[Order Suit GINZA SAKAEYA] Directly connected to Tokyo Station, GINZA SAKAEYA of “Full Order Suit with Temporary Sewing” has been relocated and reopened in Yaetikaga!

Order suit GINZA SAKAEYA Directly connected to Tokyo Station, GINZA SAKAEYA of “Full-Order Suit with Temporary Sewing” moved and reopened in Yaetikaga! Appropriate. Work and suit. “Full order with temporary sewing” is not a pattern or easy order for all people. …………………………………………………………………………………………… GINZA SAKAEYA Tokyo Station, which specializes in Italy’s finest garment, Ermenegildo Zegna, and offers the highest peak garment full-order suit in Japan, September 6, 2019 (Friday), Tokyo Station Moved to the directly connected Yaesu underground shopping area (No. 2-1, Yaesu 2-1, Chuo-ku), and opened a new store as “GINZA SAKAEYA Yaesu underground shopping center” with a new concept and a new imported brand. (www.zds.cc/yaechika) [Image 1

“GINZA SAKAEYA Yaesu underground shopping mall” is “appropriately appropriate. Work and suits. For all people,“ Full order with masquerade ”that is not a pattern or easy order is a slogan,“ game clothes ”and“ usually A full-order salon with the concept of realizing a perfect silhouette with both suits. We propose a superlative full-order suit at a reasonable price, which is different from simple suits such as pattern orders, easy orders, and smartphone orders that have increased rapidly in recent years. With the “Full Order with Temporary Sewing”, you can enjoy the diversified modern business fashion, such as the day you want to decide in a game suit, the daily suit you wear everyday, or the casual day. Introducing the features and charge system of the full-order suit of “GINZA SAKAEYA Yaesu underground shopping center”.
■ Feature 1 Participated in the men’s clothing world tournament for five consecutive times as a representative of Japan. The “World Federation for Custom Men’s Clothing Contractors” where top-notch tailors with outstanding technology and sense gather from around the world and compete for the skills of tailoring technology. GINZA SAKAEYA has the experience of participating in five consecutive tournaments as the only representative store in Japan in the business suit category, which is the best. He / she tailored full-order suits with high technical appreciation overseas. [Image 2

■ Feature 2 Full-order suits created with world-class technology start from 13,000 yen for 1 focus, and start from 48,000 yen for 2 focus The order suit is a full-order manufacturing method that measures from the first place and performs “temporary stitching” that promises good wear and a beautiful silhouette. It is a full-fledged specification where you can feel the craftsmanship without craftsmanship everywhere. Generally speaking, a full-order suit is priced at around 150,000 yen, but with GINZA SAKAEYA you can place orders from 63,000 yen for 1 focus and from 48,000 yen for 2 focus and beyond. Full-order suits created from world-class technology are becoming accessible to us at affordable prices. [Image 3

A process of wearing a semi-finished product (cutting the fabric and making it into a suit shape with basting) and finely adjusting the size, body shape, and silhouette. GINZA SAKAEYA corrects in 0.5cm increments, identifies the habit of the body, and finishes with the silhouette that looks smartest. In this way, the perfect size data released from the precise work is dropped into the “pattern” and stored semi-permanently at the store.
■ Feature 3 If you make a pattern with 1 focus, 48,000 yen in 2 orders after 2 focus is semi-permanent! The first use of 63,000 yen includes a process called “basting”, which is to create an original “pattern” that perfectly reflects the individual body size. It is said that this “pattern” plays an important role in the ordering process after the second attention, and can realize the most reasonable full order suit of 48,000 yen in the industry. In other words, if trial and error are performed until the first “temporary stitching” is made to the just size, the same size and silhouette as the first time can be duplicated and created even after the “temporary stitching” step is omitted after the second focus. [Image 4

■ Feature 4 The seven silhouette models that can be selected can be changed even after 2 attention. There are 7 types of basic suit silhouettes. It is roughly classified into two types: Italian silhouette and British silhouette, and can be divided into seven types according to the thickness of the shoulder pad and the narrowing of the waist. For example, even if 1 focus is created with the softly tailored “Napoli Smart Model”, 2 focus is a “modern Italian model” with a slightly thicker shoulder pad, and the silhouette changes for free. be able to. These suit silhouettes are also used by luxury brands, and GINZA SAKAEYA’s original research and development has been repeated to create an order technology that fits each individual’s body. It is also recommended for people who want to enjoy the same silhouette every day or want to enjoy various silhouettes. [Image 5

■ Feature 5 No optional fees required! Adopting a safe all-inclusive system An optional fee is often heard as an anxiety factor when ordering a suit. If you pursue the details you like, you will soon be over budget … why is it so expensive? I have heard that, but GINZA SAKAEYA adopts an all-inclusive system in which the amount of payment remains at the indicated price regardless of the detail. Even suits that accurately reflect their commitments, such as the face, stitches, and pants crease, can be ordered with confidence without the need for an up-charge. [Image 6

GINZA SAKAEYA has been specializing in Italy’s finest garment manufacturer, Zenia, and has been offering luxury full-order suits that have been generously using world-class tailoring technology. It can be said that it is satisfactory in technology and knowledge. Of course, all the Zenia fabric labels are handled at the store, and the number of Zenia alone is more than 450 types in Japan. The price starts from 80,000 yen, and it can be said that it has achieved overwhelming cost performance compared to other companies. It is no exaggeration to say that in the apparel industry, where people are struck by lack of energy these days, it is no exaggeration to say that it has attracted the attention. There are a number of automatic order suits that make use of AI, but there are still no “full order suits” that can be ordered at will, at an affordable price range, using world-class technology. “GINZA SAKAEYA Yaesu Underground Shopping Center” is now about to blow a new breeze and create a new boom. [Image 7

Renewal opening will start on Friday, September 6, 2019 from 10:00. GINZA SAKAEYA Yaesu underground shopping center Address: 2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo No. 2 Yaesu underground shopping area Telephone: 03-5204-0640 Business hours: 10: 00-20: 00 Regular holiday: Open all year round (same as Yaesu underground shopping center) Official website: http://www.zds.cc/yaechika/ Official Facebook: http: //www.facebook.com/blubello.official Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zds_official/ Full-order suit with temporary sewing 1 focus from 63,000 yen, 2 focus after 48,000 yen Full-order jacket with temporary sewing (Zenia) From 60,000 yen Full order coat with temporary sewing 165,000 yen ~ Full order shirt 12,000 yen ~

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