[Rite Co., Ltd.] rite Co., Ltd. has launched a shopping site rite that can be sympathized with

rite Inc. rite Co., Ltd. has launched a shopping site called rite rite Co., Ltd. (Rite Co., Ltd. headquarters: Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) “Since that person ’s selection, you can meet“ Like ”. A shopping site rite that you can sympathize with.” At rrite you can find the ones that influencers have chosen that you really like and want to recommend. [Image 1

Service screen rite Co., Ltd. develops a marketing platform through “sympathy” and aims to realize a sales promotion market led by influencers. At the same time as this service release, we are looking for affiliate clients and influencers who want to participate. Start from https://www.corp.rite.co.jp Features of “rite” [Image 2

Service URL: https://rite.co.jp rite is characterized by the fact that influencers can select products that they want to introduce themselves from affiliated brands and sell them like their own select shops. While the D2C model brand is showing excitement, tie-up brands can use rite to provide samples and fans who have “sympathy” and “influence” to the brand with only sales commissions on our site. Acquire and achieve marketing closer to customers. To influencers who want to participate Advantages of rite 1. You can introduce what you like You can select your favorite items from affiliated clients and introduce them like select shops. 2. You can promote yourself There is no need to sell products that are not suitable for you or to submit according to strict rules. For companies wishing to partner Advantages of rite 1. “Empathy” for the brand As an influencer acts as a brand ambassador, the customer’s brand can be further enhanced. 2. Creation of sales opportunities The sympathy produced by influencers can be actually converted into sales through the rite service. 3. Use “sympathy” in marketing It is possible to propose influencer activities using rite data. “Sympathy” can be used for various marketing activities such as product development. * Consultation for participation and introduction Corporate website: https://www.corp.rite.co.jp/ Or email: info@rite.co.jp Please contact us. ————————————– Operating company: rite Corporation Representative Director: Keisuke Sakurai Director: Gentaro Yamamoto Capital: 32 million yen Location: 1-12, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, AI Kayabacho Building 3F Phone number 03-5776-3574 Contact: info@rite.co.jp corporate site https://www.corp.rite.co.jp Official instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rite_official_

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