[The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka] Afternoon buffet with the theme of “Belgium”, a chocolate kingdom where you can enjoy a menu of about 50 kinds of chocolates, will be held from October 1st to December 26th

Marriott International [The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka] Afternoon buffet on the theme of the chocolate kingdom “Belgium” where you can enjoy a menu of about 50 kinds of chocolates from October 1st to December 26th …………………………………………………………………………………………… The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka (Location: 2-5-25 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, General Manager: Mark Neucom) will be held from October 1 (Tue) to December 26 (Thu) this year. The annual chocolate afternoon buffet will be held at the Italian restaurant “Splendide”. [Image

The theme of this buffet is “Belgium”, the home of chocolate. About 50 kinds of sweets to snacks are used for chocolate, and all sweets use Belgian chocolate. Waffles, which are just as popular as chocolate in Belgium, are also freshly baked at the live station. “Hot Waffle”, which is finished with your favorite topping such as chocolate sauce that melts into warm waffles, is the one-of-a-kind menu of the year. In addition, “Cheeseburger” with waffles as hamburger buns, Belgian traditional confectionery “Dam Blanche” using ice cream, “Beer jelly” with “Belgian beer cake”, black, yellow and red Belgian flag A variety of Belgian items such as three types of chocolate mousse (dark, milk, and white) inspired by Other classic chocolates such as “Chocolate Shortcake” and “Gateau Chocolat” From sweets to creative products that combine vegetables such as burdock and white corn, you can enjoy the deep chocolate world in one place. The first “Coffee Art” demonstration by a chef in front of the customer, which is the first since the buffet was held, is also paying attention. Chef draws art with several kinds of chocolates on a large plate chocolate (diameter about 60cm x 40cm), and the finished product is crushed boldly and distributed. Enjoy the afternoon buffet with all five senses filled with surprise and deliciousness in a space like a fantastic chocolate kingdom.
◆ Recommended for non-sweet parties! Special plan with Belgian beer In addition to sweets, there are also plans to enjoy Belgian craft beer (extra charge). Chocolate sweets, of course, are served with about 10 types of buffet snacks by “Chocolate Potato Fries” with chocolate on Fritz (potato fries), which is said to originate in Belgium, and Aldo Kiriro, head chef of Italian cuisine “Splendido” Please enjoy pairing with. [Title] “Belgium Chocolate Buffet” [Period] October 1 (Tuesday) to December 26 (Thursday) 2019 Daily: 14: 30-16: 00, 16: 30-18: 00 (two-part system / 90-minute system) [Price] Adult: 4,700 yen per person, Child (elementary school age, 6-12 years) 2,350 yen (consumption tax 10% and service charge 15%) [Provided place] Italian food “Splendid” (1st floor) [Reservation method] Phone 06-6343-7020 (restaurant reservation) Website www.ritz-carlton.co.jp/information/1517/ [Example menu] Sweets, snacks, and drinks * Sweets: Chocolate Shortcake, Chocolate Roll, Tart Poire, Matcha Opera, Gateau Chocolat, Belgian Beer Cake, Cold Waffle, Tart O Li, Chocolate Banana Tart Lectangle, Terrine Chocolate Bar, Beer Jelly, White Corn White Chocolate, Dark chocolate bacon, beef bowl milk chocolate mousse, chocolate fountain, etc. * Snacks: Chocolate risotto (blueberry gorgonzola peanut thyme), chocolate cheeseburger (tomato salad waffle), tartlet (white chocolate, black olives, parma ham), chocolate calzone (mascarpone blueberry jam), etc. * Live Station: Chocolate Art, Hot Waffle, Dam Blanche etc. * Drink: Yuzu chocolate drink, etc. ※The photograph is an image. * Menu contents are subject to change depending on the season. About The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, opened in May 1997 as the first Japanese hotel in the international hotel group, Ritz-Carlton, to inherit the service philosophy of Hotel King Cesar Ritz. A sophisticated space that makes you feel like an 18th-century British aristocratic mansion, a variety of dishes that satisfy the five senses, and the fine-tuned service of Ritz-Carlton, which is highly regarded around the world. We offer a personal experience.

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