Table tennis T-League x Takara Tomy Arts finally! The opening! Super table tennis machine! Finally! Released!

T-League Table tennis T-League x Takara Tomy Arts finally! The opening! Super table tennis machine! Finally! Released! A new table tennis machine “Full Table Tennis Explosive Smash” that can be used from house play to competition will be released on 9/5 (Thu)! In T-League, we propose a new way to enjoy Takara Tomy Arts and Table Tennis! A full-fledged ball-pumping machine that can be easily enjoyed and practiced by families from children to the elderly! Bang ♪ Bang ♪ Smash ♪ Please! Received the Japan Toy Awards 2019 Communication Toys Excellence Award. Scheduled to be released on September 5, 2019. [Image

Explosion smash
■ “T-League” official machine! Table tennis, a sport that many people have experienced once. In recent years, Japanese players have played an active role, and the domestic league of table tennis started in 2018 The “T-League” is also showing excitement. Under these circumstances, Takara Tomy Arts released “Authentic Table Tennis Explosive Smash” is a table tennis machine that repels balls that automatically pop out at regular intervals. Developed as the first “T-League” officially licensed product in the toy industry, the flying ball is full-fledged despite its compact size. Depending on the setting of the machine, you can enjoy table tennis anytime, anywhere from beginner to advanced table tennis. The package is designed with 6 players playing in the “T League” playing an active role. Usage is simple. The ball is put in the stock part at the top of the main unit, and the changing ball and flying distance are set with each adjuster. When the power is turned on as it is, the balls will be fired one after another at regular intervals, so you will strike back toward the target that you included or your own landmark.
■ You can enjoy four stages of changing balls! This product switches the “change ball adjustment adjuster” with a rubber band to adjust the direction of rotation when the ball jumps out, “back spin” “drive” “left curve” “right It is possible to draw out four changing balls of “Curve”. In addition, the “flying distance adjuster” allows you to switch between “flying distance 1.” corresponding to the home table and “flying distance 2.” corresponding to the official table tennis table. You can enjoy it. The product includes a simple racket for toys and 5 balls of the same size as the game ball, so you can easily start playing table tennis as an introduction. There are a variety of ways to play, such as practicing rally by yourself or enjoying a target game with several people by cutting out a package. “Authentic Table Tennis Explosive Smash” has won the “Japan Toy Awards 2019” Communication Toys Excellence Award and will be deployed simultaneously in Japan as well as in Asia. cm

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