[KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.] Daisuke Takahashi’s long-awaited book for 13 years of close coverage! “Daisuke Takahashi, nobody knows” released on October 25!

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. A long-awaited book of Daisuke Takahashi’s 13-year coverage! “Daisuke Takahashi, nobody knows” released on October 25! KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuki Matsubara) will release Daisuke Ikawa’s “Daisuke Takahashi nobody knows” on Friday, October 25, 2019. [Image

From Daisuke Ikawa’s “Daisuke Takahashi, no one knows” In 2018, Daisuke Takahashi, a figure skater who suddenly announced his return to active duty for the first time in four years, and was popular with the world. In the same year’s All Japan Championship, it won 2nd place. The performance after a long blank attracted as many people as before and gave me courage and excitement. This is the first book written by Daisuke Igawa, director of Kansai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., which Takahashi has been working with since 19 years old. Based on the documentary program of the same name broadcast on Kansai TV, “Daisuke Takahashi, nobody knows” (2014 broadcast) and “Daisuke Takahashi, nobody knows” (2018 broadcast), re-records for about 13 years I made it into a book. Mr. Daisuke Takahashi as a “player”, such as the backstage to return to 2018, the season when he suffered from injury, impressive words after winning the bronze medal at the Vancouver Olympics, and sometimes the appearance of blurring Also, the moment that we have captured as “human” can be said to be “nobody ever knew”. After four years of blanking, Takahashi has accepted himself, who has failed even after many mistakes, and has returned to the world of figure skating as a competitor. The way to enjoy skating positively and vividly gives many people a hint of how to live. In addition, you can see the player’s image from the column of the coach, Mr. Utsuko Nagamitsu, and the photographer, Hiroyuki Matsuda, who has continued to take pictures. * Takahashi’s high is a ladder. [Bibliographic information] Title: Daisuke Takahashi, no one knows Author: Daisuke Igawa List price: 1,600 yen + tax Appearance: Made in 46-size, book Number of pages: 224 pages ISBN: 9784041086179 www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321905000107/ ★ Bonus: Amazon limited edition (with 2 postcards) and normal version (with 1 postcard). [Author Biography] Daisuke Ikawa Joined Kansai Television Broadcasting Corporation in 1998. He belongs to the sports club from 2000 to summer 2019. In addition to figure skating, he is in charge of baseball, golf, marathon, boxing, etc. as a relay director. Also, former producer of Koyabu SPORTS, which is broadcast in the Kansai area from 5pm on Saturday evening. As of autumn 2019, in addition to sports programs, I am in charge of a variety of variety programs.

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