[Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.] PAIRING LAB. # 6 “Gyoza x Craft Beer Festival” held for the first time in Ginza

Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. PAIRING LAB. # 6 “Gyoza x Craft Beer Festival” held for the first time in Ginza ~ More than 140 types of pairing experience with over 7 types of dumplings and 20 types of craft beer! ~ Spring Valley Brewery Co., Ltd. (President Hiroko Shimamura, SVB) has collaborated with GYOZA IT. And the Soizo Annex, and enjoyed “Gyoza x Craft Beer Festival” where you can experience a variety of gyoza and craft beer pairings. It will be held at “BEER TO GO” by SPRING VALLEY BREWERY (BTG) on August 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun). BTG, located on the 4th basement of Ginza Sony Park, which opened on August 9th (Thursday), which is based on the concept of an experimental park that continues to change. We have developed a project called “PAIRING LAB.” As a place to study pairing with other gourmets. This time, as the sixth installment of the project, we will hold the “Dyoza x Craft Beer Festival” where you can experience the pairing of beef dumplings and beer that seems to be natural. [Image

Gyoza has a wide variety of tastes depending on the type of sauce it is baked, boiled and fried, and the type of sauce. Furthermore, by combining craft beers with a wide variety of personalities, the range of ways to enjoy them will greatly expand. For example, white soft and soft-boiled white beer has a refreshing and soft taste, white chili sauce and pakchi combined with sour fruit beer type products, etc. You can experience the combination. On the day, we will offer 7 types of dumplings and 20 types of craft beer * provided by GYOZA IT. We also prepare several types of secret dumplings including BTG originals, and propose a new way to enjoy dumplings and craft beer through a wide variety of pairings over 140 ways in total. * Gyoza and beer types are subject to change. Kirin Brewery will develop various activities to make beer more attractive, including “SPRING VALLEY BREWERY”, which creates the future of beer together with customers. The Kirin Group fulfills its responsibilities as a liquor manufacturer and tackles social issues such as “health”, “local communities / communities” and “environment” to realize a rich society and contribute to a happy future for customers. The -Record- Event summary 1. Date and time: August 24 (Sat), 2019 11: 00-19: 00 L.O. August 25th (Sunday) 11: 00-18: 30 L.O. 2. Place “BEER TO GO” by SPRING VALLEY BREWERY [Guza Sony Park B4 (basement 4th floor) 5-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo] 3. Participation fee Admission free, ticket system (1) ¥ 800 (tax incl. 300 yen voucher x 6) / ¥ 300 x 2 x 600 (tax incl.) * Advance ticket: 1,700 yen (300 yen coupon x 6 tickets), sold at BTG until Friday, August 23 4. Participating stores GYOZA IT. 5. Provided beer: Tap Marche participating breweries (Spring Valley Brewery, Grand Kirin, Yahoo Brewing, , Brooklyn Brewery, Hitachino Nest Beer, Far Yeast Brewing, (Ise Kakuya Beer, DHC Beer, Morita Kinshachi Beer, Ishikawa Sake Brewery) 6. Hashtag #Gyoza #craft beer #pairinglab #beertogo #Spring Valley Brewery #springvalleybrewery #springvalleybrewery

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