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Special feature on “Miyagi Prefecture” in “Regional Promotion Activities” in September

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Special feature on “Miyagi Prefecture” in “Regional Promotion Activities” in September ~ Distributing local attractions through various media such as in-flight magazines and meals ~ …………………………………………………………………………………………… August 21, 2019 No. 19058
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Through the air transport business, JAL will continue to help the local community by supporting local industries, such as finding local specialties that make use of the network, and promoting tourism by creating an exchange population. “New JAPAN PROJECT” Is working on. As part of the efforts to revitalize the region, “New JAPAN PROJECT” conducts “Regional Promotion Activities” that convey the charms of history, culture, nature, and gourmet on a monthly basis so that you can introduce the region more deeply. . In September, we will feature Miyagi Prefecture. Special page for regional promotion activities URL: http://japan.jal.co.jp/introduction/ 1. In-flight magazine “SKYWARD” September issue (Japanese article) In the Japanese article, we will introduce migratory birds that come to Izunuma and Uchinuma, which are also registered in the Ramsar Convention in the northern part of the prefecture, in conjunction with the people living in the surrounding areas.
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2. In-flight magazine “SKYWARD” September issue (English article) In the English article, Izunuma, where you can observe the precious wild ecology that can only be seen in this area, such as the migratory bird magan flying from the Arctic wetlands for wintering, and about 3,000 whooper swan in the heyday Introducing Uchinuma with powerful pictures.
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3. In-flight video “New discoveries by walking!” The in-flight video (* 1) will air the JAL original program “Nippon Walk and Discover New!”. You can watch this program as if you were traveling around the place. This time, in the northern part of the prefecture, we introduce hot springs that use waterfalls as they are, water sports that you can enjoy on the caldera lake born after a volcanic eruption more than 1,000 years ago, and dishes and desserts that use ingredients nurtured by the blessings of nature. The (* 1) On the domestic front screen, aired in September 2019 on outgoing flights (odd flights) with a flight time on the timetable of 65 minutes or more. International in-flight video channels will be available from October to November 2019, and the free in-flight Wi-Fi program for domestic flights from November 2019 to January 2020.
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Four. Delivered dinner produced by Sendai City “Easy / Food / Healthy / Beauty-KUROMORI-” in the domestic first class The domestic first class dinner (* 2) will be supervised by Yoji Kuromori owner chef of “Easy / Food / Ken / Bi-KUROMORI-”. “We want to communicate the potential and appeal of the prefecture’s ingredients in collaboration with producers based on the concept of“ Eat happily and beautifully, ”says Kuromori. With the idea of ​​supporting reconstruction through food and contributing to regional revitalization, we have completed a simple menu that allows you to fully enjoy the appeal of food ingredients using plenty of local ingredients. For the cold dishes, the succulent sour and savory taste of “Mori Dori Soy Sauce”, “Steamed Forest Dried Sprouts”, and “Marumori Town Navel Radish” has been loved as a traditional food in Miyagi Prefecture. Pickles “and” Zao JAPANX (* 3) meat miso vermicelli salad “are offered. The main feature is the XO soy sauce that is carefully crafted to bring out the size of the scallop grains and the deliciousness of the ingredients. In addition, “Zao French duck meat dumpling with black vinegar sauce” characterized by soft meat quality and mellow taste, “Zao JAPANX pork simmered” that can enjoy high quality fat without smell is prepared. Three types of menus that combine these dishes are offered at the beginning, mid, and late, 10 days. (* 2) For flights departing after 17:00. Okinawa flights are provided on arrival flights after 18:00. Each menu is prepared in early, mid and late. (* 3) A brand-name pig from Miyagi that grew up with the benefits of rich nature.
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● “Premium Hitomebore Miyagi Gingoi Rice” It is a special “Hitomibo” that is a higher level that meets the production and quality certification standards. It is produced based on the concept of reducing the amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to less than half of the usual, based on the concept of making delicious rice by taking time and effort with environmentally friendly production methods. Six standards such as first-class rice and protein content Is a high-quality rice. Please enjoy the “Hitomebore” with the best sweetness and luster that was born from the blessings of nature that cleared strict standards.
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● “Tsuru no Tsuru Junmai Daiginjo” (Miyagi Prefecture Sagano Brewery Co., Ltd.) It was founded in 1840 in Tenpo with a wall called “Mori no Mura” in the old days because a lot of buds bloom beautifully in the post town along the former Oshu Highway in the northern part of the prefecture. We combined this “萩” with the auspicious “crane” and named it “萩 萩 crane”. In an environment blessed with abundant nature and high quality water, we actively incorporate new technologies while protecting history and tradition, and brew sake that can be enjoyed casually. This product was ranked 3rd out of 480 items in the section of Junmai Daiginjo, the world’s largest commercial sake appraisal “SAKE COMPETITION 2019”. Enjoy the gorgeous and elegant fragrance and the rich yet refreshing and refined taste.
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《Tea Confectionery》
● Airbus A350 launch commemoration “RED Jewel” (Saidai Patisserie & Cafe MythiQue) for JAL At dinner, we will offer a special dessert “RED Jewel” prepared to commemorate the launch of the new Airbus A350 from September. A sweet inspired by the jewel of JAL color “RED”. The original rare cheese dough with pure white Zao cream cheese and yogurt contains sweet and sour flamboyant sauce. A delicate and well-balanced cake that is rich and refreshing.
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5. Introducing a trip to Miyagi Prefecture in the online magazine “OnTrip JAL” “OnTrip JAL” is a web magazine that delivers high-quality, seasonal travel tips and useful ideas even when traveling. One of the contents of “OnTrip JAL”, “Ai Nishimura’s Go-Go Trip”, which provides information on the history, culture, and gourmet information of cities around the country, makes Miyagi an attractive spot for public transportation. to introduce. “ Ai Nishimura’s Go-Go Trip ” URL: https://ontrip.jal.co.jp/article/spot/dom_gogotrip_201908/ “ OnTrip JAL ” URL: https://ontrip.jal.co.jp/ 6. Enliven Miyagi Prefecture with e JAL points and tours
[Boarding campaign for Sendai flights]
For JAL Group flights departing and arriving at Sendai Airport, we will carry out a campaign where e JAL points will be awarded by lottery. Period: September 1-November 30, 2019 (boarding date) Applicable routes: All JAL Group domestic flights to / from Sendai Eligible fares: All fares eligible for flight mileage accrual Contents: During the target period, apply from the dedicated site, and at the target route / fare 1,000 e JAL points will be given to 100 people by lottery. Please refer to the following website for details on boarding campaigns. URL: www.jal.co.jp/jmb/japan/2019/miyagi/
[You can exchange for a gift from Miyagi Prefecture with a gift from JAL Hometown]
JAL is developing “gifts from the JAL hometown” with the aim of contributing to regional revitalization throughout Japan. You can use your miles to exchange special products, crafts, and trial coupons from all over Japan.
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Product Name:
[Izunuma Agricultural Products]
Climate Foot Pass 1-2 people Required mileage: 10,000 miles Footpath is an experiential program that lets you feel the way you live in the area by walking through the natural scenery of the area, such as forests, countryside, historic landscapes, and cityscapes. The guide will guide you through the various attractions of the area that cannot be seen by car. We will send you a coupon that can be used by up to 2 people for 10,000 miles. List of products in the Tohoku region: URL: www.jal.co.jp/jalmile/use/furusato/area/tohoku/ List of products in other regions: URL: www.jal.co.jp/jalmile/use/furusato/
[JAL Pack introduces accommodation at Naruko Onsen]
The JAL Pack introduces Naruko Onsen in the “Onsen Special Feature” which is packed with special benefits in the JAL Dynamic Package. In addition, “Aki Hot Springs” and Minamisanriku Hot Springs in Miyagi Prefecture are also included in the “Hot Spring Special Feature”. In addition, we offer inns throughout Miyagi Prefecture, mainly in Sendai City. ≪Naruko Hot Spring Special Feature≫ Naruko Onsen is the center of Naruko Onsen, one of the three famous hot springs in Oshu. Naruko Onsen, one of the largest in Japan, has many hot spring inns, two communal baths, five footbaths, one handbath, and you can enjoy a stroll through the bustling hot spring town lined with restaurants and souvenir shops. Naruko Onsen introduces “Yumoto Kichijou” and “Genzo no Yu Naruko Kanko Hotel”.
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“Yumoto Kichijo” open-air bath
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“Genzo no Yu Naruko Kanko Hotel” large communal bath Please refer to the following website for details on the “Onsen Special”. URL: https://www.jal.co.jp/domtour/jaldp/onsen/minami_tohoku/index.html?id=mainCont01 To apply for “JAL Dynamic Package”, refer to the following website. PC version URL: https://www.jal.co.jp/domtour/jaldp/ Smartphone URL: https://sp.jal.co.jp/tour/ JAL will continue to work towards achieving the SDGs through regional revitalization.
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