[FWD Fuji Life Insurance Co., Ltd.] Former SKE48 Miki Yakata appears at the opening ceremony! September 14th (Saturday) “FWD Fuji Life Day” will be held in the ORIX Buffaloes official game!

FWD Fuji Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Former SKE48 Miki Yakata appeared in the opening ceremony! September 14th (Saturday) “FWD Fuji Life Day” will be held in the ORIX Buffaloes official game! -Holding an early Halloween event- FWD Fuji Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “FWD Fuji Life”), a member of the insurance group FWD in Asia, is the 2019 season uniform sponsor of the professional baseball team, ORIX Buffaloes. On September 14th (Saturday), Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles will be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka as “FWD Fuji Life Day”. For the opening ceremony of the day, Miki Yakata of former SKE48 will make his first climb. [Image 1

Miki Yakata FWD Fuji Life’s brand slogan is “Ikaze, Life.” With the desire to relieve our customers from the anxiety about the future that lives in their daily lives and to enjoy the present. This time, we will support the game as a crown sponsor so that you can see and enjoy the play of Orix Buffaloes players who are lively and active on the ground. Miki Yakata, who had served as the opening ceremony of the day, announced that in April 2018, after graduating from the idol group SKE48, he had undergone a complete removal of the left breast for breast cancer. He is currently working positively for work and treatment while fighting breast cancer. We are working on early detection of breast cancer, one in 11 women in Japan who will develop life-long life. We hold seminars and educational events to convey correct knowledge and self-check methods. He talked about his experiences on behalf of patients. There was such an edge, and we decided to have you go to the first ball type this time. In addition, the Halloween event “Olic or Orito Supported by FWD Fuji Life” will be held for three days from September 14th (Sat) to 16th (Monday / Holiday), including “FWD Fuji Life Day”. On the day of the event, the entire stadium will be an early Halloween mood, such as the distribution of original sweets and face stickers to children wearing orange items.
■ Overview of FWD Fuji Life Day ・ Name: “FWD Fuji Life Day” ・ Battle card: Orix Buffaloes vs. Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles ・ Date and time: Saturday, September 14, 2019 Game start: 14:00 ・ Location: Kyocera Dome Osaka ・ Sponsor: FWD Fuji Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
■ Profile of Miki Yakata [Image 2

Miki Yakata June 29, 1992 Born in Oita Prefecture After graduating from SKE48, where he belonged for 7 and a half years, he started working as a talent. In April 2018, when she was 25 years old, she underwent left mastectomy and lymphadenectomy for stage 2B breast cancer. In addition to conveying the importance of “knowing your own body”, she is sending out her daily life in a positive way that she does not give up her dream even if she becomes cancerous. Currently, he is active nationwide based in Nagoya, including television and radio appearances, narration, MC, lectures, etc. In 2020, the debut as a voice actor, a dream since childhood, has also been decided.
■ Outline of “Orick or Orito Supported by FWD Fuji Life” ・ Schedule: September 14 (Sat)-16 (Mon / Holiday) [Image 3

“Orick or Orito Supported by FWD Fuji Life” logo <Event contents1. Buffaloes original Halloween sweets are presented to children! Original sweets will be given to children wearing orange items and their accompanying guardians inside the gate. (2,000 people on the first day of each day) [Image 4

Halloween original candy 1. ※ The image is an image [Image 5

Halloween original candy 2. ※ The image is an image 2. Let’s taste the costume! Get an original face seal! On the day, a face seal will be presented to children and their accompanying guardians at Gate 13. (2,000 people on the first day of each day) In addition, if you put on a face seal on the spot, you will receive a photo taken at Cheki Wide. [Image 6

Original face seal ※ The image is an image * If the distribution quantity is reached, it will end at that point. Please note. * One per person will be given.
■ About FWD Fuji Life Insurance Co., Ltd. As a member of the FWD Group, we provide life insurance, medical insurance, and employee benefits related insurance. Since starting business in August 1996, we have always been thinking from the customer’s perspective and aiming to develop simple, easy-to-understand, unique products and new customer experiences that meet customer needs. . FWD Fuji Life’s vision is to “renew the way people feel and feel about insurance”. Offering simple and easy-to-understand products and services through technology, aiming to become a world where everyone thinks like it is natural, not to prepare for fear or anxiety of an emergency, but to enjoy life without sacrificing To do. For more information about FWD Fuji Life, please visit www.fwdfujilife.co.jp. Or visit the official Instagram account @fwd_japan.

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