[Naked Co., Ltd.] Directed by Naked, held at Hakata “Kushida Shrine” “Tsukino Banquet” for the first time this fall!

Naked Corporation Directed by Naked, held at Hakata “Kushida Shrine” “Tsukino Banquet” for the first time this fall! Disseminating Japanese culture for inbound visitors to Rugby World Cup 2019 Naked, Inc. (English: NAKED Inc. Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Ryotaro Muramatsu) will be held in Fukuoka City from October 11th (Friday) to 14th (Monday / Holiday) As a special directing of the “Hakata Old Town Light Up Walk 2019 Thousand Nights”, “Kushida Shrine Tsukinoban Directed by NAKED” will be held within the precincts of Kushida Shrine. [Image 1

The Hakata Old Town Light-Up Walk, held in the Hakata area, lined with temples and shrines that tell the long history of Hakata, discovers the charm of Hakata Old Town that is different from daytime for citizens and tourists. We started in 2006 with the desire to get more familiar with historical landscapes. In 2019, a total of 18 venues will be held, including the collaboration venue with the “Hakata Old Town Whole Museum”, which was popular last year. * A paid ticket is required to view the collaboration venue of “Hakata Old Town Whole Museum 2019”. “Kushida Shrine Tsukinoban Directed by NAKED” has been known for “Hakata Gion Yamakasa”, one of Japan’s leading festivals, with the theme of “Festival of people and sound and light”. Kushida Shrine, the total guardian of Hakata watching the development of the city, will be lit up and colored with a performance show. In the performance show held in the free area that is the highlight, the traditional Hakata folk song, Kuroda Set, based on the anecdote of the Fukuoka 藩 Kuroda family in the Edo period, is arranged in a modern style. A new Japanese culture will be delivered through a banquet dance with light and other effects. In the pay area in the precincts, decorations and light-ups such as the full moon and Japanese pampas grass are carried out on the theme of moon viewing, which is a Japanese autumn feature. Envelop the area with a fantastic and atmospheric atmosphere. Please enjoy the autumn festival that can only be experienced here at the historic Kushida Shrine, where Hakata’s tradition and modernity merge. Outline Event name: Kushida Shrine Tsukino Feast Directed by NAKED Period: October 11 (Friday) to October 14 (Monday / holiday) 2019 Time: 18: 00-21: 00 Show start time: 1.19: 00 ~ 2.20: 00 ~ (about 10 minutes each) ※Rain or shine. In case of stormy weather, it may be canceled. Place: Kushida Shrine precincts

A creative company founded in 1997 by Ryotaro Muramatsu, a group of video directors / designers / CG directors / writers. Regardless of media or genre, continue creative activities such as movies / advertising / TV / installation. In recent years, he has been working on the overall production of spaces using light by combining various techniques such as projection mapping, art creation, and production. Currently, more than 3 million people are mobilized for events and shows that are planned, directed and produced by the company. ・ NAKED Inc. Official Website: https://naked.co.jp ・ NAKED Inc. Twitter account: @NAKED_STAFF / NAKED Inc. Instagram account: @naked_inc

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