[Goldwin Co., Ltd.] ellesse HERITAGE, “JieDa” collaboration collection “ellesse × JieDa” released on September 13

Goldwin Inc. ellesse HERITAGE to release collaboration collection “ellesse x JieDa” with “JieDa” on September 13 “Ellesse HERITAGE” developed by Goldwin Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Akio Nishida / Part 1 of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: Code No. 8111) was designed by designer Hiroyuki Fujita and won the “Tokyo Fashion Award 2019” The collaborative collection “ellesse x JieDa” with the men’s brand “JieDa”, which attracts attention both in Japan and overseas, will be released sequentially from Friday, September 13 at limited stores and online stores. [Image 1

In this collaborative collection, the theme of “Dummy Concept, Dummy World.“ A world that is all a false world (the universe) ”” is the theme of Fujita ’s image of the unknown universe. Represented with floating materials and silhouettes that remind us. The collaboration was realized by matching the classic pop style proposed by “ellesse HERITAGE” with “sports taste that retro and future coexist” that Mr. Fujita was looking for as a new element in his brand. While maintaining the original world view that incorporates youth culture and various historical backgrounds that Mr. Fujita has expressed through the “JieDa” brand, items that combine the functionality of sports proposed by “ellesse HERITAGE” Expand. In addition to the “Heritage Venetian Boa” that employs the “Boa Fit System” that does not use shoe laces, the Eresse shoes “Heritage Venetiana” features a retro shape reminiscent of the 1980s. Expand the cap type 1. Elesse will propose innovative styles to a wide range of generations by developing “ellesse HERITAGE” in addition to the category centering on conventional tennis wear. [Collaboration collection “ellesse x JieDa” store] monkey time HARAJUKU (6-13-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) KIKUNOBU TOKYO (103 Soumuru Daikanyama, 3-3 Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) KIKUNOBU OSAKA (Minamisenba OM Building 3F, 4-13-12 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka) KIKUNOBU (78 Mamo-cho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture) KIKUNOBU WEB STORE (kikunobu.shop-pro.jp/) ellesse ONLINE STORE (www.goldwin.co.jp/ellesse/) [Representative products] [Image 2

■ Heritage Venetian Naboa Product number: EFH9120JD Price: 17,000 yen + tax Size: 26.0cm, 26.5cm, 27.0cm, 27.5cm, 28.0cm Color: K (Black) In the 1980s, the Boa Fit System was adopted for the all-coat model “Heritage Veneziana” of the Elise tennis shoes that gained popularity on the West Coast of the United States. The “Boa Fit System” has a structure consisting of a fine-adjustable dial, a powerful and lightweight race, and a low-friction race guide for smooth attachment and detachment and high fit. The side panel and heel logo that enhance the fit without changing the iconic sole with a strong presence reproduce the parts at that time. [Image 3

■ Military coat Product number: EM59350JD Price: 79,000 yen + tax Size: 1, 2 Color: K (Black) * Photo, BR (Brown) The outer material is made of glossy nylon, has a water repellent function, and has a proper tension to keep the silhouette firmly. A detachable vest is placed on top of the mod coat, and the silhouette can be changed by adjusting the waist string with a silhouette that gives a sense of volume. The tape of the collaboration uses the tape of the collaboration logo “JieDa × ellesse”. [Image 4

■ Logo sweat Product number: EM39350JD Size: 1, 2 Price: 23,000 yen + tax Color: K (black), BR (brown) * Photo Sweat made with a back fleece material characterized by a short pile on the skin. Can be worn all year round with a relaxed silhouette and moderate thickness.
[“Ellesse x JieDa” special site] www.goldwin.co.jp/ellesse/heritage/feature/jieda-2019fw/ [Image 5

[Designer Profile] JieDa designer Hiroyuki Fujita Born in Shimane Prefecture in 1979. Worked for 10 years at a famous select shop in Osaka. After leaving the company, he learned how to make clothes while helping the Sakai brand. After that, he became independent in Shimane in 2007. Launched “JieDa”. At the same time, a select shop “KIKUNOBU” was opened. Currently, there are 3 stores in Shimane / Osaka / Tokyo. Moved base to Tokyo from 2015. Selected for 6 Upcoming Brands to Check Out This Month at Highsnobiety on the website in April 2016. (www.highsnobiety.com/2016/04/12/best-upcoming-brands-april-2016/) In addition, when exhibiting at LIBERTY FAIRS New York, it was selected as a limited selection frame in the LIBERTY FAIRS x FARFETCH project. In addition, it is published in many sites including HYPEBEAST. In 2017, the exhibition will start at PARIS. In 2018, he won the TOKYO FASHION AWARD presided by Tokyo (tokyo-fashion-award.jp/). Inspired by the world’s youth culture and backgrounds of various eras, incorporating their “mood” and brushing up, the resulting work attracts many fans of all ages. In all the collections, we have commissioned high-quality factories in Japan to create high-quality designs with edgy designs. About “JieDa” The brand name, Jieda, has the meaning of wanting to send it out to many people so that the style proposed by the tree can be compared to a tree and its originality can be branched. It breaks the barriers of streets and modes, and proposes a style that is not caught by fashion. About “ellesse HERITAGE” “Ellesse HERITAGE” is a collection that proposes a new classic pop style that incorporates the innovativeness and functional beauty of Eresse into the elegant and passionate designs and colors that were hit in the 1980s and 90s. In Europe, the brand holder Pentland began to expand in 2013, and in Japan, the company has been operating since the spring / summer 2017 season. We are working on rebranding by promoting promotions through collaborations with famous artists. About Eresse Elesse is a sports brand born in Italy in 1959. The founder is Leonardo Salvádio who inherited the blood of the nobility and loved sports. Having enjoyed skiing and tennis with royals from around the world, he sought elegance and passion for the sports scene and created an innovative style. The “half ball mark” was born in the shape of the tip of tennis balls and skis, and the red of passion and the orange of the Italian sun. In Japan, we become a brand holder and conduct global brand marketing for rebranding in cooperation with Pentland (UK). * “Ellesse” Brand official website www.goldwin.co.jp/ellesse/ * “Ellesse HERITAGE” Website www.goldwin.co.jp/ellesse/heritage/ INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/ellesseheritagejp/ FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/ellesseheritagejp/ TWITTER https://twitter.com/ellessejapan

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