[SB C & S Co., Ltd.] Handles accessories compatible with SoftBank SELECTION, “iPhone 11 Pro”, etc.

SB C & S Corporation We handle accessories corresponding to SoftBank SELECTION, “iPhone 11 Pro” -Line up of antibacterial cases and limited items from overseas brands- SB C & S Co., Ltd. protects cases and displays as accessories for iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11 (manufactured by Apple) from SoftBank SELECTION, a total brand of smartphone accessories. Handles glass, film, and chargers. Based on the concept of “Looking for Love Only Here”, we offer a wide lineup that meets customer needs, including the first antibacterial case and limited items of the brand. Accessories for “iPhone 11 Pro”, “iPhone 11 Pro Max” and “iPhone 11” are available from SoftBank SELECTION dealers (excluding some stores) and SoftBank SELECTION online shop (www.softbankselection.jp/cart/top.aspx/?utm_source=pr&utm_medium=ols&utm_campaign=20190911) will be released sequentially from September 20, 2019. Prior to launch, SoftBank SELECTION online shop will start accepting reservations from today. [Image 1

In addition to the impact-resistant design, we have prepared “Clear Soft Case” and “Jewel Soft Case” that reduce the growth of bacteria to 1/100 by antibacterial processing. We have cleared the standards established by SIAA in tests conducted in accordance with the international standard ISO22196, and have acquired the “SIAA Mark *?” Antibacterial symbol mark. Also, from the “RILEGA” series that colors people’s daily lives with high-quality materials and sophisticated designs, the notebook type, such as “RILEGA Stand Flip”, which is ideal for watching videos by folding the back. Prepare three types of cases. Protective glass / film is “Re-Crain (TM) Extremely Protective Glass”, which was developed to specialize in smartphone display protection and uses a new material that is extremely resistant to cracks and scratches. Prepared with a “6-month warranty” service *? In addition, “blue light cut glass” and “peep” We have 5 products that you can choose according to your needs, such as “prevention glass”. In addition to SoftBank SELECTION original products, we handle cases of 13 popular overseas brands. Among them, limited edition models that can only be purchased at SoftBank SELECTION Online Shops and Softbank Shops (excluding some stores) are “COACH”, “kate spade new york”, “New Balance” Prepare from 3 brands and develop a lineup that is only here. [Image 2

* 1 Inorganic antibacterial agent and kneading JP0122377A0001Y The SIAA mark is displayed on products that have been quality-controlled and disclosed in antibacterial product technology council guidelines based on the results of the ISO22196 evaluation. * 2 If the protective glass of the display breaks due to an impact or if the protective film is dented, it will be replaced free of charge with a new glass film within 6 months after purchase. For details on “Glass & Film 6 Month Exchange Guarantee”, click here (https://www.softbankselection.jp/support/film_hosho/). [Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

SoftBank SELECTION was born as a total brand of smartphone accessories in 2007 when the iPhone was first released in Japan. We will continue to provide products that will satisfy a wide range of customers by taking advantage of our experience. For details on accessories for SoftBank SELECTION original brand products and other brand products “ iPhone 11 Pro ” “ iPhone 11 Pro Max ” “ iPhone 11 ”, click here (https://www.softbankselection.jp/iphone/2019/?utm_source= See pr & utm_medium = ols & utm_campaign = 2019091101)
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