[TENTIAL] Conditioning insole “TENTIAL ZERO” exceeded 100 professional athlete users in 1 month

TENTIAL Conditioning insole “TENTIAL ZERO” exceeded 100 professional athlete users in one month Insole which prepares condition from daily life just to wear TENTIAL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Yutaro Nakanishi, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has confirmed that the number of professional athletes using the insole “TENTIAL ZERO” sold since August 8, 2019 has exceeded 100. I will report. [Image 1

“TENTIAL ZERO” is an insole that allows you to condition your body by putting it in your normal shoes. The goal is to support conditioning in daily life so that users can exercise their full potential at the time when they should exercise their full potential under the theme “Daily Power”. In particular, it is required to show the best performance at a limited moment of “competition”, and for that reason, it creates sympathy among athletes whose daily conditioning is indispensable, and more than 100 professional athletes in less than a month from the release Purchased. The number of supporters continues to increase, with voices such as “I am less tired” and “I am more comfortable walking”. Of course, this product is also recommended for salesmen and nurses, who are putting a lot of strain on their feet every day when they walk and work frequently. Come and experience the importance of everyday conditioning.
■ About TENTIAL ZERO According to a user survey of the sports platform “SPOSHIRU” operated by our company, it was found that there are many people who have problems such as “easy to get tired” and “feeling heavy” caused by poor footing. Therefore, considering that the condition of the foot is the key to improving the overall condition of the body, the developed product is “TENTIAL ZERO”. ・ Official website: https://tential.jp/
■ Professional soccer player Fumiya Hayakawa (Albirex Niigata) What I feel most when I wear it is that it moves forward naturally, it is easy to walk with weight on it. You can feel it when you are walking on the ground with your fingers firmly. I feel that my posture is so fast that I can easily take the next step. I think that’s because the arch of the foot is made well. I started to feel that my normal walk is “I want to walk more, I can walk forever, I do n’t have a hard time walking”. [Image 2

■ Professional basketball player Ryo Tado (Yokohama Bee Corseers) I often wear loafers and dress shoes, but I get tired because the soles are thinner than sneakers. The sole of my foot hurts, but I wear it because I want to wear it. TENTIAL ZERO will help you with that. I don’t get tired. It is both fashionable and functional! I want to recommend it. I would definitely recommend it to students and adults who wear leather shoes. [Image 3

■ Ultimate Japan Representative Yue Tamura My heels hurt when I wear spikes, but when I put them in my regular training shoes, I felt that the heels were a little less painful. I also cut the anterior cruciate ligament, but my fear of recurrence was halved. Also, since I walk for 20 minutes by commuting, I use it for commuting shoes. Isn’t an Oshales sneaker so easy to walk? But I want to wear it because it’s cute and my favorite (laughs). Thanks to TENTIAL ZERO, the ease of walking has increased. [Image 4

■ About TENTIAL Inc. Our company is a sports tech company with the vision of “If you keep walking, the world will shine more.” In addition to hosting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics / Paralympics, the 2019 Rugby World Cup, the 2021 Kansai World Masters Cup, etc. Multiply and create the next generation sports business in line with the digital age. Established: February 2018 Representative: Yutaro Nakanishi Location: Tokyo Metropolitan area Shibuya-ku Jingumae 2-18-22 S & T Jingumae Building 3F Company website: https://corp.tential.jp/ SUPOSHIRU: https://sposhiru.com/

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