[Jintan Morishita] Supporting Southeast Asian children dreaming of soccer players! JINTAN U-15 Ace and Dream Football Tournament 2019

Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. Cheering Southeast Asian children dreaming of soccer players! JINTAN U-15 Ace and Dream Football Tournament 2019 16 teams from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea fought a hot battle and the Japanese team was the first Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President Yuji Morishita, “the Company”) continues to support the Asian Junior Soccer Tournament “U-15 Ace and Dream Football Tournament”. This year, a heated battle was held at the FAT High Performance Training Center at Thonburi University in Bangkok, Thailand for 6 days from July 29 (Mon) to August 3 (Sat) 2019. ”“ U-15 Ace and Dream Football Tournament ”is a tournament that started with the objectives of“ training and strengthening players, raising the level of football throughout Asia, finding players, international exchange and developing global human resources ”. Mr. Masao Kiba (former Japan Dream Football Association (JDFA) representative director / J-League Asian Ambassador) is a tournament ambassador and continues to promote and promote various activities in Southeast Asian countries mainly in Thailand. In support of the activities and the purpose of this tournament, the Company has been co-sponsoring since the first tournament. The 5th year this year, we supported as a crown sponsor. This year, the final match was held on August 3rd, and VISSEL KOBE defeated RACHABURI MITRPHOL and won the championship. In addition, two Thai players who were selected as the Ace and Dream players (excellent players) who made me feel the most talent and possibility through the tournament are scheduled to participate in the J Club Academy in November this year. Expectations for future success will increase. [Image 1

Connection between Morishita Jintan and Southeast Asian countries Our company has been actively exporting and selling products to Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries since before the war. In Thailand, Nichitan and other mouth fresheners are sold at drug stores and convenience stores, and our products are still deeply rooted in the lives of local people. In order to express our gratitude for such daily patronage, we would like to contribute to providing children with opportunities and realizing their dreams through sponsorship to JDFA and this tournament. [Image 2

About Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. Company name: Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. Representative: President Yuji Morishita Founded: February 1893 (Meiji 26) Established: November 1936 Main business: Manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, medical devices and foods URL: https://www.jintan.co.jp/ The founder Hiroshi Morishita believes in “service to society” and since its establishment in 1893, it has provided products that help people’s health and abundant living. At that time, “Nintan”, a silver grain that was developed as a general health medicine for pockets, and then became popular as a mouth refresher. Through the accumulation of herbal medicine research and the establishment and development of original technologies, we are conducting corporate activities in a wide range of fields. [Image 3

[Nitan, then I feel fine. ] Morishita Jintan’s representative long-selling product “Nitan” is a quasi-drug refresher that has effects on bad breath and mood discomfort. Since its release in 1905, it has been loved by people for many years with its great apparel mark as a “gentleman’s favorite”. 16 types of herbal medicines are carefully selected for each grain, and the surface is coated with silver foil to enhance storage and portability. Morishita Jintan continues to protect the traditional herbal medicine technology and manufacturing methods cultivated in Nittan. www.181109.com/contents/jintan/jintan_list.html

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