[Avanza Ltd.] Awado New Zealand Avocado only available in autumn and winter

Avanza Ltd. New Year’s Avocado, only available in autumn and winter “Challenges as a team! #Get a victory with New Zealand avocado” campaign Avanza Limited (English name: Avanza Limited, headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand), which accounts for all New Zealand avocado exports to Japan, will begin shipping New Zealand avocados in the fall and winter in late September. . It is scheduled to be released from mid-October at Japanese stores. [Image 1

The secret of the deliciousness of New Zealand avocado Avocado, produced on New Zealand’s North Island, bears fruit from spring to summer and is ready for harvest. Because New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, the season is the opposite of Japan, where you can enjoy the most delicious New Zealand avocados from October to December. New Zealand avocados are carefully grown on the tree, and are richer in quality oil than other countries of origin (more than 24% oil content * varies by individual due to average values), and the flesh is fine. A smooth texture is a major feature. It is delicious even if it is salad, grilled or tempered as it is, and it is a good ingredient for any food and dish. New Zealand Avocado for recovery from fatigue after sports Avocado contains about 20 kinds of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and is certified as “the world’s most nutritious fruit” in the Guinness Book. In particular, vitamins B1, B2, and B6, which help metabolize energy and make it hard to feel tired, are perfect for recovering from fatigue after sports. Furthermore, because it contains a lot of dietary fiber and high-quality lipids, it takes a long time to digest and has a good stomach, so it is recommended for people who enjoy sports. Support children who work hard for sports! Hold a campaign Beginning on Friday, September 20, 2019, the New Zealand national rugby World Cup, baseball, soccer, tennis, table tennis, and other people who are challenging various sports with teams and friends, nutrition New Zealand Avocado is supported! We will hold a campaign to present a New Zealand avocado carton (24 pieces) to a total of 10 people as follows. [Image 2

■ Campaign Title “Challenge with the team! # Win a New Zealand Avocado Campaign” Post photos of teams and friends taking on various sports such as rugby, baseball, soccer, tennis, and table tennis with the hashtag “Get a victory with New Zealand Avocado”! Of course, you can do it yourself, your children, your family, or your team members.
■ Implementation period 1st September 9, 2019 (Monday) 0:00 to October 11 (Friday) 23:59 2nd October 12 (Sat), 2019 0:00 to November 29 (Fri) 23:59
■ How to participate 1) Official account of New Zealand Avocado on Instagram Please follow https://www.instagram.com/nz_avocado_japan/. 2) Post photos of teams and friends taking on various sports such as rugby, baseball, soccer, tennis, and table tennis with the hashtag “# seize victory with New Zealand avocado”! Of course, you can do it yourself, your children, your family, or your team members. 3) A lot of 5 people each time by lottery, a total of 10 people will receive 1 carton from New Zealand (24 pieces) * Only winners will be notified via Instagram direct message.
■ Contact information New Zealand Avocado Campaign Secretariat (Candlewick Corporation) http://www.nzavocado.jp/ TEL: 03-6261-6050 (Mon-Fri 10: 00-18: 00) Cold chain and excellent ripening technology The distance between northern New Zealand, which is an avocado production area, and Japan is approximately 8,900 km, and the transport route is shorter than that of other countries, and it is transported under strict temperature control without direct transit. To reach. New Zealand Avocado is harvested with firm and firm, harvested with green skin and firm fruit, transported to Japan, and ripened for about 6 to 7 days at Pharmamind’s nationwide centers called “” After that, it is transported to the store with the company’s cold chain (technologies that transport it to the store in cool temperatures). This collaborative system allows you to deliver high quality New Zealand avocados to the table at the most delicious time. Thanks to the company’s excellent ripening technology cultivated with bananas boasting the largest share in Japan (*), it can be enjoyed delicious from the date of purchase, but the approximate time of eating is also clearly stated on the sticker attached to the avocado, It is even more secure. (*) = Survey by 2015 Mind [Image 3

High safety AVANZA premium Avocado: AvoGreen certified safe food In New Zealand, all exported fruit producers, packing facilities and fruit handling and pesticide residues Mandatory to comply with safety standards for levels, guaranteeing high safety of crops. In addition, avocados that have passed the strict standards for pesticide use by the New Zealand Avocado Producers Association are exported as AvoGreen certified avocados. Avanza only delivers delicious, high-quality avocados certified by AvoGreen to Japan as Avanza Premium Avocados. * [Image 4

Campaign page: www.nzavocado.jp Facebook official page: www.facebook.com/newzealandavocado/ Instagram official account: www.instagram.com/nz_avocado_japan/

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