[TV Osaka Co., Ltd.] Adult improvised romance drama “12 women who want to be embraced” starts in TV Osaka in October!

TV Osaka Co., Ltd. Adult improvised drama “12 women who want to be hugged” without a script starts on TV Osaka in October! TV Osaka: Broadcast from 1:26 to 1:56 midnight on Saturday, October 5, 2019 Twelve individual actresses appearing in each story seriously persuade the starring Koji Yamamoto (Bar Master). [Image 1

(C) “12 Women I Want to Embrace” Production Committee
◆ Twelve actresses known to the acting group visit each story bar
◆ Koji Yamamoto is not informed who will come to the bar
◆ Pay attention to the impromptu drama of the hit production that the actresses develop with their own characters
◆ “Cocktail” now recommended for girls
◆ Seriously Koji Yamamoto! What are the special features of a sophisticated actress …
This program is an improvised romantic drama for adults. Twelve individuality actresses decide on their own characters in advance, and then continue the conversation without a script. A bride who knew her boyfriend’s cheating while fitting a wedding dress and jumped into the store. A full-bodied high-class and casual Balikari girl with an extreme Tohoku dialect complex. A wife in a mourning dress that confesses that she has taken out a pistol and has killed a beloved man. Koji Yamamoto, who listens to these stories and makes a bartender, offers a cocktail that fits his mood. A sweet and sour cocktail that reminds you of a fun past, a refreshing cocktail that makes you feel nostalgic enough to forget about the complex, and a cocktail that is so sweet that you get to the last after knowing the acidity and sweetness. Gradually, they begin to be attracted by men in front of them who understand their feelings. And finally, I’m seriously trying to persuade him. If you are a man, you want to be pressed like this! Woman May be helpful! ? We will send you “12 women you want to hold” that you can enjoy with a good look.
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(C) “12 Women I Want to Embrace” Production Committee A hideaway bar in some places in Tokyo. The bartender is run by Koji Yamamoto. There are 12 actresses full of personality that appear alone. Now, free lovers who have no lovers are tasting sake Start spilling past man’s history and bitches. The bartenders talked to them as they snuggled up Listen. Two people in a calm bar with a lively conversation Gradually they begin to be attracted by the man in front of them. They want to be with this guy tonight and send them out What is a persuasive complaint …!? Depicting the love situation led by the actress, Original improvised love drama !!
[Starring: Comment by Koji Yamamoto] I think improvisation plays more interesting than a script or dialogue if a good chemical reaction occurs. I think that there is a very dangerous catch ball because it is a world where two people are talking while thinking on the spot, and surprisingly you may be able to see a more subtle expression than a drama. The drama with the script has a fixed type, and there is a place to return even if it goes off ad lib. However, when it comes to improvisation, there is no place to go back. I hope that it will be interesting and interesting in the future.
[Producer: Hiroaki Okamoto (TV Osaka) comments] First of all, thank you, Koji Yamamoto, who received two responses to this project, an improvisation drama, where the ability to act as an actor was tangible. Please look forward to the overwhelming presence that Mr. Yamamoto shows in the play, and the first chameleon actor to change. The tension that you don’t know what kind of dialogue each other jumps out, the unpredictable and thrilling development, is this a play? Is it real? A new drama like no other martial arts will begin, where all the famous actors collide with each other. The lack of a script will surely create a drama beyond our imagination.
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