[New Balance Japan Co., Ltd.] Gray is the color of New Balance. Launched “Grey runs in the family” campaign

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. Gray is a new balance color. Launched “Grey runs in the family” campaign [Image 1

New Boston, a global athletic leader based in Boston, will launch a “Grey runs in the family” campaign in September 2019. “Gray” has always been used in the first color of many new balance products, such as Made in USA’s 990 series, which is the flagship model of New Balance. New Balance uses the color gray as “a color that gives an elegant and stylish impression”, “a color that gives a calm impression”, “a color that suggests the diversity of things”, and “an independent color that doesn’t get caught up in anything” We will promote “Gray = New Balance” image mainly on social media. As a model that symbolizes “Grey runs in the family”, M997SGR and M997GD1 will be available for limited sale in Japan from September 13, 2019 (Friday). https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/e/eEnb-gritf Gray Runs in the Family | New Balance [Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=hble4zDTJHs]
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■ M997SGR The shock-absorbing and stable upper is finished with an expressive finish using a combination of pigskin suede and mesh, just like the USA-made reproduction model “M997GY” of the monumental model “997” that appeared in 1990 and surprised the market. A new hybrid model that combines the newly developed ENCAP REVEAL midsole. 【Product Details】 Product Name: M997SGR Color name: GRAY Size: D / 23.5-28.0cm, 29.0cm Price: 32,000 yen + tax Release date: Friday, September 13, 2019 [Image 3

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■ M997GD1 A remodeled model made in the USA by the monumental model “997”, which appeared in 1990 with a new innovation brought about by a fusion of a massive upper and a revolutionary integrated midsole with ENCAP. In place of the N logo in the saddle part, “new balance MADE IN USA”, which was originally embroidered on the tongue label, is placed. 【Product Details】 Product Name: M997GD1 Color name: GRAY Size: D / 23.5-28.0cm, 29.0cm Release date: Friday, September 13, 2019 [Image 5

“Grey runs in the family” campaign A social media centered on Instagram, posting a gray visual or movie with the hashtag #NBGreyDay or “RunsInTheFamily”, and a page featuring “Grey runs in the family” in the New Balance official online store (URL: https : //shop.newbalance.jp/shop/e/eEnb-gritf) has been released. We are also planning to provide special uniforms for the Sagan Tosu game where New Balance is the uniform supplier.
▼ About New Balance Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance said, “We can clearly demonstrate responsible leadership, athletes can take pride, employees can take pride in the world, and the community can take pride. The company’s mission is to establish a global brand. New Balance was born in 1906 as a manufacturer of orthopedic shoes that cure arch support insoles and flat feet. As a leading manufacturer of athletic brands, New Balance is now running and developing footwear and apparel for lifestyle, tennis, baseball and football. Doing. For more information about New Balance, please visit https://shop.newbalance.jp/.
▼ New Balance Japan Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NewBalanceJapan/
▼ New Balance Japan Official Instagram https://instagram.com/new_balance_japan
▼ New Balance Japan Official Twitter https://twitter.com/newbalance_jp

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