[Ctrip.com International Ltd.] Ctrip, Asia’s largest online travel company, signed an agreement with Oita Prefecture to attract foreign tourists

Ctrip.com International Ltd. Asia’s largest online travel company “Ctrip” Signed an agreement with Oita Prefecture to attract foreign tourists Signed the first agreement in the Kyushu region with the goal of further expanding foreign tourists Ctrip.com International, Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; CEO: Kiyoshi Son, “Ctrip”) was held on September 10, 2019 (Monday) for tourists such as Oita Prefecture and Chinese We concluded a strategic agreement for the purpose of attracting the prefecture. This is the fifth time Ctrip has signed a partnership agreement with a prefecture, and this is the first time in the Kyushu region. The signing ceremony of the agreement will take place on September 10th in a conference room in the Oita Prefectural Office. Director of the Tourism Bureau of Toshio Abe in Oita Prefecture, Senior Managing Director Harumi Tsuchiya of Tourism Oita, General Manager of Ctrip’s Japan Area Marketing Strategic Alliance General Manager 4) A total of 4 representatives from the Japanese group representatives attended the meeting. [Image 1

From the left: Oita Tourism Harumi Tsuchiya, Manjuo Abe Tourism Director, Ctrip’s Culture Japan Area Marketing Strategic Alliance Partner General Manager In Oita Prefecture, the number of foreign tourists is growing nationwide, and the number of foreign guests in 2018 exceeded 14.4 million, reaching a record high. As the name of “Oita Prefecture Oita”, in addition to many tourist attractions that are rapidly gaining popularity among foreign tourists, such as Yufuin and Hell Tour, the World Rugby Tournament will be held from the end of this month. The number of inbound tourists is expected to increase, with some games of 2019 (TM) being held at Oita Sports Park General Stadium in the prefecture. At the time of the partnership ceremony, the Director of the Tourism Bureau Abe said, “I would like to collaborate on sustainable tourism, taking advantage of this comprehensive cooperation agreement. I look forward to a win-win relationship that will help promote tourism, “he said. Ctrip’s general manager said, “From this year, hotel reservations in Oita Prefecture have been on the rise. I think this is the result of the enrichment of Oita Prefecture-related content and aggressive marketing activities on the Ctrip platform. “Said. The cooperation and agreement items are as follows.

(1) Thing about promotion such as accommodation, sightseeing spot, commercial facilities of Oita in the Chinese market (2) Thing about improvement of travel experience in Oita of tourists such as China (3) Things related to strengthening market analysis (4) Exchanges and cooperation between culture and travel organizations in Oita Prefecture and other parts of China (5) Thing about sightseeing promotion to recognize as need other than the above Ctrip, which offers accommodation reservations, transportation tickets, package tours, etc., will continue to be active to provide a comfortable and enjoyable trip to customers in Japan and overseas. The booking site “Trip.com” for Japan includes hotels, air tickets, train products, and operates a 24-hour Japanese service customer service center.
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Ctrip.com International, Ltd. is a leading travel service provider for accommodation reservations, transportation ticketing, package tours and corporate travel arrangements in China, and the largest online transaction volume for accommodation and transportation tickets in China. Aggregate comprehensive travel-related information and provide services through an advanced platform consisting of mobile apps, Internet websites, free calling services and 24-hour customer service to provide useful information for business trips and leisure trips In addition, we can help you book your vacation packages and guided tours. In addition, Ctrip helps corporate clients effectively manage their travel requirements through corporate travel management services. Since its establishment in 1999, it has grown significantly and has become one of the most famous travel brands in China.
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Trip.com is part of the Ctrip Group, a NASDAQ-listed company (NASDAQ: CTRP) since 2003, with more than 30,000 employees and more than 300 million registered members. An overseas OTA service operated by Ctrip.com International, Ltd., an OTA (online travel agent) of the Chinese headquarters that provides package tours. Through a website and app in 19 languages ​​covering 23 markets around the world, we offer a one-stop booking service for travel products, 1.2 million partner hotels, 2 million routes and 5,000 cities worldwide It is covered. In order to have a comfortable trip at any time, we also provide 24/7 customer service. Trip.com site URL: https://jp.trip.com/

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