[Oixix La Daichi Co., Ltd.] “Throwing net fishing” in the middle of Tokyo! The harvested rice “shakake” is also a skill to deepen the taste of the fish “nerve tightening” and farmer’s discerning power close up! Food festival “ Tokyo Harvest 2019 ”

Oixix La Daichi Co., Ltd. “Throwing net fishing” in the middle of Tokyo !? “Hazakake” of the harvested rice is also a close-up experience of the technique of “nerve tightening” and the farmer’s connoisseur power to master the deliciousness of fish! Food festival “ Tokyo Harvest 2019 ” first landing at Komazawa Park There are a lot of foods that can only be eaten here. Tokyo Harvest Executive Committee (Oisix La Daichi Co., Ltd., Cafe Company Co., Ltd., East Food Association / Co-Executive Chairperson: Shujiro Enomoto, Kohei Takashima) is a farmer, fisherman, livestock farmer, etc. Komazawa on September 21 (Sat.) and 22 (Sun.), 2019, the Great Harvest Festival “Tokyo Harvest,” which conveys the splendor of food producers in Japan and overseas and conveys their gratitude and respect. Held at the Olympic Park Central Square. [Image 1

▲ There are many experiences that are rare in Tokyo, unique to Tokyo Harvest, where top producers gather from all over the country. Tokyo Harvest provides a place to reaffirm the high value by sharing the limited menu that can only be eaten here and the deliciousness of the region. Appropriate for the autumn of the harvest, a number of foods that unintentionally “delicious!” In addition, we have prepared opportunities for you to experience and experience the skills and knowledge that have been refined every day by the creators of food that will impress you. [Terrible 1.] Experience the best professional tricks! “Nerve tightening” demonstration to eat fish deliciously “Nerve tightening” is said to be the most delicious way to eat fish. Although it takes a lot of work, you can experience the techniques of only leading fish professionals and cooks in Tokyo to keep plenty of umami while maintaining the freshness of pitch pitch. [Wonderful 2] Visitors can experience “shaking” the freshly harvested rice In Tokyo Harvest, you can have a “bunch” experience of tying the harvested rice yourself and drying it on the framework to dry the rice. Over a period of two days, we will complete a large “shaking” with the visitors. The dried and polished rice will behave as “harvest rice” at “Tokyo Harvest 2020” scheduled to be held at the same venue next May. [Terrible 3.] “Throwing net” performance by local fishermen of the Tamagawa “Tama River Ayu Fishing” was revived by Mitsutoshi Yamazaki, president of Kawasaki River Fishery Cooperative. In recent years, the Tamagawa River, where Ayu goes up nearly 5 million a year. Tokyo Harvest will give a demonstration and talk about throwing nets that are actually used in Ayu fishing because we want to get close to the river next to Tokyo and nurture a heart that cherishes the river. [Amazing 4.] A reliable partner known only by farmers, “Leek Peeling Machine” has appeared If you know only the white onions lined up in the supermarket, the “Leek Peeling Machine” is known only to those who know what you want to experience at the venue. It is a reliable partner for farmers who can peel the hulls of mud leek harvested in the field at an unstoppable speed so as to be pure white and gently with the power of the air so as not to damage the leeks. Please enjoy a valuable experience that you can’t easily find in Tokyo. [Image 2

▲ Farmer Aizo’s “Leek-Making Machine” is coming. [Wonderful 5.] Because we are facing each day with our five senses, we can understand just by touching them. Guinness-grade sugar content !? Koji Furuyama, a fruit farmer who also produces the world’s highest sugar content peaches. Not only will this charismatic farmer give a lecture on how to identify delicious peaches, but he will also talk about the background that led to the cultivation for a particular sweetness. About Tokyo Harvest 】 This event, which started in 2013, is the seventh time this year, and the number of visitors has increased as the year progresses. Last year, over 20,000 people experienced rich Japanese food. This year, we moved to the Komazawa Olympic Park and prepared a lot of “experience” and “participation” content that can only be obtained here, such as a kitchen car that can taste the taste and season of autumn, and a Marche that sells ingredients that convey the attention of the producer . Through a large-scale food event, we will communicate the appeal of Japan’s pride in food, agriculture, fishery and livestock. 】 The logo will be renewed from this year. It expresses the “producers” that Tokyo Harvest wants to express its respect and appreciation, the delicious crops they deliver, and the liveliness that everyone enjoys. [Image 3

▲ Tokyo Harvest logo “Komazawa Olympic Park,” whose existence value will increase again toward 2020 Komazawa Olympic Park, where many sports, festivals and outdoor gourmet events are held, is increasing its value not only as a spot for food and culture but also toward 2020. In 2020, the general athletic ground adjacent to the central square will be the official training venue for football players from all over the world. During the two days of Tokyo Harvest, we showcase the appeal of Japanese excellent food. While looking to increase the number of foreign visitors to Japan, we will connect Japan and the world with food, and increase the number of Japanese food and primary industry fans in Japan and overseas.
■ Overview Date and time: Saturday, September 21, 2019, 11: 00-18: 00 ・ Sunday, 22nd, 10: 00-19: 00 Venue: Komazawa Olympic Park Central Square (1-1 Komazawa Park, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0013) free entrance Official homepage: http://www.tokyoharvest.com/ Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokyoharvest/ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tokyo_harvest/
■ Organizer: Tokyo Harvest Executive Committee (Oisix La Daichi Co., Ltd., Cafe Company Co., Ltd., East Food Association)
■ Special Partner: NTT DOCOMO, INC./Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.
■ Main partner: ITO EN Co., Ltd. / Cainz Co., Ltd. / Kameda Confectionery Co., Ltd. / QP Corporation / Neba Village, Nagano Prefecture
■ Partner: Ibaraki / Ena NEWFARMERS Exchange Meeting / Kids Kitchen Association / JP Morgan Securities Co., Ltd. / Shizuoka Prefectural Beef Promotion Council / JA Tokamachi / House Foods Group Inc. / Hitachi Global Life Solutions Co., Ltd. / Fukuoka, Fukuoka
■ Support: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Tokyo / Setagaya Ward / Setagaya Ward Industrial Promotion Corporation / Setagaya Town Tourism Exchange Association [Image 4

This event is beyond2020 program certification business
▼ List of shopkeepers and sales (implementation) contents
▼ (Each area in alphabetical order) [Kitchen car] NTT DoCoMo, Inc .: Delivering hamburger and keema curry from the hot topic new service “d meal kit powered by Oisix” Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd .: Tohoku support project. Dish using Tohoku seafood and agricultural products SAMEYA: Shark burger that enjoys shark meat directly from Kesennuma * Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Fishery and Aquaculture Production Statistics, Outline of Landing Fish Market in Miyagi Prefecture (2018) Soma eating communication: All soma products. Special spice curry with plenty of super-minor rice cakes, duck rice and fresh vegetables Farm Tsubasa: A jersey beef raised in the sun every day and grown up with two couples. The rich flavor of milk Fisherman Japan Marketing Co., Ltd .: Miyagi Prefecture fresh fish BBQ plate, fried noodles [Stall] Ishikawa Brewery Co., Ltd .: Tokyo local sake Gyoden x Bistro Dull Bull: Conger Minrin Dried and Pork Meat Loaf Cafe Company: Coffee (WIRED CAFE) Kuji Yamagata Village Short Horn Beef Breeding Section: Domestic share of less than 1% Shosho Brewing Co., Ltd .: Kagoshima’s authentic shochu and liqueur Fukagawa Winery: Wine brewed in Tokyo [Marche] Aguricreate Co., Ltd., Organic Ayumi Association: Delivering exciting seasonal tastes from Ayumi Association, which explores production technology! ITO EN Co., Ltd .: “Enjoy” tea Ibaraki Prefecture: Sales of various pears (Hosui, Akizuki, the prefecture’s original variety “Esui”) Ena NEWFARMERS Exchange Meeting: Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, fully-ripe black garlic, domestic honey, hebo (bee) Oisix: Unusual vegetables unique to Oisix and special trial set limited to the venue Ome Farm: Butternut pumpkins and honey that are very popular with chefs Cainz Co., Ltd .: A booth where you can discover discoveries and ideas that expand your life, from growing up to enjoying Kameda Seika Co., Ltd .: Exhibiting the Kameda no Kaki no Tane, the only camper car in the world Kamogawa Nature Kingdom: Kamogawa Nature Kingdom original product, additive-free rice crackers, etc. KAN seal store: Vegetables and fruits that farmers and chefs eat daily, a delicious lineup! ! Cool Agri: Vegetables and fruits from an agricultural professional group QP Corporation: Proposal for a salad that can be enjoyed, delicious, and plenty of vegetables KURKKU FIELDS: Organic vegetables, cage-free eggs, homemade natural yeast bread Gomi Farm: Vegetables grown at an altitude of 1,000m in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture that children can eat safely JA Tokamachi: Sale of Uonuma Koshihikari (rice with outstanding freshness stored in the snow room) Shizuoka Prefecture Beef Spread Promotion Council: A variety of products using Shizuoka’s new Japanese beef Material building: Food using domestic wheat Society to protect the earth: Seasonal vegetables and fruits that are safe and secure, using as little pesticides as possible Taniguchi Co., Ltd .: Drinks at drink spots Team Fukushima Pride. : Fukushima’s unique gems made by passionate members gather! Terroge Tohoku: Pairing Tohoku Food and Sake Neba Village, Nagano Prefecture: A tree-growing plaza where you can play with trees, and a tomato born from the source Biocosmo Co., Ltd .: A mushroom from the foundation. Mushroom wholesaler recommended changing mushrooms and processed products House Foods Group Inc .: The world’s first unspicy onion, smileball Hayano Shoten (Iwate / Iwaizumi): It tastes like the sun! Fruit blossom Fukuoka City: Processed marine products such as Fukuoka specialty products, Karadomari Ebisu Kakidon Mikami Farm: Rich and dense apples made from fully-ripened farming on the tree, processed products without added apples Radishboya: Confident work of Radishboya, straight juice and colorful vegetables 【workshop】 Cainz Inc .: barrel-shaped natural speaker DIY [Others] Hitachi Global Life Solutions Co., Ltd .: Introduction of the “Peroridge” app that allows everyone to share experiences and excitement related to food * Implementation details are subject to change.

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