[Nature Lab Co., Ltd.] Diane Perfect Beauty “Beautiful Hair #Miracle You” Event Held at Lumine Est Shinjuku!

Nature Lab Inc. Diane Perfect Beauty “Beautiful Hair #Miracle You” event held at LUMINE EST Shinjuku! September 14 (Sat)-September 16 (Mon) …………………………………………………………………………………………… Nature Lab Co., Ltd. ) Will be held at the Lumine Est Shinjuku for 3 days. [Image 1

S During the period, a special corner will be set up where you can try Diane’s products. In addition to the “Miracle You” series released on August 5, you can actually try treatments and dry shampoos that do not wash away. In addition, “Miracle You Trial Set (1 time)” will be given to those who participated in the event! In addition, there will be a galapon lottery without misunderstandings where you can receive all the posters signed by Misaki Kiritani and Diane’s original goods. (End as soon as it is gone) Please come to find the right hair care item for you.
■ “Beautiful Hair # Miracle You” Event Overview Place: LUMINE EST Shinjuku (3-1-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) ・ Second floor communication passage (event booth) ・ B1 floor JR central ticket gate passage (special display) Date: September 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun), 2019 12: 00-19: 00 / September 16 (Monday / Holiday) 12: 00-18: 00 Prizes: Special Award, Autographed Poster by Misaki Kiritani x 3 people / During the period Prize A Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Hair Serum B Prize: Diane Perfect Beauty Mini Hair Mask tailored to hair quality C Award Original Sticker
■ SNS campaign held simultaneously W chance! You may win a SNS campaign! ? Event-linked campaign on official SNS! If you can’t come to the event, please join us. Period from August 23 (Friday) to September 16 (Monday holiday) Special award Mr. Misaki Kiritani Autographed poster x 1 person / During the period Prize A Miracle You Shampoo & Treatment Set x 3 people Prize B Miracle You Trial Set (1 time) x 15 people * All Diane Perfect Beauty with original stickers ♪ Instagram @dianeperfectbeauty / Twitter @MoistDianeTweet
■ Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Product Features Three Japanese first !! Deep repair with original triple repair prescription 1. First in Japan! Contains organic gie oil (* 1) [Image 2

“Gee oil *” is attracting attention all over the world due to its excellent ingredients and high purity. Co-developed “GHEE EASY” organic ghee oil using only Dutch glass-fed butter as a cosmetic grade for the first time in Japan. Repairs hair damage as far as it will go and smoothes the hair tip. 2. Japan’s first! Split hair coating (raw material mixing * 2) [Image 3

Cuticles that smooth the surface of hair with overwhelming damage repair capabilities And evenly coat damaged split ends. To the tip of the hair that is misunderstood by suppressing the spread and spread. For hair after coloring and after perm. 3. Japan’s first! Color keep (mixed ingredients * 3) [Image 4

Keeps your hair beautiful after coloring, and protects your hair from discoloration and drying damage from UV rays. Facing the problem of fading as you wash your hair, repairing damage while coating the surface prevents color fading. Keep your hair smooth and smooth.
* 1: Butter extract (moisturizing ingredient) * 2: Hydroxypropyl guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride (Repair ingredient POLYCARE SPLIT THERAPY is the first combination in Japan) * 3: Black spruce bark extract (the first ingredient in Japan is the repair ingredient Borealine Protect) Product Summary The Miracle You Series is designed for the perfect finish with unprecedented repair power in the history of Diane Perfect Beauty. With a shiny floral scent with fresh fruit accents, you can experience the ultimate feel. [Image 5

[Image 6

Shampoo / treatment 450mL 880 yen [Image 7

Refill 330mL 598 yen Once washed, the care ingredients quickly adjust to the hair, repairing damage, and making the hair coherent and airy. Non-silicone shampoo that doesn’t bubble richly. The damaged hair ends and dryness can be moisturized according to your finger. [Image 8

Hair mask 150g 900 yen A dense hair mask for special care that adds a little time to shampoo and treatment. Combined with 3 deep repair ingredients, more than treatment. Moisturizes the hair and keeps it healthy. For those who are particularly worried about the pain. [Image 9

Hair serum 60mL 1,200 yen A hair treatment that doesn’t wash away. Apply intensive repair serum to damaged hair ends luxuriously. When used before taking a bath or styling, it penetrates into the hair and locks in moisture. Especially for those who are concerned about bruises and split ends. * All prices are exclusive of tax * Release date: Monday, August 5, 2019 [Image 10

Miracle You who have never used an outbus Satisfaction with the use of hair serum 90.0% * June 2019, in-house survey * Satisfaction with the use of Miracle Yu Serum for 5 days by 50 people who have never used outbus in the past
■ Product lineup Extra straight [Image 11

Extra damage repair [Image 12

Extra shine [Image 13

[Image 14

[Capacity, price] Body: Shampoo treatment 450mL / 740 yen Refill: Shampoo / Treatment 330mL / 498yen Shrimp hair mask 150g / 880 yen [Image 15

* All prices are exclusive of tax About Diane PerfectBeauty [Image 16

Diane Perfect Beauty has achieved sales of 1 million bottles in just 10 days after release. Carefully selected organic argan oil (* 1) and beauty keratin (* 2) are lavishly blended to achieve high-quality moisturizing and hair care through the fusion of nature and science. Diane Perfect Beauty Official brand HP: http://www.moist-diane.jp Proprietary keratin formulated for the hair you want to become Keratin is 90% of hair. Three beauty keratins (* 2) formulated according to the type of hair penetrate and repair to the core of the hair. The “extra straight” that cares for undulations, the “extra damage repair” that repairs damage, and the “extra shine” that enhances gloss give a high-quality moisture. Furthermore, it is a shampoo that is particular about non-silicone and sulfate-free (* 3). * 1 Arganian spinosa kernel oil (moisturizing ingredient) * 2 Repair ingredients * 3 Laureth sulfate Na, etc.

For more information about this release(Japanese):
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