[Kohsha SHAFL] Notice of finalist decision on Tengu Beauty Contest

Joint company SHAFL Announcement of the final list of Tenjin Beauty Contest The world’s first beauty contest of natural silk Tengu from Japan The joint company SHAFL (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, representative Fukuyama Hyakuyo) will be the number one “Tenjin Bijin” with the beauty of traditional Japanese silk held at the Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall on Thursday, September 26, 2019. We will inform you that the finalists of the “1st Tengu Beauty Contest” have been decided. [Image 1

Japanese traditional culture “Tengu” Yamato Deshiko telling silk -Knowing the good old culture and connecting important things to the future- Name: Tengu Beauty Contest Final Stage Schedule: Thursday, September 26, 2019 Time: Opening 17:30 Opening 18:00 Closing 20:30 Venue: Yokohama City Opening Memorial Hall (1-6 Honmachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa) Admission: Free (Invitation only) * Contact information for those who wish to invite: shafl.mejiro@gmail.com Organizer: Joint company SHAFL Cooperation: Farandole Co., Ltd. Qualifications: Women over 18 years old who are willing to learn and experience the experience of Farandole Tengu cosmetics and Japanese traditional culture Supplementary prize: Grand Prix (1 person) prize money 500,000 yen Semi-Grand Prix (2 persons) Cosmetics full set Special prize (2 persons) * The winners will be performing talent activities as image girls on posters, commercials, and pamphlets of the joint company SHAFL and Farandole for one year from December 2019 to December 2020. [[[Finalist Introduction]]] NO.1 Yuko Uchiyama [Image 2

Yuiko Uchiyama Born in Kyoto, enjoys the tea ceremony and has experience working abroad. At that time, I am impressed by the Japanese tradition of “behavior in consideration of the other party” and I want to be able to help the Japanese how they deal with and become familiar with foreigners while becoming a global society. And I want to convey good things such as Tengu! Is the mother of two children. Currently, I am working to make many women beautiful in a day with makeup and fashion, and to have many people experience through company training. I will continue to convey good things to many women. NO.2 Shiina Tachibana [Image 3

Tachibana Shiono In the past, I worked hard at my hotel job to get promoted, but when I was about to get married at the age of 25, I knew I couldn’t get any more promotions, so I turned into a model to do what I wanted to do. I like Mother Teresa. I also like shrines, and sometimes I feel very calm when I go there. The charm point has been to cherish the fact that it is natural with black hair, never dyed. I like the deep and beautiful Japanese traditional culture. And I am confident in the beauty of my skin. We will use Farandole’s Tengu cosmetics to deepen our knowledge of Tengu and learn what you have noticed while learning to improve the beauty of Japanese women with a sense of experience. NO.3 Seiko Kamiyama [Image 4

Seiko Kamiyama I’ve been a farmer for 30 years, raised three boys of baseball boys, experienced officers, and that experience is very useful now. Being a farmer’s bride and becoming a therapist has never been easier, but by continuing to do so, I can now support more. 6 years ago I lost my father-in-law and my mother-in-law on the same day, and now I am looking for something that I can only do from there. I want to help people who want to do what they can only do. This time, I was impressed with the subtitle “Knowing the good old culture and connecting important things to the future” and entered! I want to pass on important things. NO.4 Kanako Kawakami [Image 5

Kanako Kawakami Using Mayuko from the age of 18 and using the full set at the age of 25! I want to be a woman who can communicate important things! I am trying to apply and do my best. The motto is to feel an invisible god, believe in Him and live as yourself. I am interested in the charm of people. “Yamatonadeshiko” is a day of studying and hard work that I want to deliver the courage to live as many people as possible, but I want to keep in mind that I will convey it to myself. NO.5 Keiko Miyamoto [Image 6

Kieko Miyamoto I was working hard to express my heart, so I had a very sunny day. In the desire to expand and talk about, I retired from the company early and worked as a practice room. However, the land development this summer has led to the eviction of Tsukishima, where he was used to living. I met this contest when I lived for a long time and lost an important place. As I grew up in a satoyama and want many people to feel the power of nature, I know the story of a tengu farmer and think of nature that must be lost. As an activity to leave important things in the city, we are also working with husbands to leave images of Tsukishima. We will also hold Tasami school and hope to expand the experience that has been enriched by Japanese tradition. NO.6 Sayuri Miyawaki [Image 7

Sayuri Miyawaki I am raising two boys as a single mother. Originally from Miyazaki, she experienced severe child-rearing for her mother when she was young, and had a desire to support women from her DV experience in her marriage. He has 17 years of experience in the world of IT, marketing, sales, programming, etc. Even if he becomes a single mother, he makes use of his career as a business owner and works mainly on consulting for women. Along with that, we are also providing lecturers throughout the country while supporting peace of mind and working for women who are poverty as single mothers. With the ideal of a grandmother who was supposed to go to Yamato Nadeshiko on the ground, I will work to expand the Japanese mind. NO.7 Ayano Takashima [Image 8

Ayano Takashima A mother of three children. There was a time when I was worried about love through child-raising, but I was living with my mother-in-law, and when I realized and felt love when my mother-in-law cherished me, I was surrounded by gratitude and excitement. 5 years later, I want to be able to know the meaning of my birth! And learning days. On the other hand, Yamato was not touched by this character and left his head. But I thought, “I ’m still …”. Meanwhile, in July, I won the health beauty contest sponsored by Ken Kaneko and gained courage, so I dared to challenge. I don’t know how much I can do, but I will do my best. NO.8 Ami Nakamura [Image 9

Ami Nakamura Tendon cosmetics are used for children, and the family feels good! The time to use is also a very happy time! While trying to do various things while thinking of “I want to express” and learning at a seminar, now I am active as a singer, and a training course as a teacher of a therapist who adjusts the vibration by responding to the chakra with your own voice We hold and do their best. I would like to express my thoughts and important things to convey the message of Tengu and the Japanese spirit as a Japanese so that I can live with satisfaction every day. NO.9 Aya Sano [Image 10

Aya Sano Mayuco arrived in search of cosmetics with rough skin. I felt good and enjoyed using it, so when I looked it up, I found the contest! I want to convey the goodness! I applied. There was a new awareness and change by writing the impressions while learning through the course. When I was in college, my experience of winning the Smile Crew at McDonald’s thought that my mother’s love was in shape. I want to share happiness and participate in Noto activities in Ishikawa Prefecture as a volunteer. I like castles and have an interest in history, and I usually work on architectural land development. I would like to make an effort not only to convey what I have gained but also to learn and convey new things. [About Farandole Co., Ltd.] In order to protect Tengu, one of the traditional Japanese culture that appears in the Kojiki and the Imperial Family is valued, the number of Tengu farmers is now limited to 100 in Japan. Utilizing the patented technology of Fukushima Prefecture, which is a water-soluble silk thread, we deliver it as cosmetics that can be used by many people. Not only women but also children, adults and men are widely used as cosmetics and skin care products, and there are many experiences that have been beautiful and healthy. With the hope that many people’s days will be beautiful, we have opened a new place on the M1 floor of the Yokohama Silk Center today from September 8th. Company name: Farandole Co., Ltd. Creation: July 2007 Capital: 10 million yen Address: DSM Shin-Yokohama Building 3F, 2-6-3 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 222-0033, Japan Representative Director: Ryo Taji TEL: O45-471-5888 FAX: O45-471-41O3 URL: www.mayuco.jp/

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