[KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.] Johnny’s WEST appeared on the cover and introductory gravure. 7 people divided into 2 teams and got into 3 sports! Johnny’s Jr. “Ryowa Restoration!”

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Johnny WEST appears on the front cover & intro gravure. 7 people are divided into 2 teams and battled in 3 sports! Johnny’s Jr. “Ryowa Restoration!” Johnny’s WEST will appear on the cover and introductory gravure of “Weekly The Television” September 11 (Wednesday) issue by KADOKAWA Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuki Matsubara). In addition, an extra large correlation chart of the characters appearing in all 23 works of the new autumn drama, and a summary version of Johnny’s Jr. “Ryo Ishin! Weekly The Television is also available as an electronic magazine that digitizes all pages, including Johnny’s talent gravure. You can read “Weekly The Television” entirely on your smartphone! [Image 2

The latest issue of “Weekly The Television” is Johnny’s WEST, who was appointed as a special supporter of the World Cup Valley, on the cover and introductory gravure. Seven members are divided into two teams and play with volleyball, arm wrestling, three people and four legs! He also talks about the secret behind the production of the new song “Big Shot !!”. Also featured three major autumn drama specials! Dean Fujioka plays the genius detective “Sherlock”, “Four-minute Marigold” in which Fukushi Kaoru and Nana Oo appear as siblings, “The latest site SHOT”, 23 new dramas Deliver 3 projects, “Super Correlation Diagram” that summarizes the relationships of 131 people, “Messages from the leading role” featuring Takuya Kimura, Hiroshi Abe, and Hana, and others! In addition, an interview with Sho Sakurai, a special supporter at the Rugby World Cup, and a total of 22 members from the entire Lipo, SixTONES, Snow Man, and Travis Japan members of the 15th anniversary of Kanjani Eight’s “Fifteenth Festival” in Tokyo This week’s issue is full of Johnny’s information, including a summary version that looks back on the unreleased cuts and comments for the first time of the 22 consecutive popular Johnny’s Jr. In addition, interviews of Haruno Miura and Miyoko Tabe who play the lover of “10 years love” in the movie “Aine Kleine Naha Tom Zeek” appear in the drama “Sagideca” Fumino Kimura and Makoto Takasugi. The latest issue of “Weekly The Television” will be released and distributed on Wednesday, September 11! “Weekly The Television” 9/20 (released on September 11 & distributed) Main contents https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321902001815/
● Johnny WEST “Autumn Sports 3rd Game”
● Sho Sakurai “Light for Victory”
● Summary of Johnny’s Jr.
● Kanjani Eight “Fifteenth Festival” Tokyo Performance
● Fall drama latest site SHOT
● Autumn drama super correlation chart
● Autumn drama leading role message
● Love talk at Yuta Kishi with Koichi Domoto “Secret Meeting Restaurant” -Kanjani Eight Series [Kanjani Eight Back Nicle!]
● Sexy Zone series “Sexy Nap”
● Takeumi Kitamura series “take me, take you”
● Dr. Nakagawa “Be Ambitious!” And more! “Weekly The Television” released every Wednesday A4 size special price 400 yen * Release date may vary in some areas Hokkaido / Aomori edition / Akita / Iwate / Yamagata edition / Miyagi / Fukushima edition / Nagano / Niigata edition / Toyama / Ishikawa / Fukui edition / Metropolitan area edition / Shizuoka edition / Chubu edition / Kansai edition / Okayama / Shikoku edition / Hiroshima / Yamaguchi edition East / Shimane / Tottori Version / Fukuoka / Saga / Yamaguchi West Version / Kagoshima / Miyazaki / Oita Version / Kumamoto / Nagasaki / Okinawa Version / Electronic version “Weekly The Television” distributed every Wednesday Special price 400 yen * The electronic version of the program guide will be the metropolitan area version BOOK ☆ WALKER, Amazon kindle store, and other electronic bookstores are now available! You can read “The Television” entirely on your smartphone, tablet or PC! . (Related Sites)
● Website “The Television”: thetv.jp/
● Official twitter: https://twitter.com/thetvjp (Magazine / electronic version information) [Image 2

Weekly The Television 9/20 Cover: Johnny WEST Special list price: 400 yen Release Date / Delivery Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 Issue: KADOKAWA Inc. https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321902001815/

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