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Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Toppan Printing and Nippon Sport Science University, the world’s first athlete analysis Started collaborative research on a system that provides optimal motion training methods tailored to individuals based on motion analysis data of top athletes, and is used to improve athletic ability and health promotion of all generations, from children to the elderly Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideharu Tsuji, hereinafter Toppan Printing) and Nippon Sport Science University (Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Koji Gushiken, Nihon University) Joint research of “loop type motion training system using standard motion model” that provides the optimal motion training method tailored to the individual based on the motion analysis data of top athletes will be started. Through this joint research, we aim to improve the athletic ability and health promotion of sports enthusiasts and athletes in all generations, from children to the elderly. * Loop type: The top athlete’s motion analysis data is compared with the motion of the athlete, and the instructor advises on improvements. A method that achieves optimal and efficient operation improvement by correcting the motion based on the advice and repeating the trial. This joint research is based on the standard motion model developed by Prof. Michiyoshi Ae, Graduate School of Physical Education, Nippon National University, and the movement according to the characteristics of the athletes who have experienced leaders. Integrate methods and build motion training methods to learn exemplary behaviors of various sports motions. Based on the standard data accumulated in the database, we will develop a loop-type motion training system that utilizes the advanced expression technology of Toppan Printing. Specifically, Nippon Sport Science University will capture athletes’ motions, create a standard motion model that is efficient and less burdensome to the body, and creates a database of coach training methods. Toppan Printing will develop a visualization technology to compare improvement points with standard motion models and extract improvements. In addition, coaches evaluate athletes and algorithmize training methods for improvement, enabling independent training. In addition, a platform for improving usability will be realized. This makes it possible to receive optimal advice tailored to model behavior and individuals from the score information obtained by comparing the standard motion model with its own motion and calculating motion differences. Through this joint research, we will realize efficient sports training with less burden on the body, improve the skills of the instructor by using this system, improve the ability of children by using it in the education field, Contribute to health promotion and revitalize sports market. At the Toppan Printing Booth at the 70th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Physical Education (hosted by Nippon Sport Science University, venue: Keio University Hiyoshi Campus), which will be held from September 10th (Tuesday) to 12th (Thursday), 2019 Introducing this joint research. [Image 1

Overview of “Loop type motion training system using standard motion model” (C) Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. [Image 2

Overview of “Loop type motion training system using standard motion model” (C) Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
■ Background In order to improve sports, motion training with proper instruction with specialized knowledge is indispensable for injury prevention, athlete training, and extension of athlete life. However, in recent years, there are not many teachers with sports experience in the field of education due to the lack of teachers and diversified competition needs, making it difficult to provide appropriate guidance. In addition, various local governments are promoting sports activities for health maintenance with the aim of preventing lifestyle-related diseases in order to optimize medical expenses, which will increase due to the arrival of a super-aged society. Proper guidance that leads to prevention and efficient physical function improvement is important. Toppan Printing uses advanced expression technology cultivated in printing technology, high-definition image data processing technology, and measurement technology to accurately digitize shapes, and content such as 4K8K video expression, virtual reality (VR), and digital archives. Provide solutions. In addition, the “SPORTRAIT (R)” website is a website that provides information on sports for people with disabilities as the official partner company of the Japan Sports Association for Persons with Disabilities. (Sportrait) “and other activities to actively contribute to society through sports promotion. Since its founding, Nihon Taidai has nurtured the mental and physical health, which is the wish of all people, based on physical education, physical activity, and sports, and has pursued the development of world-class athletes and instructors. . This time, Prof. Ae, who promotes joint research, developed a biomechanical analysis method of sports movement and technology from the viewpoint of sports biomechanics and coaching science. We are conducting research mainly on standard motion model creation methods and evaluation diagnostic methods for various sports technologies based on data. * This time, Toppan Printing’s advanced expression technology and Nippon Sport Science University’s sports movement and technology analysis methods are merged to improve the ability of sports enthusiasts and athletes of all generations, as well as instructors, and revitalize the sports market We will conduct joint research on the world’s first “loop motion training system using standard motion models”.
■ Outline of joint research ・ Acquisition of motion analysis data such as top athletes and standard motion model The movements of performers with excellent skills such as top athletes are considered to be the most efficient movements (good movements) for achieving exercise tasks, which are efficient and less burdensome on the body. By collecting the motion data and reconstructing the common points, we create a standard motion model that will serve as an example for various sports. ・ Create a database of coaching methods 最適 Combine the best coaching techniques to learn good movements and store them in the database. In this way, the know-how possessed by superior leaders, which has been regarded as tacit knowledge, is formalized. ・ Development of motion training content and examination of services for social implementation A loop-type motion training system using the standard motion model for social implementation that contributes to improving skills of sports enthusiasts and athletes, improving children’s abilities, and improving the health of the elderly, using the standard motion model as a teaching material Will be developed.
■ Role of each company in joint research ・ Toppan printing: database construction of motion training methods, Development of motion training system using standard motion model using advanced expression technology ・ Nichitai University: Supervision in standardization of motion analysis data Provide data related to athletes’ behavior and coaching methods (* 2) held by the university
■ Future goals Toppan Printing and Nihon Chodai are conducting joint research, and “ Loop-type motion training system using standard motion models ” will be applied to educational institutions, sports clubs, company / school sports teams, and sports equipment manufacturers from Toppan Printing in 2020. We aim to start sales during the fiscal year. In the future, we will build a database of motion training methods that integrate standard motion models and optimal coaching methods in various competitions, and aim to provide a motion training platform business that distributes optimal content including apps to various business operators. The Toppan Printing will continue to promote the establishment of a platform and services that create new value that responds to social issues by promoting new businesses aimed at promoting sports and developing content using advanced video technology. .
■ About the 70th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Physical Education Date: September 10 (Tue)-12 (Thu), 2019 Venue: Keio University Hiyoshi Campus (4-11-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa) Exhibitor: Toppan Printing Exhibit location: 4th School Building Independence Building 2nd floor D203 Classroom Booth No.29 Exhibit contents: Concept video, panel, etc. * 1 One of the fundamental fields of physical education and sports science for the purpose of studying human movements and sports movements dynamically, investigating movement mechanisms and technical principles, and preventing disabilities. * 2 Nichotsu University President Koji Gushiken (Gymnastics), Masuhiko Mizuno (Athletics), Yoshiaki Hamada (Gymnastics), Hiroshi Yamamoto (Archery), Masahiro Fujita (Basketball), Yuji Kihara (Golf), Tsuguhiko Tsuji (Golf) Baseball) and others * “Loop-type motion training system using standard motion model” is patent-pending by Toppan Printing and Nippon Sport Science University. * The product / service names listed in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. * The information in this news release is current as of the date of announcement. It is subject to change without notice. that’s all

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