[New Balance Japan Co., Ltd.] The ultra-light carbon-equipped speed shoe FUELCELL5280 will be available at the official online store from 12:00 on September 12 (Thursday).

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. Ultra light carbon-equipped speed shoes FUELCELL5280 will be released on the official online store from 12:00 on September 12 (Thursday) “FUELCELL 5280” with its name from “5280 feet” converted from 1 mile to feet. Intended for high-speed races over short distances, shoes specializing in being able to run high-level runners at high speeds are available only on the official online store.
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New Balance As a new series of running shoes, the new series “FUELCELL” series “5280”, which pursued the “speed” challenged to develop with athletes, is the new balance official from 12:00 on September 12 (Thursday) Limited sale at online store. “5280” was developed at the Innovation Design Studio at the New Balance headquarters in Boston, USA. In order to create the ultimate shoes for runners from scratch, we prototyped dozens of prototypes while testing new designs and materials based on the performance data of Jenny Simpson, who is active in the world as a team NB mid-range athlete. Developed “FUELCELL foam” midsole material with the highest rebound resilience in New Balance. A multi-direction carbon fiber plate is inserted into the FUELCELL foam for a high-level energy return. Realize and make runners feel unprecedented speed. Jenny Simpson will update the tournament record by wearing “5280” at the “New Balance 5th Avenue Mile” 1-mile (1.6km) race held on Sunday, September 8, 2019 on 5th Avenue in New York He won the 8th victory with a time of 4 minutes 17 seconds. It will be on sale from 12:00 on September 12 (Thursday) only at the official online store. M5280 (Men’s) https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/g/gM5280SOL W5280 (Women) https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/g/gW5280SOL
■ FUELCELL 5280 “5280” built from data of Jenny Simpson, Team NB’s fastest road mylar, is a racing sensation of a new sensation that uses the track spike structure as road shoes. The multi-direction carbon fiber plate is combined with the midsole of “FUELCELL foam”, a new midsole material with super high resilience to boost the driving force. CARBON FIBER PLATE (carbon fiber plate) Built-in strategically designed plates that take advantage of the characteristics of carbon. A unique multi-direction carbon fiber plate that combines the flexibility that promotes natural grounding and the hardness that produces powerful driving force leads to explosive speed. FUEL CELL Combines a soft foot feeling that is beyond expectations, light weight, and rebound that has never been experienced before. HYPOKNIT Full-knit structure strategically designed with a focus on stretchability, flexibility and support to support high performance. DYNARIDE Adopting DYNARIDE, which bites the ground like a scratch, on the outsole ensures that the ground is gripped even during high-speed driving and leads to the next step. [Image 2

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Product Name: M5280 (Men’s) Color: SOL (white) Size: D / 25.0-27.5cm Price: ¥ 22,000 + tax https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/g/gM5280SOL Product Name: W5280 (Women’s) Color: SOL (white) Size: B / 24.0-25.5cm Price: ¥ 22,000 + tax https://shop.newbalance.jp/shop/g/gW5280SOL [Image 6

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▼ About New Balance Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance said, “We can clearly demonstrate responsible leadership, athletes can take pride, employees can take pride in the world, and the community can take pride. The company’s mission is to establish a global brand. New Balance was born in 1906 as a manufacturer of orthopedic shoes that cure arch support insoles and flat feet. As a leading manufacturer of athletic brands, New Balance is now running and developing footwear and apparel for lifestyle, tennis, baseball and football. Doing. For more information on New Balance, please visit https://shop.newbalance.jp.
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