[New Balance Japan Co., Ltd.] Faster. Harder. Store and color limited “FLAME PACK” from NB HANZOS, R

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. Faster. Harder. Store and color limited “FLAME PACK” from NB HANZOS, R [Image 1

The limited edition color “FLAME PACK” will appear in the racing shoe “NB HANZO” jointly developed with the policy and technology of New Balance and M.Lab. Two styles, NB HANZO S and R, will appear in a limited color that reflects the flames that burn quietly, supporting athletes who continue their efforts toward their dreams. Launched on Friday, September 6th at the New Balance official online store and limited stores nationwide. New Balance Official Store will be available from Friday, September 13th at some stores. https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/e/eEnb-hanzo-lineup Product Details NB HANZO S To the elite runner who wants to shorten 1 minute 1 second aiming for victory. SUB2.5 (full marathon: around two and a half hours) In addition to the new last that fits Japanese feet, the REVLITE midsole with a one-piece construction that is extremely light and repulsive, fit and support, breathability Adopted an updated upper. A top model that boosts record updates. [Image 2

Product Name: NB HANZO S M (Men’s) Color: W2 (White / Blue) Size: D, 2E / 23.5-29.0cm Price: ¥ 15,000 + tax
[Image 3

Product Name: NB HANZO S W (Women’s) Color: W2 (White / Red) Size: B, D / 22.0-25.5cm Price: ¥ 15,000 + tax
NB HANZO R Serious runners aiming to update their own records. SUB3.0 (around 3 hours full marathon) In addition to the new last fitting Japanese foot, light and repulsive one-piece REVLITE midsole, the upper with enhanced support will support serious runners aiming to update their own records in a full marathon. [Image 4

Product Name: NB HANZO R M (Men’s) Color: W2 (White / Blue) Size: D, 2E / 23.5-29.0cm Price: ¥ 14,500 + tax [Image 5

Product Name: NB HANZO R W (Women’s) Color: W2 (White / Red) Size: B, D / 22.0-25.5cm Price: ¥ 14,500 + tax
■ Stores Some stores handling New Balance nationwide New Balance official online store https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/e/eEnb-hanzo-lineup New Balance Official Store * Sold at the following stores from Friday, September 13th. Products handled vary depending on the store. New Balance Harajuku New Balance Ginza New Balance Sapporo New Balance Osaka New Balance Grand Front Osaka New Balance Nagoya About NB HANZO Boston-based New Balance is a global company with M.Lab presided by Mr. Hitoshi Mimura, who has been supporting the challenge of the world of many athletes as a modern artisan and shoe craftsman since January 1, 2018. A partnership agreement was signed, and Mr. Mimura was appointed as a New Balance exclusive advisor. New Balance and M.Lab started co-development of racing shoes, “NB HANZO v2” has been on sale since December 2018. Last: Fit / Hold The major change of “NB HANZO V2”, which was born jointly with M.Lab, is the last (wooden). New based on data created by New Balance based on data measured using 3D scanning, and data measured by M.Lab (MimLab) over the last few decades of tens of thousands of runners The last is born. Improves the fit of the instep and arch, provides excellent midfoot fit, adjusts the toe roll up, allows you to ride with your fingers firmly, has a kick design, and creates a gentle round shape around the Achilles tendon This reduces foot contact and improves running stability and fit with a three-dimensional arch. Upper material: no stuffiness, no blur Developed with attention to breathability and stretchability, the newly developed mesh not only keeps the shoes comfortable, but also provides support that is stable when driving at high speeds. Midsole: Lightweight, bouncy Uses midsole material that combines lightness and resilience. A single material “REVLITE” is used to create a smooth grounding feel. Previously, it was formed with a two-layer structure that combines cushioning and repulsive materials, but it has been improved to a single piece midsole to improve balance and running comfort. Outsole function: grab, scrape In addition to gripping the ground like a spike, the sticky special compound rubber adopts “DYNARIDE” to firmly hold the ground and realize a strong kick.
▼ About New Balance Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance said, “We can clearly demonstrate responsible leadership, athletes can take pride, employees can take pride in the world, and the community can take pride. The company’s mission is to establish a global brand. New Balance was born in 1906 as a manufacturer of orthopedic shoes that cure arch support insoles and flat feet. As a leading manufacturer of athletic brands, New Balance is now running and developing footwear and apparel for lifestyle, tennis, baseball and football. Doing. For more information on New Balance, please visit https://shop.newbalance.jp.
▼ New Balance Japan Official Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/NewBalanceJapan/
▼ New Balance Japan Official Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/newbalance_jp
▼ New Balance Japan Official Instagram URL: http://instagram.com/new_balance_japan [General Customers] New Balance Japan Customer Service Office 0120-85-0997

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