TRY! Oita News Letter August 2019

Oita Prefecture TRY! Oita News Letter August 2019 Introducing Oita’s latest information on the Rugby World Cup and 3 selections of Beppu cold noodles to be eaten at this time when the remaining heat is still severe. Oita Prefecture related events in Tokyo and art festivals for autumn! Kyushu and Oita Prefecture are ranked first in Japan for both the amount of springs and the number of springs, as the name of “Osen Prefecture Oita”, the best in Japan. Many tourists visit the famous hot springs such as Beppu and Yufuin every year, but the attraction is not limited to hot springs. This year, as a venue for the Rugby World Cup, we are making further efforts to disseminate information on gourmet foods, special products and sightseeing spots. We will deliver monthly attractions such as tourism, products, art and culture of Oita Prefecture. ★ TRY in Oita’s official fan zone! / Experience in Oita A space where people without tickets can feel the heat of the tournament Rugby World Cup 2019 Fan Zone established [Image 1

Rugby World Cup 2019 (TM) Japan tournament that will begin on September 20th. In Oita, there is a fan zone where you can watch rugby with a large vision while eating at the Oita Ikoi Road Square on the south side of JR Oita Station. It will open on the 15th. In the fan zone, you can enjoy local dishes such as “Oita Fish and Chips” using yellowtail and dried shiitake mushrooms and Nakatsu Karaage and Hita Yakisoba with beer and soft drinks. In addition to traditional Japanese culture such as tea ceremony and flower arrangements, Oita’s hospitality, Oita’s local entertainment stage events such as Yufuin Genryu Taiko and Shonai Kagura, and Beppu Onsen You can also enjoy the footbath. The fan zone is adjacent to the shuttle bus stop to the game venue, and you can stop by before and after watching the game. [Image 2

[Date] September 20 (Friday)-November 2 (Saturday), 2019 15 days [Venue] Oita Station South Ikoi Road Square (Oita Station Ueno no Mori Exit) [Admission] Free [HP] 《Inquiry about Oita holding》 TEL: 0570-200-165 Mail: [Image 3

★ TRY to Oita’s “in BEPPU”! / Art of Oita Exhibiting the largest giant sculpture ever made with citizens Kotaro Sekiguchi in BEPPU held from September 21 “In BEPPU” is the fourth annual art festival that invites internationally active artists to Beppu each year to realize art projects that make the most of regional characteristics. This year, we will invite Kotaro Sekiguchi, a notable young artist who has participated in the popular “Design A” exhibition. Kotaro Sekiguchi is an artist who creates works with newspapers and tape. We will present works that continue to grow with the participation of citizens at workshops held before the exhibition. [Image 4

Kotaro Sekiguchi / KOTARO SEKIGUCHI Born in 1983. Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Sculpture. Contemporary artist. Began production using newspaper and gummed tape from an early age. The university’s graduation production “Moment Temple” was noticed by designer Issei Miyake, and in 2008, he participated in his planned exhibition “XXIc.-21th Century” at Tokyo Midtown as the youngest artist. In 2012, he won the 15th Taro Okamoto Award for “Sensitivity Screw”. While working as a teacher at the special support school “Asahi Gakuen”, he creates works. Activities in various places such as participation in exhibitions and workshops of museums and public facilities. [Image 5

“Adult Fish Princess” 2013 * Photo is displayed at Arts Maebashi 2014 This work was announced at the “Children’s Museum” exhibition at Funabashi Andersen Park, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture (2013). A huge mermaid 630cm long and 300cm high surprised many families who visited the park. “Kotaro Sekiguchi in BEPPU” Exhibition (planned) Title: “Free Yakushi Nyorai that leads the world to participate in mixed bathing” (tentative) The works produced by the citizens will be taken in the workshop held before the exhibition, and the largest work ever planned to be 25m wide and 15m deep (planned). This work, which incorporates the image of Yakushi Nyorai and cultures and animals from around the world, was conceived from the image of a world where many cultures coexist. It has a tunnel-like structure, and viewers can experience a deeper appreciation by going inside the work. During the exhibition, there will be several events such as artist talks with art critics and workshops where the authors will be instructors. Held various events at the same time as “in BEPPU” 1. Citizen Cultural Festival “Beppu Art Month 2019” A citizen cultural festival held in Beppu city where everyone can participate. This is the 10th time this year, 82 groups will participate and 113 programs will be held. Various expressions are gathered not only in Beppu City but also from outside the prefecture to color the town of Beppu. 2. Re-release of “Sky Mirror” by Anish Kapoor It was first released in Japan at “Anish Kapoor IN Beppu” held in the fall of 2018, and will be re-released by more than 30,000 visitors during the 51-day session. * Venue: Beppu Park (3018-1 Noguchihara, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture)

[Date] From Saturday, September 21, 2019 to Sunday, November 10 [Venue] 2-9-1 Kitahama, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture [Rate] Free [Organizer] Mixed bathing hot spring world executive committee [HP] [Inquiry] 2-35 Noguchi Motomachi, Beppu City, Oita Pref. Building Materials Building 2F TEL: 0977-22-3560 ★ TRY for Oita wine! / Oita food A wine nurtured by Anshin-in, where Ryotaro Shiba praised Japan’s most famous basin landscape Ajimu Wine “New Sake Festival” will be held on October 19th and 20th! ! “Shinshu Festival” will be held on October 19th and 20th to enjoy wines made with 100% Ajiin grapes harvested this summer. There are plenty of fun events such as wine and autumn taste fairs, winery tours that lead you inside the brewery that you can’t usually visit, and tasting treasured wine. At Ajimu, where the temperature difference between the fog and the morning and evening is intense, high-quality grapes are cultivated in a variety of varieties such as Muscat berry, which is the raw material for red wine. Ashin-in Wine is characterized by its refreshing mouth and won the highest award in the sparkling wine category of the “Japan Wine Competition 2019”. [Image 6

[Address] 798 Shimoge, Anshin-in Town, Usa City, Oita Prefecture [Date] Held for two days from October 19th (Saturday) to 20th (Sunday) in 1980 [Inquiries] Ajimu Sake Factory TEL: 0978-34-2210 ★ TRY on Oita cold noodles! / Oita food Soul food that has been familiar to Beppu since long ago! Top 3 restaurants in Beppu cold noodles The origin of Beppu cold noodles is that people who moved from Manchuria after the war spread the cold noodles of Manchurian Korean people. The distribution of noodle flour was increased, soup was changed to Japanese-style dashi, char siu became cow, and kimchi developed cabbage. The result is today’s Beppu cold noodles.
■ Huzuki Huzuki is a popular store with a history of over 40 years. Beef and cabbage kimchi is the royal road of thick noodles and Beppu cold noodles, but the soup uses natural water and is based on a Japanese-style broth with soup stock. It is a shop that is sure to get crowded at noon. [Address] 8-1-26 Ishigaki Higashi, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture [TEL] 0977-25-2735 [Image 7

■ Hikari Restaurant The Hikari Shokudo in the corner of Kannawa Onsen offers Beppu cold noodles as a summer-only menu. Characteristic is sherbet-like soup that can be eaten cold until the end. Homemade noodles with a lot of buckwheat flour are finely adjusted according to the weather and kneading time. [Address] 2 Kitanaka, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture [TEL] 0977-66-2389 [Image 8

■ Ichigo Ikkyu no Ichi was just opened in June 2016 as a specialty store for Beppu cold noodles. It became a hot topic as an unprecedented cool noodle shop in the local area, and was selected as a “Michelin Plate” by the Michelin Guide Kumamoto / Oita 2018 Special Edition Oita Prefecture (Beppu area). [Address] Westin Yamanami Building 10th Floor 5-10 West Ishigaki Beppu Oita Prefecture 1F [TEL] 0977-25-3118 [HP] [Image 9

★ TRY for Oita Okabos! / Oita food Now is the season! Enjoy Oita prefecture-made product “Kabosu” in Tokyo! 2-week limited fair Oita Kabosu Fair in GINZA, held from September 15th to 30th At the Tokyo Ginza Kabosu Fair, which will be held in conjunction with the season of Oita Kabosu, this year is the 8th Tokyo Ginza Kabosu Fair. You can enjoy a mild acidity. Why don’t you come and enjoy a cocktail using kabosu? [Image 10

[Inquiry] Oita kabosu promotion meeting [MAIL] [HP]
■ My Cabo Championship From August 9th (Friday) to September 30th (Monday), the “My Cabo Championship” campaign is held with chef Shinpei Kurihara as a special judge. Post a dish that you think is most compatible with Kabosu, “This is!” To the #My Cabo Championship, #Kabosu and Instagram. Those who are judged and supervised by Shinhei Kurihara will receive a grand prize. [Image 11

■ Oita Prefecture Over 90% of domestic production is from Oita Prefecture. It is said that September is the season when the circulation is the highest. Since the acidity is not too strong among the perfumed citrus fruits, the taste of the ingredients does not disappear with acidity, and the saltiness, bitterness and sweetness derived from minerals enhance the taste of the material. It is said that the use of grilled fish, chicken and beef dishes will bring about harmony with the taste of the ingredients. ★ TRY to Oita Dam! / Nature of Oita Prefecture Enjoy a powerful dam in magnificent nature! Special feature of the popular scenic dam sightseeing spot now! 1. Shiramizu Dam The beauty of the flow of water interweaving the left and right banks and the flow of waves across the dam’s rolling train is highly valued, and it is also regarded as “the most beautiful dam in Japan”. Nearby, there is a restaurant “Marufuku no Karageage” that won the Grand Prix of Class B Gourmet No.1 in the past, where you can enjoy local gourmet food. [Image 12

2. Oyama Dam Oyama Dam is known as a place where you can cruise on a dam lake, and is famous for its “light spot of light” that can be seen for only a few minutes once a year. In addition, there are many events related to “Attack on Titan” because it is the hometown of the creator of “Attack on Titan”, Hajime Isayama. Currently, we are raising funds for the installation of bronze statues by crowdfunding for further “sacred land”. [Image 13

3. The incoming dam The Gyoru district is in the prefectural nature park, and there are many Buddhist cultures unique to the Kunisaki Peninsula, called Rokugo Manzan culture. It is the only “Civic Design Dam” in Oita Prefecture that harmonizes with its climate, culture and landscape, and you can stroll around the dam lake while enjoying the seasonal nature. [Image 14

★ TRY for a meal! / Oita food Originated in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture All-round seasoning inherited by fishermen’s families Oita’s “Godashi” cuisine, one of the top 100 local dishes A versatile seasoning “Godashi” born in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture, a fisherman’s town. Grilled white fish called “Eso”, which is caught throughout the year in a bottom net, and garnished with sesame seeds, mirin and sugar, added with soy sauce, and mixed with udon. It is common. In 2012, it was a full-fledged seasoning that won the “Seasoning Championships and All-Purpose Seasoning Best Award” sponsored by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association. [Image 15

■ Sweet udon “Gomoshi Udon” has been selected as one of the top 100 local cuisines in the agricultural and fishing villages. It is the ultimate preserved food that allows you to enjoy the blessing of rich fish by simply cooking hot water by putting the bottled “Goshishi” on boiled udon. In addition, you can enjoy it in a wide variety of ways, such as eating it on a bowl of rice or pickled egg, or cucumber or tofu. [Image 16

————————————————– ————————————- Okufuka ~ Oita Prefecture’s “Hidden Miroku” discovery corner where the residents of the prefecture recommend their best Three recommended products from the manager of “arobo”, where you can purchase Oita Prefecture’s special ingredients! Hello, this is Y. This time I would like to introduce the products of “arobo” where you can purchase Oita Prefecture’s special ingredients. The general store “arobo” in Hiroo is a general store that sells vegetables. The president himself visits the local area to check production and processing processes, and has selected products from all over the country. Among them, vegetables and seasonings handle a lot of Oita products, especially vegetables only from Oita Prefecture. When asked why it is produced in Oita Prefecture, it says, “It tastes quite different compared to other prefectures. It seems that it is so popular that repeaters visit for purchase according to the arrival date. This time, the store manager selected three recommended products. 1. Oita prefecture-produced “Shiju Tomato Shushu” (Sunny Place Farm, Saiki City) This salt-ripened tomato is grown by the method of hydroponics “single-dense planting” without using soil at all, and normal tomatoes have a sugar content of 4 in order to put salt in the nutrient solution. It is characterized by an extremely high sugar content of 8-14 degrees compared to ~ 5 degrees. In addition to sugar content, it is an amino acid that is said to be several times the normal acidity and has a very concentrated taste. [Image 17

2. Kuramoto Gogen Soy Sauce (Additive Raw Nama Soy Sauce) (Aso Soy Sauce Brewery / Kujucho) It is a special soy sauce that has been aged for more than a year using the traditional brewing method that is made with Yoshino cedar barrels. Because it is raw soy sauce that is not fired for sterilization purposes, the original flavor of the soy sauce is alive. In addition to the ingredients, Kuju groundwater and Kujuyama underground water are used, making it a smooth and rich soy sauce. It is a genuine soy sauce with a natural flavor that uses natural power and cannot be imitated in mass production. [Image 18

3. Suzuki’s Egg (Suzuki Poultry Farm / Hijimachi) Sperm eggs born from chickens that have been carefully bred in natural mixed male and female breeds have vibrant plums and elastic yolks that are brilliant in the eyes. Eggs from healthy chickens that have been nurtured from fresh chicks at the Suzuki Chicken Farm, which received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, are safe to eat. [Image 19

arobo [Address] 5-17-3 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 [TEL] 03-5422-8923 “Discovery! Experience! Oita Tourism Products Exhibition in Shinjuku” will be held at the Shinjuku Station West Exit Square Event Corner on August 26 (Mon) and 27 (Tue). We sell products from Oita City, Beppu City, Usuki City and Yufu City. We offer special products of each city such as Oita brand certified products, Yunohana from Beppu city, Kabosu from Usuki city, Western confectionery from Yufu city. Please do not miss.

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