Table tennis T-league Japan’s first video judgment for the new era of table tennis The name is “Replay Challenge”

T-League Table tennis T-league Japan’s first video judgment for the new era of table tennis The name is “Replay Challenge” Nojima T-League 2019-2020 season Introduces opening game and replay challenge (video judgment system) at final In the T-League, we will introduce a replay challenge (video judgment system) at the opening round of the Nojima T-League 2019-2020 season and at the final. The T-League’s philosophy is to enhance the appeal of table tennis by “scientificizing table tennis”. While the introduction of a video judgment system is being promoted in other sports, a replay challenge is also being used as a trial in order to use the power of video and make progress in games more quickly and accurately in the sport of table tennis. I will do it. In the T-League, we will continue to study to make it easier for fans to enjoy table tennis. [Image 1

Official battle image [About Replay Challenge]
◆ Target game Men’s opening round (August 29, 2019 Kinoshita Meister Tokyo vs. Okayama Rivets @ Arena Tachikawa Tatehi) Women’s opening round (August 30, 2019 Nippon Life Red Elf vs. Kinoshita Aviel Kanagawa @ Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)
◆ Overview of the system (1) Claim holder The replay challenge will be filed by the director, and will only be judged if the director has filed a complaint. (2) Time for filing After the target rally, both competitors must file a complaint before entering the next serve. (3) Target play ・ Servet ・ Edge and side during rally (4) Number of requests Each team once per match. If a judge of judgment is covered by a replay challenge, it will not be counted once. (5) Implementation of video judgment The video for judgment is confirmed by the referee and the assistant referee, and the final judge is performed by the referee. (6) Handling of judgment camera Equipment including cameras attached to the net support is part of the net support. Example: Net-in when the ball hits the camera and enters the opponent’s court. If a part of the player’s body touches the camera, it is a mistake. [Image 2

Official game image 2 [About Replay Challenge]
◆ Video judgment flow 1. Offer of replay challenge by director 2 Referee accepts If there is a replay challenge for the target play, the referee will accept it. If there is an offer in a play other than the target play, the referee will dismiss it 3. The referee announces that 1. Replay challenge has been filed, 2. The name of the team that has filed the replay challenge, and 3. Replay challenge. 4. During the replay challenge, players cannot return to the bench. Advice during replay challenges is prohibited. Towels are allowed. 5 The referees confirm the video. The T-League Competition will provide necessary assistance. 6 The results of the judgment will be announced and communicated to the venue by the referee (or T-League Competition). 7 Display the number of uses near the referee score version. 8 Match restart The Replay Challenge (Video Judgment System) is operated by video-related technologies and systems provided by Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, Inc., an imaging technology partner.

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