The popular “Sumiko Gurashi” with a relaxed feeling will be released on Monday, September 30, 2019.

Mindwave Inc. The popular “Sumiko Gurashi” with a relaxed feeling will be released on Monday, September 30, 2019. “Sumiko Gurashi” whole body moisturizing cream that can be used by parents and children! Mindwave Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka, Representative Director: Toshiharu Miyauchi), which deals with stationery, miscellaneous goods, character planning, licensing business, etc., is a cosmetic series for women who enjoy “cute” “FURUPURU (R) COSME” Will release a new design [Full Pull (R) Cream x Sumiko Gurashi], a multi-moisturizing care with organic oil, that can be used throughout the body [12 patterns, 20g each, 1,000 yen without tax]. [Image 1

● Full pull (R) cream × Sumikkogurashi ”has been realized! As a cosmetic for helping women who are longing for “cute” and “fluffy skin”, moisturizing care that can be used throughout the body is made with organic materials and natural ingredients, as well as coloring, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, and paraben free. The design of the popular character “Sumikkogurashi” will appear in “Full Pull (R) Cream”. [Image 2

《What is Sumikkogurashi》 If you get on the train, you will be buried from the seat of Sumiko. A slightly negative but unique character that is very popular with children and adults. Since its birth in 2012, it has been widely deployed in a variety of goods, books and games, and this year it won the Grand Prix at the “Japan Character Award 2019”. A movie will be released in November 2019.
● Beauty ingredient 92.9%. Oil-in cream for children “Full Pull (R) Cream” emphasizes the moisturizing power that is indispensable for fluffy purple skin, and luxuriously contains four types of moisturizing ingredients, including organic argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and marine collagen. The fragrance uses natural rose oil and you can enjoy a natural and gentle scent. Because it is an oil-in-cream made with safe materials, it can be used by children. [Image 3

● Hair, nails, face, whole body. Pocket-sized help cosmetics Smooth and transparent oil-in cream that can be used not only on skin but also on hair and nails. Familiar with your skin and moisturizes well. A versatile, pocket-sized multi-moisturizing cream that can be used as a cosmetic aid when traveling or going out.
● Total number of series sold 1.12 million “Full Pull (R) Cream” has been sold at LOFT since February 2016, and the cumulative sales volume of FURUPURU (R) COSME Series has exceeded 1.12 million. In addition to drug stores, you can also buy them at bookstores, general stores, and variety shops. * Cumulative number of sales: As of July 2019, our sales and sales results.
● The appeal of a container with a design that you want to collect In addition to the cap, the container is also designed on the bottom, so it can be used as an accessory case for accessories after use. Many people enjoy collecting various cute containers, and we propose it as one of the attractions of Full Pull (R) cream. [Image 4

【Product Summary】 Product name: Full Pull (R) Cream “Sumikkogurashi” series Type: 12 patterns Contents: 20g Body price: 1,000 yen (excluding tax) Scent: Rose (Natural ingredients: Novara oil * 1, Damask rose oil * 2) * 1 Canina rose fruit oil * 2 Damask rose flower oil [FURUPURU (R) COSME HP] [Handling stores] Nationwide general stores, variety shops, bookstores, drug stores, etc. [Image 5

~ Furupuru (R) COSME’s thought ~ Such feelings are put into cuteness like flowers (Frule in French) + healthy skin. The first FURUPURU (R) COSME series “Furupuru (R) Cream” spent 7 years in the concept. Just like the Mindwave stationery, we have commercialized a cute character, safe and secure, made in Japan, so that a wide range of women from children to adults can easily enjoy it. [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Mindwave Online Store]

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