[Higashiizu Kitagawa Onsen / Tsuruya Kichijotei]
2 items to choose from Kinme Pass, Ise Shrimp, Beef Steak! In addition, only in September, strawberry steak + goldfish crunch is free!

[Higashiizu Kitagawa Onsen / Tsuruya Kichijotei]
2 items to choose from Kinme Pass, Ise Shrimp, Beef Steak! In addition, only in September, strawberry steak + goldfish crunch is free! * Only available in September! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
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Tsuruya Kichijotei (Higashiizu-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture, General Manager: Fumio Matsuda https://www.tsuruya-kisshotei.com/) is a 9-day gourmet plan that presents two favorite dishes for the multi-course dinner. We will add a strawberry steak and a goldfish sushi grip for a limited time. In addition to kaiseki cuisine, where you can taste seasonal local fish three-point assortment and freshly fried tempura, the best fish catch in Japan, Ise shrimp whose fishing is banned from September, 2 items to choose from beef steak, and further, steak steak And you can enjoy a luxurious dinner with a handful of golden eyes. Please come to Izu’s luxury feast hot springs at this opportunity.
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■ Two items from Kinmego, Ise Shrimp and Beef Steak ♪
September 1 to September 30, 2019
Overnight evening with breakfast / 11,500 yen per person (1 room for 4 to 5 people) ~ 12,500 yen (1 room for 3 people) ~ 14,500 yen (1 room for 2 people) ~ * Japanese-style room overlooking the Asahi and Moon Road ascending to Sagami Bay. * Check-in 14:00 / Check-out 10:30 * Tax and service charge included, bath tax not included, 150 yen, UP from 5,000 yen the day before holidays *
Dinner / Dinner “Aya” Japanese-style seat “Kitakawa Roman” * Photos and examples are from October.
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Leading: Bandai salted salt, tomorrow leaves and maiko chrysanthemum flowers, sword fish ginger boiled, seasonal dish Structure: Three-point local fish Porcelain: Yuyaki Tsubaki Hime Sazae Hot pot: Japanese-style bouillabaisse (migrant crab, gold-eye crab, oysters, crab, Taisho shrimp) Deep-fried food: Tempura pride-freshly fried Tempura eaten Vinegar bowl: pickled in Nankan Meal: chestnut rice or white rice, sushi soup, pickles Sweetness: Time
At dinner time, present your 2 favorite items from Kinmoku, Ise Shrimp and Beef Steak In addition, additional steak, salmon steak (1 dish per room) + Akane Kaneme (2 per person) Dessert time after meals, sweets on the terrace * -Tsuruya Kichijotei-
[Natural hot spring]
1st floor / 24 hours, gender change (cleaning 2: 00-2: 30) Two private hot spring baths boasting abundant hot spring water can be enjoyed at 10 locations including a large hot spring bath, an open-air bath, a private bath for private baths, and a foot bath. In addition, the public outdoor “Kuroneiwa Bath” on the beach is in front of the hotel. Spring quality: Sodium / Calcium-Chloride spring
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[Bathroom / Moon Road Terrace]
1st floor / 24 hours Please relax while watching the sea after a bath. On the Moon Road Terrace overlooking the moon road and the morning sun, there is also a cold place hot spring service in the morning and evening (7: 00-10: 30, 16: 00-18: 00)
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[Private bath]
50 minutes free (7: 30-9: 30, 14: 00-22: 00) Amenity such as towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, etc. are available in all hot springs. You can rent a baby bath with your baby.
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[Tokoro and Aya]
7: 00-9: 30, 17: 30-21: 30 Please enjoy the blessings of the Izusan Sea, such as Kinme-an and tomorrow. Fresh fried tempura from the live kitchen is popular. You can enjoy dinner and breakfast while watching the moon road drawn on the sea surface and the sea shining in the morning sun.
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[Tsuruya Amazake Yokocho]
2nd Floor / 15: 00-22: 00 In Showa Retro Yokocho, you can easily enjoy fun activities such as shooting, smartball, yo-yo fishing, Izu shochu and local gourmet Shizuoka Oden. Experiences such as making windmills, string telephones, and bamboo dragonflies are perfect for making memories of your travel destination, and are also popular with third-generation families. The free service of 1 cup of beer after hot water (16: 00-18: 00) and Tsuruya’s homemade and proud Amazake (15: 00-22: 00) is also popular.
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[Tsuruya Kichijotei Experience Class]
Venue / Sakai “Aya” (3 days advance reservation / 2 to 14 people / service charge included, tax not included) Local experiences that touch Izu special products and local culture are held every day of the week.
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Dried fish making (Monday / Thursday) Dried overnight 16: 00-17: 00, Sun dried 10: 00-11: 30 (1,100 yen / 3 dried fish) Soba Dojo (Saturday and Sunday) Freshly baked soba made from carefully selected buckwheat flour. 11: 00-12: 30 (1,650 yen) Rice cakes with sea bream (Friday) Izu local cuisine. Ochazuke, soup stocked on the strawberry pod. 11: 00-12: 30 (1,100 yen) Wasabi Cooking Class (Wednesday) A chef who can enjoy the fine fragrance and hotness of Amagi wasabi. 11: 00-12: 30 (1,650 yen) Kimme-don simmering class (Tuesday) We will teach you the points to finish with a fluffy finish. 11: 00-12: 30 (1,870 yen)
[Kuroneiwa Bath]
10: 00-18: 00 A public open-air bath with a superb view of 0 meters above sea level that can be integrated with the sea. You can feel the presence as if you were in the sea. Hotel guests can use it free of charge (bath set available at the front desk)
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