items, 4 types), limited edition (2 items, 2 types) * No print price [Image 3

Product name, capacity, and features (in order from the left) ・ Rucheli Wrinkle Repair Lotion [Quasi-drug] <Medical wrinkle improving lotionA medicated lotion that is effective in improving wrinkles. It fills the horny layer with moisture with a rich feel and leads to skin full of elasticity and gloss. ・ Rucheli Wrinkle Repair Lotion (For refilling) [Quasi-drug] <Medical wrinkle improving lotionRefilling “Wrinkle Repair Lotion” ・ Rucheli Wrinkle Repair Emulsion [Quasi-drug] <Medical wrinkle-improving emulsionA medicated emulsion that helps to improve wrinkles. Softens the skin with a rich feel and leads to firmness and glossy skin. ・ Rucheli Wrinkle Repair Emulsion (For Replacement) [Quasi-drug] <Medical wrinkle-improving emulsionReplacement of “Wrinkle Repair Emulsion”. ・ 《Limited Product》 Rucheli Wrinkle Repair Lotion Kit [Quasi-drug] 160mL + 35mL + 5g This “Wrinkle Repair Lotion” is a limited edition product that includes the “Wrinkle Repair Emulsion” trial size and the wrinkle improvement cream “ONE BY KOSE The Linkless” trial size. ・ 《Limited Product》 Rucheli Wrinkle Repair Mini Kit [Quasi-drug] 35mL + 35mL A limited edition set of about 7 days trial size of “Wrinkle Repair Lotion” and “Wrinkle Repair Emulsion”.
* For inquiries regarding this news, please contact: Kose Corporation Corporate Communication Office TEL 03-3273-1514 (direct) * For customer inquiries, visit the Customer Service Office. We accept at 0120-526-311.

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