[Glove Ride Co., Ltd.] Fashion brand D-VEC born from fishing DAIWA, the theme of the 19th Fall / Winter Collection is “CLOUD”

Globe Ride Co., Ltd. Fashion brand D-VEC born from fishing DAIWA, the theme of the 19th Fall / Winter collection is “CLOUD” A collection of sporty bicolor dresses and long sleeve T-shirts with UV cut function The fashion brand D-VEC that Grove Ride Co., Ltd. (location: Higashi-Kurume-shi, Tokyo, President: Kazunari Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as Globe Ride) is an EC of D-VEC from Thursday, September 5, 2019. We will start selling women’s items in the fall and winter of 19 at the site and each D-VEC store. [Image 1

D-VEC is a fashion brand launched in February 2017 by Grove Ride Co., Ltd., a comprehensive manufacturer of sports and leisure, with a focus on fishing DAIWA. We propose a fashion that expresses the world view of “Feel Alive”, which has evolved the technology of DAIWA of fishing into sophisticated urban activities. The 19th Fall / Winter Collection, which is the third season of this year, will be released sequentially with the theme of “CLOUD” aimed at lightness like a cloud. In addition to the waterproofness that is D-VEC’s philosophy, the new collection will include a new high-durability outerwear with an original three-layer structure this season. In addition, we make full use of technologies unique to fishing such as dresses with sporty elements, trendy long pleated skirts inspired by the color of lures, long T-shirts with UV protection, and lightweight fisherman sweaters. Item will be released.
Fall / Winter 19 items [Image 2

W blocking dress
■ W blocking dress Product number: VF-10902299 Body price: ¥ 36,000 (excluding tax) Color: Khaki, Black Material: (Main Body) Cotton 46% Polyester 54% (Separate fabric) 100% polyester (Another fabric) 65% polyester 35% cotton Product URL: https://d-vec.jp/products/detail?product_id=257 A dress with a design that makes you feel the sporty elements of D-VEC by using a full dull polyester material with a matte texture that suppresses gloss, adopting a magnetic buckle belt, and tightening with the rib part of the sleeve. With a bicolor design that emphasizes the I line for a refreshing impression. [Image 3

■ WWPUL Fisherman’s S Product Number: VF-10301299 Body price: ¥ 28,000 (excluding tax) Color: white, orange, navy Material: 100% polyester Product URL: https://d-vec.jp/products/detail?product_id=277 Design unique to fishing brands inspired by “Fisherman’s knit” which is said to have been worn by Irish fishermen. While it is a polyester yarn, it reproduces the texture of wool and is lightweight by knitting a thick count polyester yarn with a low gauge knitting machine. By applying a water-repellent finish to the yarn, it works as a knit that resists dirt and is strong on rainy days. The finger holes on the cuffs that can also be used to prevent cold weather are also points. [Image 4

■ WUPF50 long sleeve tee Product number: VF-10401399 Body price: ¥ 13,000 (excluding tax) Color: Gray, Brown, Black Material: 100% polyester Product URL: https://d-vec.jp/products/detail?product_id=267 A unique logo T-shirt with the word “UPF50 +”, an abbreviation for “Ultraviolet protection Factor”. In fact, it has the effect of cutting ultraviolet rays for 17 hours. [Image 5

■ W side zip semi-wide pants Product Number: VF-11002399 Body price: ¥ 24,000 (excluding tax) Color: Beige, Black Material: (Main Body) Cotton 46% Polyester 54% (Body) 100% nylon (Lining) 100% polyester Product URL: https://d-vec.jp/products/detail?product_id=262 70 denier nylon taffeta is used as a base for salt shrinkage to express a unique wrinkle. The surface was water repellent. Wide pants with a design inspired by sports pants that were popular in the 80s. The silhouette can be adjusted with the hem fastener. [Image 6

■ W tapered pants Product number: VF-11002199 Body price: ¥ 22,000 (excluding tax) Color: Brown, Khaki, Black Material: 90% nylon 10% polyurethane Product URL: https://d-vec.jp/products/detail?product_id=271 Tapered pants made from stretch material using Taslan nylon and water-repellent. The point expresses the sporty taste unique to D-VEC, such as using crimped fasteners. [Image 7

■ WWP3L Cordura L-shirt coat Product number: VF-11200299 Body price: ¥ 59,000 (excluding tax) Color: Black, Gray Material: (Body) Surface: Wool 52% Nylon 25% 23% polyester Back side: 100% nylon (Polyurethane laminate) Product URL: https://d-vec.jp/products/detail?product_id=269 A shirt coat with a stainless collar design that combines stretch and wrinkle resistance in addition to durability by using a highly durable material with an original three-layer structure using “CORDURA-combatwool-“. Because of blending with wool, it has an elegant finish that makes you feel soft. Using crimped fasteners, plus sporty elements that are typical of D-VEC. ABOUT D-VEC D-VEC is a fashion brand launched in March 2017 by Glove Ride Co., Ltd., a comprehensive manufacturer of sports and leisure, focusing on fishing “DAIWA”. The apparel brand “D-VEC”, based on the technology and functionality know-how cultivated in the fishing field, supports comfortable urban life. In 2017, D-VEC TOKYO was opened on Harajuku Cat Street, and in 2018, a showroom was opened in the “ifs Future Institute” in Itochu Garden in front of the Bund. In 2017 and 2018, participated in Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO, one of the largest fashion festivals in Japan, and exhibited three consecutive times at PITTI IMAGINE UOMO since 2018. . “ D-VEC TOKYO EXCLUSIVE ” opened in Omotesando Hills in February 2019 I did it. Official URL: https://d-vec.jp/ ABOUT GLOBERIDE, Inc Grove Ride Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of sports and leisure that develops golf, tennis, and cycle businesses with a focus on fishing “DAIWA”. Based on the philosophy of “A Lifetime Sports Company”, we conduct corporate activities that enable people around the world to feel nature and be filled with exhilarating excitement. We are also actively involved in environmental conservation activities and are making further contributions to the rich lives of people through nature. Official URL: http://www.globeride.co.jp/

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