[Hyperice Inc] HYPERICE signs a partner agreement with Naomi Osaka to educate Japanese athletes about the importance of fatigue recovery

Hyperice Inc HYPERICE signs a partner agreement with Naomi Osaka to raise awareness of the importance of fatigue recovery for Japanese athletes Osaka uses HYPERICE products on a daily basis to improve health and improve performance …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image

HYPERICE, a technology company that specializes in fitness devices with vibration function and improves fatigue and performance, signed a partner contract with Naomi Osaka, a professional tennis superstar who is currently ranked No. 1 in the women’s singles world ranking on September 21. Concluded. HYPERICE will support Osaka as a partner so that Osaka can maximize exercise ability and improve health through HYPERICE technology. Along with Osaka, who is very popular among Japanese sports fans, the usefulness of incorporating HYPERICE’s advanced technology and fatigue recovery technology into everyday life for athletes and people with high health awareness throughout Japan. I want to enlighten you. HYPERICE’s Fatigue Recovery and Mobility Improvement Device can relax and relax muscles, promote blood circulation, and increase mobility and flexibility. This is an important benefit, especially for professional athletes, in order to achieve the best performance, reduce the risk of injury and stay on the line for a long time. Many athletes incorporate stretch and hydration to warm up and relieve fatigue, but with the most advanced and effective technology provided by HYPERICE, we believe that we can maximize our potential in competition. It is possible. Known for its powerful serve and aggressive play style, Osaka has been on the path as a professional tennis player for over seven years. In order to further improve his career as a player, Osaka uses HYPERICE daily to improve his body movements and relieve pain. “When I first used HYPERICE, I immediately noticed the difference. Although I was relaxed, I felt strength,” commented Osaka. “I think it ’s my job to get Japanese fans and followers to know the importance of seriously recovering from fatigue as a professional athlete. Some have thought that it would be before or after rigorous practice and matches, and now I use HYPERICE technology on a daily basis, focusing on managing my body and health. ” HYPERICE recently introduced a number of new products to meet the needs of professional athletes and people who are serious about fitness. In early August, we started pre-ordering “HYPERVOLT PLUS”, a high performance version of the popular massage device “HYPERVOLT”. The HYPERICE product line also includes the original “HYPERVOLT”, “HYPERSPHERE”, “HYPERSPHERE Mini”, “VYPER 2.0”, “VENOM” , “Icing compression technology”. HYPERICE, loved and trusted by top athletes such as Naomi Osaka, will continue to drive innovation in the areas of fatigue recovery and mobility improvement. HYPERICE is honored to sign a contract with Naomi Osaka, a young and powerful woman who embodies the true spirit of professional athletes—strength, competitiveness, and suppleness. Through this partnership, Japanese athletes have realized the importance of recovering from fatigue in health promotion, and I am confident that Osaka will continue to perform at the highest level for the long term. About HYPERICE: HYPERICE was founded by Anthony Katz and is a technology company that aims to relieve fatigue and strengthen athletic ability with an award-winning record of Inc. 500 (the top 500 ranking of fast-growing American companies). Improve people’s performance with specialized icing compression, thermal and vibration technology. HYPERICE technology sets new standards in the industry and is now used not only by the world’s best athletes in various training rooms, both professional and amateur, but also in rehabilitation facilities around the world. The In recent years, HYPERICE has begun to provide technology and know-how to recover from fatigue in various industries such as e-sports, health care, massage, and first aid. Hyperice Inc. 15440 Laguna Canyon Road, Suite 230 Irvine, California 92618

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