[Ryukyu Astida Sports Club Co., Ltd.] The Astida Triathlon School has formed a business alliance with the pioneer of the triathlon association “Aslonia”. Full-scale triathlon business.

Ryukyu Astea Sports Club Co., Ltd. Astida Triathlon School forms a business alliance with pioneer “Athlonia” of Triathlon Association. Full-scale triathlon business. Strive to spread triathlon and revitalize the region through full-scale start of school and tournament in Okinawa The “Astida Triathlon School” operated by the Ryukyu Astea Sports Club and “Athlonia”, which has realized the popularization and development of triathlons, are in a business alliance. The triathlon school, lesson event, tournament management, etc. will be carried out in cooperation. Ryukyu Astea Sports Club, which runs the triathlon business along with the table tennis business such as the table tennis professional league “T-League” team and school management, has been popularizing and developing triathlon on the Japanese front for many years. ”And decided to form a business alliance. Through this alliance, we will use the knowledge about the spread of triathlon held by Athlonia, improve the quality of the lessons of the triathlon school “ Astida Triathlon School ”, which we have been working on independently, enrich the “ Toyosaki Triathlon ” tournament, in the future We are planning to implement a school project in Okinawa. At the same time, a running session jointly planned by Astea Triathlon School and Aslonia will start, and plans for bikes and training camps will be implemented in the future. Triaston, which continues to boom, will further spread and develop, and we will work on regional revitalization and regional revitalization through triathlon through enhancement of local competitions. [Astea Triathlon School]
● Coaches: [Image 1

Ryosuke Yamamoto (general manager, center of photo) Beijing Olympics, Japan champion, Long Japan champion Yuuki Kubo (Head Coach / Left) Iron Man Asia Pacific Champion, Sado International Triathlon A & B Champion, Japan Junior Championship Champion Masaaki Kurihara (Ambassador, right) Duathlon Japan Championship Champion, Age Japan Championship Champion, Iron Man World Championship A super luxurious school coached by Japanese champions who are active in various fields such as Short, Middle, Long, Age, Iron Man and Duathlon.
● School content: Activities mainly in Tokyo, with regular practice sessions for swim, motorcycle and run.
● Monthly membership fee: 10,000 yen ~ [Toyosaki Triathlon] [Image 2

The first event will be held on April 7, 2018, mainly at Chura SUN Beach. The course that is close to Naha Airport and full of Okinawan resort feeling is very popular. The second meeting will be held in March 2019. https://www.facebook.com/toyosakitriathlon/?modal=admin_todo_tour [Aslonia] [Image 3

ATHLONIA (ATHLONIA Corp.) / Representative Director: Taro Shirato (Sports Navigator) Established in November 2008 with the phrase “Try! Athlon!-It brightens yourself” as the phrase “I want to spread more triathlons in the world and make Japan brighter and more energetic!” In addition to the triathlon shop, he manages original product developments such as Iron Man World Series, Iron Man 70.3 Series, Honolulu Triathlon, Kujukuri Triathlon, and the triathlon school “ATHLONIA Triathlon Academy”. https://athlonia.com/

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