[Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd.] 2019 “Tamahiyo Ideal Baba / Jijiji Ranking” announced. The first place is Remi Hirano and Tsutomu Sekine

Benesse Holdings, Inc. 2019 “Tamahiyo Ideal Baba / Jiji ranking” announced. Moms in the age of retirement want people who are cheerful and enjoy childcare! The first place is Remi Hirano and Tsutomu Sekine …………………………………………………………………………………………… The “Tamahiyo” pregnancy / birth / childcare brand of Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd., Benesse Corporation (Head office: Okayama City, President: Hitoshi Kobayashi, hereinafter: Benesse) Announcing “Tamahiyo Ideal Baoba / Jiji (Grandparents) Ranking” selected by readers of the childcare information magazine “Hiyoko Club”. This ranking is an Internet survey conducted by Tamahiyo Editorial Department in June 2019 on 516 women who are pregnant and have children under the age of 1 year and 11 months. This time, Mr. Hirano Remi, the food enthusiast, was chosen as the first place, and Mr. Tsune Sekine, the comedian, was chosen as the first place. Remy Hirano said, “It’s bright and fun. I can leave my child with peace of mind,” and Tsutomu Sekine and George Tokoro said, “Let me enjoy playing with my grandchildren.” According to a survey * by the University of Tokyo Cedep / Benesse Educational Research Institute *, 84% of mothers answered that their parents and siblings would depend on raising their children. The This time, “Tamahiyo” believes that the keyword of the ideal baobai / jiji statue from the reign age seen from this ranking is “bright”. In addition to being able to rely on daycare, etc. It seems that the same is required. “Tamahiyo” will make a proposal to tackle childbirth and childcare not only for moms and dads but also for the team, with people, goods, and services involved, with the keyword “Mikakata’s Team Birth & Childcare” this year. * The University of Tokyo Cedep / Benesse Educational Research Institute “Survey on Infants’ Life and Growth 2017” (See page 3 for the graph) “Tamahiyo” ideal mackerel / jiji ranking (honorific title omitted) Rank / ideal fool / ideal old man 1 / Remi Hirano / Tsutomu Sekine 2 / Sayuri Yoshinaga / George Tokoro 3 / Kyoko Takahata / Masao Kusakari 4 / Kumiko Okae / Kenichi Endo 5 / Keiko Toda / Hiroshi Tsuji 6 / Mari Natsuki / Sanma Akashiya 7 / Keiko Matsuzaka / Shofutei Crane Bottle 8 / Harumi Kurihara / Masachika Ichimura 9 / Hitomi Kuroki / Fumiyo Kohinata 10 / Mrs. Devi / Hideki Takahashi About ranking
● Survey Overview In June 2019, we conducted an Internet survey of 516 women who are pregnant and have children aged 1 year and under 11 months. Tamahiyo Editorial Department conducted a questionnaire to answer one each of 34 women and 38 men who were selected as “ideal mackerel and jiji” among celebrities who have been active in recent years. Create rankings in descending order of number of votes.
● Baby Division In addition to Remi Hirano, who was rated as “cheerful and fun” and “Let me tell you how to cook”, Sayuri Yoshinaga, who was ranked second, was “friendly”, “modest and not likely to interfere excessively”, third place Ms. Reiko Takahata also made many comments that overlap with the image of the role of the drama ’s grandmother, such as “bright, fun, and brilliant”. Overall, many comments were seen not only as an ideal case but also as an ideal statue.
● Jiji Section Mr. Tsutomu Sekine, who has said that he loves his granddaughter on TV etc., has won the first place with an overwhelming number of votes. Like Mr. Sekine, George, who was in second place, said that he would have a great influence on his grandchildren as a play genius. Mr. Masao Kusakari, the third-ranked, received a positive comment because of the strong image of the role of Grandpa in the continuous TV novel.
● “Tamago Club” editor-in-chief says, “What is the ideal image for mothers and dads in the reign age?” In recent years, I feel that the awareness of “nurturing children as a team” is growing, with the help of not only partners but also grandparents, gardens, and child-rearing services, mainly in dual-income families. In this ranking, there are many people who have a sense of familiarity, and who are energetic and cheerful, who are more likely to share their worries. Because the burden on moms tends to be biased, there is a need for babies and grandfathers who can not only rely on childcare or pick-up, but also have a cheerful contact even in difficult times. On the other hand, as the term “grandson tired” has come to be used, there is a concern that the balance will be lost due to the overdependence of grandparents. Some families cannot rely on their grandparents, and even without the help of their grandparents, I think it is necessary to find a system and ingenuity that will reduce the burden on the child-rearing family. “Tamago Club” Editor-in-Chief Akiyo Koyamada
Comments from the first place winner (Mr. Hirano / Mr. Sekine)
● No. 1 in the ideal case! Remi Hirano [Image 1

Somehow surpassed, ideal if it was first place. Thank you very much. At the time of the first child-rearing, it was written in the childcare book at that time, “Once a day, it was exposed to the sun.” I had to protect this, and I had to take off my clothes and take a sunset before the sun went down. Life is instant. Child-rearing is quick. If my grandchildren thought they were babies until this time, they became another person. I think that raising children is hard, but I think that it is not necessary to decide the division of roles because it is a mom and dad because the family is one unit. Do it when you can. It ’s about us, Uchiha Uchi. This is our home motto. From now on, everyone who becomes mom and dad can work together and work hard every day! Profile: Cooking enthusiast (originally a chanson singer). With the motto of “chef cooking” instead of “chef cooking”, many idea dishes were sent out on TV and magazines. Participating in town development nationwide with special products. He has over 50 books. The 140-character recipe on Twitter is also very popular.
● Ideal for the first place! Tsutomu Sekine [Image 2

I am very happy to be selected as the first place in my ideal old man. I’m going to make my second grandchild born more and more, so I will continue to make fun on the way (laughs). Since my grandson lives nearby, we share the kindergarten pick-up and bath with dad, mom, old man, and babies, and people who have physical strength and time will do it. Also, when you go out to play, everyone should be able to go, and after going to the movies and the stage, everyone will talk about it as much as possible. In this way, I try to enjoy parenting with my team. There are some difficulties, but my dad and mom grow as my child grows, so I want the current “Tamahiyo generation” to enjoy child-rearing and do their best. Profile: Entered the entertainment world in December 1974. Since 1975, he has been active in the stage name of “Rabbit Sekine”. In 1982, when ANB (currently TV Asahi), “How far do you want to do?”, Returned to the real name “Satoshi Sekine” depending on the content of the program, until now. Performs a wide range of performing arts activities such as TV / radio, commercials, stage performances, mainly variety shows. For reference: Reba Hirano and Tsutomu Sekine talk about baiba / jiji life https://st.benesse.ne.jp/ikuji/content/?id=47928 More than 80% of DATA mothers say their parents and siblings are as reliable as their spouse About 84% of mothers ask their parents or parents about the question “How much can the following people rely on as a person who can support childcare (consultation about problems and leave children)?” Is the same number as the spouse (father). [Image 3

The numbers are the ratios of “Very reliable” + “Reliable” as people who support childcare (people who can talk about worries and leave their children). Source: University of Tokyo Cedep / Benesse Educational Research Institute “Survey on Infants’ Life and Growth 2017” In 2017, 2,975 mothers (survey monitors) with children aged 6 months to 1 year 5 months responded. Relationship with DATA grandparents: About 40% of people have their children left There are about 40% of parents who take care of their children (“sometimes + sometimes”), and it can be seen that many parents have connections with their grandparents through their children.
[Image 4

Source: Benesse Institute of Education, International Survey on Family Education in Early Childhood (2018). In March 2017, an internet survey was conducted on 1,086 mothers with infants aged 4-6 years in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
■ “Tamahiyo” Team Birth and Childcare Special Feature https://st.benesse.ne.jp/magazine/ The October issue of “Tamago Club” (released on September 15) features a special feature in the appendix that includes team childbirth and child-rearing that can be attended by babies and grandfathers. Kazutsu Ando, ​​an actress and essayist who is actively involved in raising children, will appear in the magazine. The October issue of “Chick Club” (released on September 15th) comes with a separate appendix that “I understand why my baby can’t sleep and what to do when it ’s easy to hand over.”
■ “Tamahiyo” business introduction (https://st.benesse.ne.jp) Under the brand slogan “Enjoy 1000 days”, the pregnancy, childbirth and childcare brand “Tamahiyo” provides content that moms and their families can enjoy positively starting childcare. In addition to magazines and books celebrating the 26th anniversary, web services such as “Tamahiyo” and “Tamahiyo Premium”, apps such as “My Life’s Egg Club”, mail order businesses, photo studios, events, and other information on pregnancy, childbirth and childcare We have a wide range of services. [Image 5

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